Sananda: You Have Freedom of Choice

I am Sananda. I am to be with you at this time, in these special times. These times that are coming more and more to you of choice.

Choice. Freedom of choice. You were born with freedom of choice. And to this day, you have freedom of choice. It has never been taken from you unless you have given it away. So hold on to that always, no matter what happens in your world, in your third-dimensional realm. Know that you always have freedom of choice.

You can turn down whatever controls are brought upon you. You can turn away any fear that comes upon you. Always look at the love that is incarnate within you, and feel that love. Just as you may have felt adoring with experience. Feel it any time that you want.

Any time that you want, you can make the choice to see the Earth, to see the third-dimensional expression behind the veil, and you can make the choice to look beyond the veil and see Gaia in all of her pristine glory in the fifth and higher dimension. It is up to you. It is a choice that you can make. It is a choice that everyone can make.

Sadly, some will make the choice to not move on with those of you that have already chosen to move on. Each and every one of you that I speak to now that resonates to my words has made the choice to move on, has made the choice to ascend with dear Gaia, with dear Mother Gaia. You have made that choice.

So feel free that you have already made the choice, and you fall back. Yes, it is always possible to do so. And you find yourselves doing that on a regular basis during your daily activity. But always, because of what you have learned, because of what you have remembered, you always come back. You always raise back up. Even if it is in your sleep state you raise back up.

Your body rests, your mind rests, and you are able to freely then move on to the next day, and the next, and the next. And know that when you rise every morning, you make a conscious choice how you want that day to go. If you rise out of bed and you feel disconsolate and depressed, and you feel like the world is against you, then it is. But if you rise each morning feeling the grandeur of the day, feeling the sunlight on you. Even if you are inside you can still feel the sunlight. You can feel the expression of the light all around you, and the love. And if you move on in that day, that way, then you have made the choice to freely live. To freely live in the moment. Always remember to do so. Be in the moment.

The more and more you are in the moment, the more you are beyond the veil. The veil of the third-dimensional expression which continues to try to hold you. Hold you back. But you, because you have that freedom of choice, you have already made the decision to not be held back.

So move on, my friends. Move on. Move on to the next day, and the next. And freely live your lives without control. Remember, no one can control you unless you allow them to do so. You learned that lesson during that so-called pandemic, which was more of a scam, more of a planned event. You learned at that time that you did not need to hold on to those controls, to be controlled. You learned to not comply, to not wear the masks, to not take the shot. To not stand the distance from your neighbor. You learned all of this. And you learned especially that they cannot control you. And do not let them control you as you continue to move forward.

As changes continue to develop, there will be more attempts to hold control to you. But more and more, you have gained strength. Strength in the Light that permeates now throughout your body. So let it be so as you move on further and further toward your ascension. But remember, you are in a process, a process of ascension that will take you to the highest realms that you choose to move toward.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to choose the new higher live that is right there in front of you.

**Channel: James McConnell

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10 Replies to “Sananda: You Have Freedom of Choice”

  1. Jenny Wren

    Thank you for the words of continued encouragement and love! We will not comply. God is with us! Love to all!

  2. Todd wiseman

    Very proud we NEVER wore the silly communist face covers or took the fake microchip vax over the fake virus HOAX 3 & half years ago

  3. Yup

    Just a word of advice: You need to lose yourself in exercise. It is a reliable form of meditation. While you gently exercise your focus will go to your body in motion. You need to harness the mind’s limited ability to concentrate on one thing. I lost my mother and the entire time she was dying before my eyes, I was in communion with her with the mindset that she would solely be in the ethers, but I’d have her whenever I wanted her by thinking about her and there she would be. Think about the times you were with her and you weren’t looking directly at her, but you knew she was right there. Transfer that comfort into your everyday existence. I know experiences vary, but I was alone, I embraced the ethers containing Love and pushed my physicality. I dwelled in the wonder of the basics in my mind and relished nature and being alive. Eventually, I met a very nice gentle agreeable man. Regardless of circumstance, you will need to talk your body into health, praise it, etc. and grab any natural joys you can, when you can. This is my heartfelt advice to you that I just spent my valuable time on and I hope it helps you. This is an indicator that the world can very much be there for you in different ways. Love yourself, take care the best you can and best of luck to you.

  4. Maria

    Querida Jane,
    Sinto no meu coracao a complexa situação em que se encontra… nao encontro palavras para tao triste experiencia. Lhe envio o mais profundo Amor… Chore,chore e nao pare de chorar ate limpar essas camadas de Dor e desilusão. E depois, respire fundo conscientemente ao longo do dia e active o seu Timo ao acordar. So assim reencontrara o seu Centro do Ser no Coracao…A semente Cristica. A partir daí, ao seu Ritmo….comece a comunicar com a Divina Fonte e abra o seu Templo do Coracao e Bondade e chore sempre que sentir útil no momento. E respire e chore… Cada um de nos querida Jane tem uma forma de sair da Dor…Este é um dos caminhos que uso para aceder ao meu Centro. Apenas partilho com Amor! Estamos num momento difícil, numa grande tormenta de Valores Humanos. Mas tambem vai passar Jane!! Mas enquanto nao passa nao perca o foco no Amor por si mesma e escute a batida de seu Coracao….esse grande companheiro que guarda tudo que Somos como um cofre Sagrado.! Apenas quando se sentir pronta a aceitar! Nao existe Tempo…o momento, breve vai chegar. Estamos quase La querida Jane!!
    Que Sananda a abrace e oriente de Novo para a suprema Energia das Bênçãos da Graca! E querida Jane, Um abraço com o meu Amor e Bênção de Luz!
    Eu Sou uma Semente Estelar ao serviço da Divina Fonte!!

  5. Ken

    Jane, as they say in the sound of music try to think of your favourite things, focus on your favourite music or movie or past experience. It’s not easy but that’s what you must train yourself to do

  6. jane

    So I will give an example – in the uk, many deserving people had their pension date put back, so this meant that many people were put into very difficult situations, they had to carry on working and many including myself are in very tight money situations. Some of these people maybe only a very small few are awake, so for myself I am in Grief, I am very hard up, and my health is suffering and I try to stay positive, but because I have depression it affects my mind and body plus I have not the money to buy organic food, so how do I get my mind out of depression –anyone who understands the body knows that the mind and body are always connected, I am grieving the loss of my dearest mother and best friend, I now have not one person to talk to from heart level, I am struggling, I want to experience 5D how do I get there?? because its not outside of us, I do realise this, but inside I have great fear insecurity, who would not? and people must realise that it is very hard to escape the mind prison.

    1. Yup

      Remember to be grateful you had a glorious relationship with your mother which not everyone has had to say the least. Draw strength from gratefulness and focus on how great things will be going forward. Look forward with gladness as new things are coming your way. I didn’t want to see my mother go, but philosophically, I knew this would open a new world to me as I wouldn’t be worried any longer about her dying and leaving me alone. Embrace what is a new opportunity to live a different life. Embrace life and it will embrace you.

    2. Matthew

      Well depression is caused by weak parathyroid gland. It’s endocrine problem, not a mental one, but allopathy doesn’t want people to know that, otherwise they couldn’t sell all those meds. If you are very small or very tall or have menstrual problems, then you might also have pituitary gland weakness, which controls all other glands. If you are low on budget, then I suggest you at least try to eat as much seasonal fruit as possible and you will se big improvement.

      Best of luck to you!

    3. Yup

      See my comment above, I thought I responded directly to you, Jane. We thank you for sharing so we can help lift you.

    4. Emma

      Have no fear, LOVE is here.
      Well.. that is just words, but it was what I was thinking.
      You have a lot of fear, and then it is hard to escape your prison.

      You must stop fear, it is the only way. Whatever you say to yourself, like ‘Go away fear, you are not welcome anymore’, or anything else.

      I am a sovereign being and you (fear) can not interfere with me. I command you to leave now.

      Yes money lack is real, but the fear just makes it take longer before money comes in.

      You will have to have a fight with the fear, and you have to win the fight. You can easily win, as that is how we humans are designed. We just never exercise that ‘muscle’ that will ensure the victory.

      Take care!