Daily Message for 5/20/2023

The times of extreme changes are upon you. Hold love and compassion in your heart. Let go of all fear. There is no need for it. As it would only make the journey more difficult. All you need is love, compassion, and accepting the change. Find the peace and understanding of this within your heart. ~Kejraj

2 Replies to “Daily Message for 5/20/2023”

  1. Tylette

    Yes. Love. Is. The gold. But. There. Are. Many. Evil. Human or. What. Ever. On. This. Planet. I. Think this. Got. Too. Change. The. Creator. See. Every thing. Theses. Fools. So. Call. Leader. They. Still. Doing. Things. Pray. The. Sky. Who But. Guess. What. They. Are. Watching. That shit got too. Stop. The. Creator. Is. A loving being but. I wonder theses fools. Do. You know he. Can. Destroy every thing in. Seconds. There want no. Planet. He’s. Not like. That. Remember. What I. Just. Say. Love peace ❤️