Energy Update Ascension Symptoms May 2023: Heavenly Celestial Events

A Choice Point, Higher Timeline— Careful of Potent Energies!

There will be a divine force of energy that can raise your vibration to the next level. The universe is communicating with you through a flow of beauty, nature, and love that is arriving through the natural world. You will have opportunities, success, and more synchronicities and blessings as you let your intuitive sensory awareness attune you to this natural flow.

Additionally, there will be slowdown times when your inner voice will be urging you to remain still in order to process and integrate the recent profound energies of the eclipse cycle.

(Alert for the Water Signs and Blue Rays), Deep, powerful emotions may arise in ways you have never experienced before. Strong emotions may be moving through you; the crucial thing is not to react to their potency right away. Some of these emotions have been suppressed, and they are now seeking a way to express themselves so that you might benefit significantly from their wisdom, insights, and transformational energy.

Ascension Shift Symptoms:

*Choice points at which you will decide whether or not to pursue a particular course, continue or end relationships, and begin new endeavors -This will be born out of instant clarity and inner knowing.

*Deep feelings of freedom, new insights, and awareness that inspire your liberation and inspire you to dance, cook, garden, be more creative, and feel joy.

*There may be a diversity of being at different parts of the Ascension wave in terms of consciousness and sensitivities. For some, there are still remnants of the intensity of the energies (body vibrating and periods of feeling like you’re spinning) and increase hunger and tiredness.

*Increase in feelings of sensing Mother Earth Gaia, the call to Nature, and sacred sites, power spots, forests, and places of retreat

*There is an empathic attunement that is happening through the Earth. Nature is calling you through the waters; seas, stars, fairies, flowers, rocks, and Trees are beckoning. They bring gifts, blessings, and messages for you.

Many of you have worked so diligently on raising your vibration, your relationships, healing, path, work, mission, service, and being transformers that the celestial heavens of the universe are offering you a new way of spiritual enlightenment, fortune, and success. It’s time for self-care and relaxation!

**By Shekina Rose


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  1. jakesey

    There is nothing that can compare to Mother Nature’s benediction. Every moment spent here ‘alone’, is Pure Gold for me.