From Pisces to Aquarius

Remember, all of creation is cyclical and it always has a beginning and an end but the end is always just a transformation of a new beginning. We are currently at this time. Meaning, the cycle of experience that we have been in for thousands of years (Pisces) is coming to a close and we are now transitioning into a new cycle of experience. (Aquarius)

Our planet rotates around our sun every 365 days and our sun make a revolution around Alcyone every 25,630 years, Alcyone makes a revolution around the center of the galaxy every 225 million years. Alcyone, aka the “Central Sun” of the Pleiades. (2 suns?)

On December 21, 2012 we passed the Precession of the Equinox which was the beginning of an entire new cycle, the start of a completely different reality. The end of a revolution of our sun around Alcyone and the end of a revolution of Alcyone around the center of the galaxy. A new Age into Aquarius…

Remember, every constellation gives off a certain frequency, a different reality so it would make sense when we transitioned into Aquarius we would be receiving a whole new reality.
What the Precession of the Equinox means is it’s Earth’s 25,630 year completion of a cycle around all 12 constellations. We spend 2000 years give or take a couple years in each age, in each constellation.

Pisces was about control and oppression a low vibratory existence, Aquarius is about peace and liberation a higher vibratory existence. Is it any wonder the reason for the chaotic turbulence on Earth right now. When entering a new frequency change on such a massive scale there’s going to be resistance to that transformation. Change is hard for many and that’s what we’re seeing now playing out on the world stage. Buckle up because I predict it’s going to get a lot crazier and much weirder.

**By Teri Wade