Harvard Researchers Expose Google Targeting and Manipulating the Minds of Children

With the curtain pulled back on the Twitter files this year, the gears of the debate machine have been grinding relentlessly on the topic of censorship and perceived liberal-establishment bias within social-media behemoths like Twitter and Facebook. And while they’ve undoubtedly earned their place in the critical spotlight, the focus on them has allowed a far more devious predator to lurk largely unchecked in the shadows: Google. Recent revelations cast a disturbing light on the truth: it’s not just invading our privacy and appropriating our data, it’s aggressively targeting the impressionable minds of children.

Enter stage left Harvard Ph.D., Californian Democrat, and research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, who has dedicated the better part of a decade to illuminating the murky underbelly of Google’s Machiavellian manipulation strategies, sweeping up everything from newsfeeds to search results, and even YouTube suggestions. The insights gleaned from his pioneering research, which he recently shared with The NY Post, provide an unnerving look at the disturbing degree to which Google wields its power to manipulate the collective mindset and steer election results in a direction that conveniently aligns with its liberal corporate agenda.

Despite its continued denials before Congress, this trillion-dollar tech titan exploits its unparalleled monopoly in the search-engine domain to inflate liberal ideologies, stifle conservative voices, and most alarmingly, manipulate the malleable minds of our children.

When we consider the facts, the grim reality of manipulation packs a powerful punch. Remember the controversial suppression of The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories by Twitter and Facebook? Well, that’s just the iceberg’s tip. Consider this: what about the jaw-dropping 6 million votes covertly swayed in Joe Biden’s favor during the 2020 election by Google via its calculated online content manipulation? Epstein points an accusing finger at Google, alleging it used biased algorithms to shape search results and slanted Get Out The Vote messages primarily to court Democrat voters.

Preliminary findings from Epstein’s latest venture further expose an even more entrenched liberal bias when examining how Google’s colossal psyop targets children through platforms like YouTube and beyond. By leveraging an average ranking from three nonpartisan organizations tasked with assessing media bias, he identified the sources of the videos suggested to the young minds.

Surveying the sprawling, wild expanse of the digital landscape, a mere 38% of video sources tilt liberal, with the remainder evenly spread between conservative and centrist. However, YouTube disproportionately skews this balance, presenting a disproportionately liberal point of view.

For the average user, Google’s manipulation operates with an alarming level of stealth. Its search results and YouTube suggestions are ephemeral, evaporating the instant you click on a link, leaving no trace to scrutinize or question. It is, in its purest form, the perfect undetectable crime.

Yet, Epstein has ingeniously crafted a method to capture this transient data by essentially “shadowing” real users, a group he refers to as “field agents.” This system, akin to Nielsen’s TV ratings surveillance, currently oversees the Google interactions of 7,566 registered voters across all 50 states. Moreover, he’s extended this to cover 1,600 children, aged 5 to 17, and has ambitious plans to swell his panel to over 25,000 field agents of all ages and political leanings.

His forthcoming public dashboard, americasdigitalshield.org, slated to debut before the 2024 election, promises real-time tracking of bias across platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Bing. It will also provide an estimate of potential vote shifts arising from detected biases.

Even though Google CEO Sundar Pichai vowed to Congress in 2020 that Google would not tweak its products to favor any political viewpoint, Epstein’s revelations expose a glaring contradiction. Donations from employees at Google, YouTube, and parent company Alphabet predominantly lean towards Democrats, hinting at an inherent liberal bias.

Google’s manipulation isn’t simply conjecture. Leaked internal communications from 2016 and 2017 reveal a clear partisan slant, a resolve to push certain values, and plans to mold public opinion on pivotal issues such as Trump’s travel bans. Although Google denies following through with these plans, Epstein’s research portrays a very different reality.

**By Matt Agorist