Sekhmet: Balance Between the Feminine and Masculine

I Sekmet present myself to your audience tonight. The divine feminine and the divine masculine must come together in harmony for balance upon your earth plane. There has been much genetic and negatively polarized galactic interference. There has also been most positive galactic assistance, to your realm. I was a part of this on your Egyptian plane many thousands of your years ago.  (I am seeing a female lioness in humanoid form, very tall majestic and very beautiful with Egyptian like adornments.)

I Sekmet join your energies of the Lightworkers. I send my light of my lioness energies into the earth too, just as you have been doing.  You Lightworkers are strong, strong like the lionesses that roam your plane, strong like your male lions that serve and protect, that propagate the species. In my time I was worshipped and I became the symbol of the goddess, of the feminine, of strength and purity, of light. I did not intend to be worshipped. It was genetic programming of the others that made the humans so willingly relinquish their power. When we realized that our message was being twisted and lost we left. It was not my intention to create a negative energy bounce, in the instance when a great positive leaves there is a negative in the void that follows. It is for this reason that you are here, serving in great capacity. The light and the dark on this world were out of balance. This is being rectified.

I Sekmet am returned watching above in our skies as our troops on the ground clean and clear the astral, and serve in many capacities, currently unknown to you. The world of your Egypt was a beautiful one. I enjoyed my time serving humanity, serving as an example of light. We lent our technologies, we tried to assist after the great fall and the great purge, there was much that needed healing. But the genetic manipulations made it more challenging to interact than we had anticipated. We taught power within but it was twisted  by those who wished to twist my message. I regret leaving, or I did for a millennia, but I now realize that experience has taught me so much. And I am returning to serve in a further capacity, from above, where my message will not be twisted or maligned.

It is and has been much the case with your servants of light who have come to serve and to experience the dark realm of earth polarity. Many stories were twisted to portray the message of control. And yet, no message is truly lost as the energetic intention of peace, love and hope is within them, and it does affect the energetics of the earth for a time. All of this is going to come to light. There will be much to forgive. We lionesses have been hunting, there has been much cleansing of your realm. Those who you see in power are perhaps not what you believe them to be. Technologies assists in many capacities. There is much holographic interference and blessing as the clean up is well underway.

I Sekmet and my counterpart, we serve with love, with ascended hearts. We have experienced earth, and are eagerly awaiting the realization of humanity to their own inner god spark within. There is much that will crumble, and there will be much roaring of those who do not understand. It is key to be the observer and the space holder, to be the peaceful space for those around you. Do you understand? The eye of the storm is not outside of the storm. It is in the midst of it, but within a pocket of peace. YOU are to be the pocket of peace with these coming months as the shakeups ensure. I do not wish to create any concern or trepidation, but a society such as yours cannot last.  This matrix foundation of illegitimacies and inequalities and manipulations is unsustainable. A new world will be crafted by the hands and hearts of those who know unity consciousness. Humanity will come together. It has been foreseen. I have seen it. I am from the future to this now to assist.

I Sekmet am with you now. I breathe my breath of power and strength upon you now. Do not fear anything. Be the peace in the storm. It is here now. I Sekmet send you my endless love. Peace.

**Channel: Galaxygirl