El Morya: The Game and Your Role

The game and your role in the middle of a fight

Loved people,

rejoice, for the day of truth is near!

You are in the midst of a battle, a battle being forced upon you – and you have learned your lessons, for your answers are clear. You stand up for justice courageously and fearlessly, you challenge the truth and you have matured into incorruptible tools of GOD. Refined by the fate of many previous lives, today you can do what you came to do. Your commitment to the light and to the golden future of this humanity is unsurpassed.

Put the doubts aside! Doubts – you are contributing too little to change or the outcome of this game is uncertain, despite all your efforts – must be shed.

Because the victory is yours! The triumph of light and the elevation of mankind to a unity connected in the divine spirit can no longer be stopped.

Pay no more heed to the dire prophecies than will benefit you in interpreting things past and present. The future is being shaped and changed by you every moment, today, here and now.

Everything is in motion and only one thing is certain: the bright outcome of this game.

You were given up!

Yes, it’s a game, the greatest game ever played in this universe. Will a star that has already been abandoned and a humanity doomed to perish succeed in returning to the luminous planes of creation?

You were abandoned centuries ago and for centuries. When the thick veils of mist settled over the earth and clouded your consciousness, there seemed to be no awakening. Deep in the matter and bereft of any hope, you were abandoned – abandoned by yourself. For it was always up to you how this game ended. It was always you who could take the reins of fate into your own hands. However, you left the leadership to other forces and entanglements were created that had to be unraveled and from which there was no escape. This spiritual and mental derangement of the past times made you remain in the belief in sacrifice without any prospect of salvation.

The act of God’s grace

Then the act of God’s grace occurs – made possible by the light flooding of the earth, whereby isolated people woke up and became aware of who they are despite the adverse circumstances. At first still hesitant, later clearly perceptible, individual people woke up and they pushed off their preordained fate.

This opened up the opportunity for Heaven to shape the ascension cycle of this Universe WITH Earth.

From this point on, it was no longer about the annihilation of the earth, but about the transformation and healing of all life on earth. This happened in 1987. Since then, Earth and humanity have been deeply intertwined and are on the path of ascension. Nothing and nobody in the universe can stop this. There were and are impairments, interference fields and manipulations to keep you from awakening. I tell you, the people who are meant to wake up will, for the number of people who have walked the path of ascension is awesome!

So it is happening now that more and more people are being touched by the ascension energy. They turn and change sides – from darkness to light. They turn from evil to good – and they begin to trust the truth instead of serving the lie. Everything is reversed – and this process is now underway.

You are now asked to continue on your path of light and truthfulness. Don’t look back! Give those people who don’t understand you, smile at you, or fight you only the attention necessary to calm their demons or keep them in check.

your role

Fight with the light of truth and with the sword of discernment! Don’t shy away from a confrontation when it’s inevitable, but be wise: most fights belong to a time that is no longer relevant to you. Distinguish clearly, recognize what is being played – whether you should play a role, and if so, which one.

Always pay attention to your inner input, to the impulses that reach your heart from your soul and that are passed on from the heart to the brain.

Test what needs to be tested and trust GOD.

Embedded in GOD’S MERCY, no harm can and will come to you. Surrounded by an unmanageable number of angels, masters and beings of light, your life on earth will be fulfilled. Protection is great and mighty, as are your orders.

United with GOD, what has to happen now happens.

The stream of life flows out of you into the light and returns to your heart as love. Following this sacred circuit, you are pure divine consciousness – born in man. Remember, remember!


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com


4 Replies to “El Morya: The Game and Your Role”

  1. Kim

    Beautiful! These words grace my soul at just the moment needed.
    Divine Master Creator always has perfect timing. Thank you.