The Coming Ascension

There are two types of ascension. One is the ascension of humanity to a higher level of physical consciousness, as in The Shift, which is ongoing today. The other is the traditional form of ascension, where the devotee develops their spiritual capability to the highest state possible while in a human body.

The human energy system is attuned via the chakras to the first-density through the seventh-density (or ‘dimensional’) layers of consciousness. Seventh density, where cosmic consciousness occurs, is accessed through the full activation of the crown chakra, which is located just above the head.

When the devotee is capable of raising the full aspect of the kundalini life energy within their spine to the crown chakra, and successfully bringing it back down the spine under conscious control, then they are almost ready for ascension. When their skill increases and they are able to fully manipulate the full power of kundalini at will, then they will become ready for the traditional form of ascension.

During that initiation, their physical bodies are transformed into a more subtle energy form – one which can be taken in or out of physical manifestation at will. This enables the person to relocate via conscious will to other places and also to the different density layers of consciousness above the physical world.

Initiates then have the choice of leaving the Earth to continue their learning in a wide variety of other locations in the cosmos, or staying here to serve humanity among the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. This organization consists of over 100,000 ascended men and women from all races of humanity which is based in the higher realms of consciousness above this earth plane.

Their function is to hold the light for humanity. Because humanity is focused in the third-density physical world and the fourth-density spirit world, the higher densities are devoid of most human presence. Being based in the realms of upper fourth density through sixth density, the Spiritual Hierarchy fills in the vacuum between the seventh-density consciousness of planet Earth and the third- and fourth-density focus of humanity.

By invoking and channeling spiritual light, they hold the light for humanity and fill what would otherwise be a vacuum in the density layers of human existence on Earth. This continual act of service to humanity brings about the energetic balance which makes human existence possible in the physical and the spirit worlds.

The sixth-density realm of consciousness is home to the great masters of human history, such as Jesus and the Buddha. We have never been left alone in our search for the way back to God. Many world teachers have graced the physical realm with their presence and then ascended back to the higher realms to be of even greater service to humanity.

In the sixth-density archangelic realm, such masters are capable of splitting their consciousness into thousands of parts so that they can serve the many demands that are placed upon them. For example, imagine the enormous demand placed upon the Master Jesus by millions of people attending Easter Sunday church services all at one time. Whenever two or more are gathered in his name, he is present with them in spirit. Whenever someone prays to him for healing or spiritual support, he responds accordingly.

Now, imagine the huge field of consciousness that such a one must possess in order to be able to split his attention into thousands of parts at one time. The biggest miracle of all time must surely be how, two thousand years ago, such a huge presence managed to downscale enough to fit into one small physical body!

The lesson for us all is that human consciousness is variable in size. Your physical brain may be approximately the same size as everyone else’s, but your mind – your nonphysical field of consciousness – is variable. Growth in consciousness is, literally, growth in the size of your mind because the mind is independent of the brain. The physical brain is little more than a receiver, processor and transmitter of thoughts. Your mind is the part that lives on for ever and grows with the experience that you gain in life after life. Your subconscious memories of past incarnations are held in your immortal mind, not your mortal brain.

Ascension is a gateway through which we will all eventually pass. The members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are the early pioneers in this field. Meanwhile, all of us face a more immediate form of ascension. We are about to transform from third-density physical existence into fourth-density physical existence.

**By Owen Waters


2 Replies to “The Coming Ascension”

  1. Douglas A James

    Very cool way to express the field of consciousness and the difference btwn the brain and our mind! Nice that helps a lot!

  2. AAA

    The source creator is everything, everyone, and everywhere. Everything that happens in this universe is in accordance with the divine flow of source. We are all fractals of source. Our creator needs novelty/innovations to learn more about him/herself. The exploratory nature of source creator is hardly avoidable. We Sol Terrans are all apart of source creators many adventures. Conflicts will inevitably occur. The balance of the universe. I would recommend for people to stop wondering/concerning about other individuals or other star nations during their own past experiences/conflicts. Try and worry about our own, and find ways to help liberate this planet. I would also suggest trying to adopt a more singular view as everyone is attached/comprised of a singular source being who is your creator. The source creator only looks through the eyes of his/her children, and the creators children are all effectively the arms, ears, legs, and all parts/components of source. Worrying about what others think or do? Does the source really need to contemplate the past and worry about itself anymore? Understand what has been resolved and what remains to be resolved? We need to move forward into a new peaceful paradigm and all our thoughts should be focused on that. They say learning about the past can fix the future? I will say to everything, everyone, and everywhere the prime lesson to be learned from our Sol Terran past is to establish foundations of love and understanding beneath a civilization that ever wishes to succeed/advance both with spirit and technology. Than fortify/strengthen the foundations with walls of safety, abundance, and opportunity. Rediscovery of solutions, placing them into effect, and manifesting the new peaceful paradigm is a priority. Would any of you care to learn more about dangerous past conflicts, critique the characteristics of other beings, and ponder on the many perpectives that has flowed through the minds of others? That which has come and gone? Even after the establishment of a peaceful paradise? What would be your need to do so, and why would you find it a requirement when troubles have been solved, and your contemplations could only be on serenity?