Message from Hannelore: The Best Thing About Dying

The best thing about dying

did you leave too early

JJK: Since yesterday afternoon I’ve felt your presence, a closeness that feels very different than that of the Ascended Masters or Archangels – it’s so familiar, even closer and more intimate.

H: I’m with you, dearest Jahn, day and night. I watch over the Lichtwelt Verlag and over all the people who are connected to this project from the heart and with love. Now I can finally do what I lacked the opportunities, means and awareness to do on earth. When I had completed the part that I could accomplish on earth, I was pulled off the earth and, having released everything, I ascended to heaven.

JJK: So you were “pulled” off Earth? According to your soul plan, should you have stayed longer with us? Did you leave too soon?

H: There were two options for me. It is true that I could no longer carry out any spiritual development on earth, nor did I want to. The amount of beautiful and painful experiences had been exhausted.

If I had opened up for my past life spiritual transformation, I would have had 6 more years left and given. I made a different choice and it was the right decision. Because this is how earthly things come to you and from my current position I can support you far more effectively and comprehensively than I was ever able to do as a human being. In this way, what has been striving for fulfillment since the formation of our soul family is fulfilled.

The Lichtwelt project is growing and growing. Each of you now has the opportunity to grow with us, this is also necessary with all the new tasks that are now awaiting you. The expansion of our project begins – not only in the ether, but above all on earth – and the spread far beyond what you can imagine. You were prepared for this and those who cannot yet handle it are now being trained and freed internally.

JJK: Will everyone go along?

H: All concerned have received this invitation, but not all will be able or willing to accept it. This is a completely natural process, because not everyone who climbs a mountain actually gets to the summit. Everything gets bigger. You’ve already started to think bigger. The circle of the soul family is also expanding on earth. There are many changes and new things here that have a very positive effect.

JJK: Yeah, I’m already feeling everything changing and getting bigger…

What I’m interested in is, what are you in charge of now, what is it that you’re busy with when you’re not “watching” us?

My new tasks

H: Two tasks have been assigned to me and they fulfill me completely: creating stars and evolving life forms on newly created stars.

In doing so, I will be guided by my masters until I achieve mastery myself. It is the level of creating life.

This happens through concentration of my spirit, through manifestation impulses, which I release and steer in certain ways.

As a second and equally important task, I am involved in the COUNCIL OF THE EARTH for the well-being of the earth. I was given Earth stewardship as a consciousness of 12. This is where it is decided which learning curve humanity will take in the next few years and which challenges have to be mastered. We oversee what is happening and intervene where things would get out of hand. Because one thing is certain: the dark entities are no longer allowed to cross certain borders.

JJK: Will it get big for the people?

H: There is learning that is painful and learning that is painless, and it is as expressed in many messages: everyone chooses their own destiny.

As human beings, we are true masters of our lives, even if we are mostly not aware of this on earth.

Urn burial – what then?

JJK: On Saturday, October 22, 2022, the urn burial will take place on your earthly property. What does that mean for you from your current point of view? What’s next?

H: This has the meaning that an earthly circle on the earthly plane completely closes. With this gesture I withdraw ALL energies of the earthly Hannelore from the earth. After that, I remain a memory for everyone who knew me – a memory from which I am completely disconnected myself. The earthly material goes, the divine spirit remains.

So for the people who perceive me beyond this memory, I appear as pure divine consciousness – pure vibration of love, which we ALL are and the core of which is now exposed in me.

The urn burial is the last act before this life lived as Dr. Hannelore Beckh-Widmanstetter is placed in the files of the Akasha.

Have you settled into heaven yet?

JJK: Today is exactly one month since you went into the light. Have you settled into heaven yet?

H: It’s amazing how quickly the change from human beings to divine beings of light takes place, measured in earthly time – a blink of an eye.

And so we end our familiar togetherness today.

Do you know, Jahn?

God longs for us so much! And when we return to God after an earthly adventure, that floodgate of memory and happiness opens. The love and longing with which we are awaited is indescribable. That’s the best thing about dying.

My love for my loved ones on earth.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by


6 Replies to “Message from Hannelore: The Best Thing About Dying”

  1. Raspberry

    I’ve thought about it some more. My irritation comes from the same place it has always come from: trying to show people what is going on because they can’t see it. And, knowing people are lying and misleading others.

    For those with the eyes to see and ears to hear. Previously humans were being coralled in a certain direction. The only difference now is humans are still being coralled but in a different direction. Same outcome. Those following are still not in control of their own lives.

    My advice for anyone that would like to take this onboard. Humans are still being misled through other avenues and means. Find your own path and if it’s the path less trodden it will be the right path. If your view is different from the majority it is the right view.

    That means you should even question what I write. Only accept it if it feels right and true for you.

    May the light shine bright on the darkness. There are still many sleeping.

  2. Raspberry

    I mean absolutely no disrespect at all, nor am I questioning the validity of this information. I do not know if it is true or not it is not for me to say. But, in reading this it made me irritated. Re: the Council of the Earth part.

    For sometime now I am seeing an unrealistic illusion being created. I.e.,
    Everyone that has some contact with, from or on Earth always claims they have these glamoros positions or ET lives. Eg. I am a commander of an Ark, I am working with the FOL, I am a super soldier, I have special DNA that unlocks portals, I am the Emisiary for xxx, I was a fairy, mermaid, Atlantean etc. etc.

    Not once have I heard anyone say things like. Oh I am/was responsible for cleaning up space debris. Or, I have gone back to my family of space snails and just ‘being’. Or, I have decided to rest for a while so I’ve chosen to be a rock. Or, in my former life I was a cow, mantis, grey or criminal who robbed many. Or, I am bored, I am the watcher of a gate, all I do is stand here and protct the gate.

    Now we know from our lives here that there are a multitude of different forms and positions, many not desirable. This would be the same in the universe.

    So, it is very obvious to me the truth is not told or shown and there is still a lot of fiction being created.

    I was not given much of a veil so all my life I have noticed and seen what others have not or can’t. Everything I ever thought about what was going on was revealed to be true so I trust what I see 100%.

    On that note I have always hated the SciFi shows like StarTrek. Yet, now everyone is saying it was a form of disclosure and we will have a StarTrek future. Hmmm then why has my response to that vision been rejection and didslike? My immediate response was ugh not this rubbish and changed the channel.

    I believe there is still so much BS going on and in the so-called spiritual communities. I’m not going to filter what I see, If I see it, I say it. I will always speak my truth.

    I do “know” there are ETs, other lifeforms and Source. Yet, this pristine perfect fantasy illusion that many are projecting isn’t sitting well with me and I’ve mulled over it for months.

    Red flag 🚩 Something is off!

    1. Louise

      I do not experience energy like others, connect with guides, angels etc. I dont do past life anything. I have thought about this and I think I block that stuff on purpose so I do not get attached

    2. John

      “Now we know from our lives here that there are a multitude of different forms and positions, many not desirable. This would be the same in the universe.” ~ seriously? The only thing obviously off is your irritation.

      Two harsh news for you: first, that notion of what is ‘more and less glamorous’ about ‘our lives here’ is a signature childish human prejudice which is the sole factor binding any human to their own concept of mediocrity. The illusion you perceive is not in those ‘job descriptions’ you see, it’s in your very flawed notion of ‘average’ and ‘importance’.

      Second, you most likely forgot what your own job on this planet was and you’re projecting the frustration on the very things you call ‘rubbish’ and ‘fantasy’. There’s neither glamour nor repugnance in being a Galactic Janitor or a cow, all positions were volunteered for whether you like it or not, and the only thing that counts during the show is how well you can play the part you chose.

      Rejecting anything on the grounds of it being ‘to good to be true’ is not sound discernment, it’s a rationalization designed to keep humans from reaching their innermost truth.

      1. popgoestheweazle

        Lolll John… you crack me up… so hilarious how you’re JUMPING on what’s not even there… 😂😂