Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Worldwide Happenings

We have already explained the need to keep positive even when those around are expressing negative opinions because of the hardships they are suffering. It is to be expected when events are often out of their control and bringing about problems that are seriously affecting their quality of life.

Much of it is avoidable but worldwide happenings are difficult to handle when thousands of people are left with a need for food, water, and housing.

It calls for international help but the needs of the people are so immense, even with the best of intentions it is often inadequate. However, as the immensity of the tasks is recognised, slowly but surely matters are being organised so as to ease the immediate problems.

They are not helped by the unnecessary war created by Russia, yet it has brought nations together that strengthens their resolve not to be at their mercy. Be assured that behind the scenes much is happening that will help end the war.

Much of what is happening is down to karma that needs clearing so that the souls involved can learn their lessons and progress towards the Light. We know that many of you have volunteered to help people through this period of upheaval, and you are to be commended for the sacrifices that you are making.

There are many souls helping in all manner of ways that ease the pain that others are feeling. They are to be found at every level of society and you call them the “unsung heroes” whose reward is to achieve the results they work for.

Their main task is to raise people’s hopes and show them how to get through such a demanding time, and assure them that every effort they make will bring acceptable results.

There is still much to be done to remove people from positions of power that are responsible for much of many hardships that are being experienced. So keep good faith in the powers that be that are directing events for the best outcome for all of mankind.

You may still have a period of tension and concerns about the future, but every effort is being made to lead you on to a path that ends with peace. Be assured that it will come, and much time and effort is being spent towards creating the ideal circumstances for it.

It all takes time and the effort is being put in to create the necessary opportunities needed for its manifestation. You would be pleasantly surprised if you knew how much organisation goes into providing the opportunities you need to progress out of your present troubles.

You are being prepared for a new life that is beyond your present imagination so be assured that all the effort you put in will be well worth it. Indeed you have been aware that previous lives have been a build up for this time, although not every soul has reached that point of readiness and understanding.

That is no problem as there is no disgrace in being slower to evolve, as another opportunity will always come up as each cycle develops and then comes to an end. As the expression goes “you have all of the time in the world” and no one is rushing you and great patience is always shown.

Do you realise that only an aspect of your true self evolves each time you take an incarnation. Once you have agreed to your plan for your next life, you then choose your parents-to-be so that they can take part in your development thus ensuring you are ready to fulfil it. Therefore your Guides are also aware of your needs and work with you to help ensure it all works out as planned.

Obviously there are times when problems arise and every means is used to get you back to your life plan. Realise it is so important that you successfully carry out your tasks, and in so doing you take another step towards a higher vibration that eventually means you no longer have to reincarnate, you have no further need for experiences in the lower vibrations. However, you still continue evolving and your goal is to eventually return to the Supreme Creator.

Probably the most acceptable gain is that you have parted ways with those souls of a much lower vibration who have caused much negativity upon Earth. You might be called upon to return as a Teacher, or some consignment where your experience can be used to great advantage.

All of the great Spiritual Teachers have volunteered because of their great love for Mankind. Helping those who follow on after you often takes place and such souls shine out like a bright Light in the heavens.

Life is by no means a random affair but is highly organised to ensure you get every opportunity to evolve. That is why you need a life plan so as not to waste an opportunity to do so.

You have only to look at the great Masters to see what we mean and appreciate that they are dedicated. They are “Love Incarnate” and the most gentle souls you are likely to meet and a perfect example of what you should aim for in your own life. Do not despair if you find it difficult to maintain a spiritual outlook but be assured every effort you put in will bring nearer to perfection.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

9 Replies to “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Worldwide Happenings”

  1. tigersnack1114

    I have had too many intuition TWINGES when reading his stories over the years, warning signals of something isnt right. I skip his stories everytime now

  2. john

    I was fine reading these articles by you mike but in my opinion The ukrainian war was not started by russia, russia decided to move against acts of violence by the ukrainian goverment on russian citizens living in ukraine ie similar to cajun in america, these people then called russia to help as ukraine set about shelling various cities and caused 14-20.000 casualties in the years before russia decided to attack but to attack as an act of defense. in other words what would you do if your relative was attacked while living in a neighbours house would you stand by and let it happen even as your relative screamed for help and the neighbour is not listning to your pleas to stop, no you would step in and try to stop it then realising the neighbour has strong friends who are very willing to pull you down as well then you realise you have to be bigger and stronger than them, in this scenario nato are the aggressors not russia, love to all.

    1. Tashi

      I agree 100% with you John and also putin knew about the secret tunnels with labs for making virussen and keeping many children for satanic rituals…also its the center of the remain nazi s. Thanx x for mention it…

    2. Debbie

      Yes Russia is taking out biolabs run by the United States Corporation. This also involves child sex trafficking which Putin will not tolerate. Russia and Putin are not the bad guys. United States government is the bad guy. Live in truth.

      1. tigersnack1114

        It is very SAD to realize the USA, who we always thought of as the Good Guys, are actually the BAD GUYS because very corrupt people have infested both parties and are hiding in plain sight. THey are doing very BAD things with America’s power and wealth

        =) BUT…we LIGHTWORLERS know they WILL 100% be caught!!

    3. Paladin

      That’s why he is NWO Mike. He always regurgitates whatever the Globalist/Cabal narrative is while throwing the L word around a lot. It’s not even clever subterfuge or sophistry.

      If you just end all your deceit and lies with “Love and light” it passes muster with most EOL readers.

  3. Jared

    Everyone announce GESARA I command you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GESARA now amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!