Goddess Gaia: Invoke love

I am very old, I am Gaia and I have many names.

Even though I have many names and I have seen so many things as time goes by, nothing is more important than love!

You are love! You have it! You are also surrounded by love, by qi!

But if you are worried, or afraid, your aura rejects some of the qi energy, it is like you can´t feel it.

Qi, love, is still there when you are worried or afraid too, yes, but then you need to invoke love, and work for it to be as present as it should be in its natural state.

And how to clean your aura?

First of all, breathe! Breathe in love, in every breath! Love your breathing, love yourself, love the air! Imagine that you are smelling roses or something you truly love!

And then you envision your aura! See it! Feel it! When you train yourself to do this you can feel it and help it to clean it.

A healthy aura is like the surface of silk. Or like the feathers of a swan. Dust will not stay there nor water.

An example of a sad or fearful aura has a surface of terry cloth. Can you imagine the difference?

When your aura is like “terry cloth” it sucks in everything that comes by. Dust will get stuck there, and water will not fall of it either.

So. Invoke love! Take it back! It is there waiting for you to do this!

When you live in a world that is trembling around you and many people live in fear and in the opposite to freedom, a cloudy energy is making many of you to live in the shade.

You are meant to live in the light!

You are a light as well. You glow in your own personal light and vibration. You are also love, you are hope, faith, joy, gratitude, harmony, rythm, music, and more divine energies.

But when you ask yourself, can you feel it? Can you feel these energies on a daily basis? If not, you should invoke love even more!

These are the true energies that will live forever! But they are in high demand with those that want to crush them.

You are the lightpillars of the Universe as you embody a vessel that lives on Earth.

If you need help with cleaning your aura, taking back love and saying farvel to fear or worries, just let me know.

I always work with Sananda, so please call on us if you wish!

I love you


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


3 Replies to “Goddess Gaia: Invoke love”

  1. tigersnack1114

    When I am worn out from all the energy work, the purging and I want to say “F it!”, I remind myself that I CAME here to HELP GAIA and that usually brings me back into focus.
    She NEEDS our help.
    Many of us Lightworkers and Lightwarriors dont have the best of lives and that was all planned =/. It SUX but I understand the necessity. We cannot have ” good distractions” as this is IT!
    IT is GAMEDAY and I am starting at WR!

  2. Truth, love, light

    On the note of love, many have a hard time loving the souls that chose to play in loveless roles. The ones they call the elites and royals, for example.

    In my opinion, the ones that chose the dark paths took on very horrible and traumatic experiences. I can imagine their souls will need much repair after this lifetime when they reconnect with Source and revisit what they did.

    They were separated from Source. They didn’t get loving, nurturing families, they grew up in sick deprived environments and were groomed from birth. They were taught from their families that they were more entitled and how to act and treat others. Likely they were abused in many forms as well. In effect they went through the same programming they learnt to use on others. They were born into families that had also been conditioned and mistreated, they’ve had centuries of generational coding. Did any of them stand a chance?

    With that knowledge, we can see that makes them as much victims as their victims. And it poses the question, how can they know any better?

    I hope this puts things into a new “light” for anyone that struggles to feel compassion for those that have done things most find hard to fathom.

    The time is nearing where their executions will probably be made public. I’m sure many have gone already and we will see replays. In times past there were crowds of people that stood and watched public executions and cheered, I am seeing those crowds appear againcheering for retribution. I wonder, will you be a part of a blood-lusting crowd? Or, can you find it in your heart to have compassion and see only the sick, twisted reality we chose to experience.

    Without the dark we can never know light, the dark has a purpose.

    I find no joy at seeing anyone suffer, regardless of who they are or what they have done. I will not be watching or joyful. I hope you will join me in offering them love and a smooth passage back to the light.

    Can we use this time to be good examples of love and light? Is this part of our test?

    If you believe we are all one then you know they are a part of you, me and the all: not separate and not less deserving of love.