3 Replies to “I View Era of Light On My…”

  1. john

    I look on my puter but my wife uses her phone i dont use a phone as my eyes need the bigger screen but she likes me to read these articles out to her every morning and sometimes evening but i do belive that one day we should see these articles on the movie screens wouldnt that be something. love to all.

  2. System Buster

    Millions of retired baby boomers can afford to sit in a comfortable chair and search the net on a big screen. They multi-task in a different manner than those using phones. Those out and about, with jobs. wish they could do that. Browsing the internet with a phone is a replacement for something better, though less convenient The question was basically, how many of you have jobs. The commute to work has become (for many) a means/time to inform oneself.. or to entertain, if reality hurts your brain. How to make content that is equally viewable on both screens? I wish you luck.