Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Sun at 00°

We have reached a stunning, miraculous moment of zero-point energy.

Where timelessness gifts us with transcendence, everything is nothing, past and future fall away and you are ONE with ALL.

  • Today Mars moved into 00° Leo.
  • Joining Jupiter at 00° Taurus.
  • And Pluto at 00° Aquarius.
  • Tomorrow the Sun enters 00° Gemini.

This is s glorious moment! And unprecedented as it involves the SUN (our Divine Light), JUPITER (Joy, Blessings), MARS (Energy and Confidence) and PLUTO (Empowerment and Transformation).

As a result of this Zero-point activation, you are now offered opportunities to drop negative habits, and pay close attention to new sensations, new prompts, new invitations… Take them!

Zero-point living is present-moment living.

You are now more conscious of your internal spiritual life, your body’s sensations, and the sounds, sights, smells, touches and tastes in your environment (and how they impact you).

  • 00° hovers between worlds – between the seen and the unseen.

So any planet at  represents supreme balance between light and dark, both an ending and new beginning.

0 is the God experience, representing all there is to feel, so 0 is both a full container of wisdom and an entry into another dimension.

Planets at 00° play a multi-dimensional role in your life.

The signs of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Gemini as well as the signs that the planets rule (Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo and Aries) are very much activated to inspire you, purge, empower and ignite your inner fire.

  • Explore with a wide open Heart.
  • Make new and bold decisions.

Note that 0° holds the eternal space between numbers of value and numbers of negative value, between the seen and the unseen.

It therefore represents a unique power.

In fact, if you add 0 to any number it expands and empowers that number – 3 becomes 30, 7 magnifies to 70 – and the more zeros you add, the bigger the value becomes – and the greater the impact.

Thus the Zeropoint 00° is the Divine vibration of Source reminding you that everything is expanding and everything is GOOD.

  • GOOD is GOD amplified!

May you feel blessed and inspired.

Blessings and Love,

**By Tania Gabrielle


4 Replies to “Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Sun at 00°”

  1. harrrrrie

    Again, another article I needed to read today. Incredible, everything that is going on. And 0° for these planets and sun is like a miracle. Too bad the relevance isn’t realized yet by everyone. But it will be, by the changes in our lives. There’s big changes coming.

    Our ET friends are trying hard to make disclosure a reality. Tom Moore of Plano, TX writes a newsletter every week through the gentlewaybook.com and communicates with ETs, angels, etc. Because of Tom’s history in the movie business they have invited him aboard one of their Sirian ships to do a documentary movie of the ship and its people from many different planets, and of course some of them are not humanoid, so exciting, right?

    Tom (and we, his audience and fans) have been waiting for over 10 years for this opportunity for disclosure but the circumstances weren’t right. For example Russia was supposed to do a disclosure about their ET friends a few years ago but Putin decided invading Ukraine was more important.

    The Sirians said that disclosure could be as soon as this July/August. Let’s pray/ intend/meditate this into existence!!! Another miracle, meeting ET friends in our lifetime!

    Life has been crappy for the last 25,000 years or so. If we are to be alive during a crappy time, it might as well be now, when we can witness and be part of world changing events. Ascension; friends with ETs in modern times; seeing society and Earth transform into something peaceful and beautiful; becoming happy and healthy; love and joy. These are real goals. This is going to happen. Over the next 50 years we’ll be glad to be alive.