The One: The Field of Creation

It is the One.

Can you tell me what I was feeling this morning?

You are experiencing what it feels like to sense the collective’s journey. What changed last night is that a “war lord” was executed. This drastically alters the fight and speeds the trajectory. You are on a faster course of action at this point. It means an acceleration.

This is what you feel. You feel “off” because the speed of your movement towards liberation has increased. You feel “behind” and as if you aren’t ready for it all. The other thing you feel is that you have “missed the boat.” You feel late or behind, and this agitates you.

Nothing “bad” has accelerated. This was an unexpected victory, and many players remove themselves as a result of the departure. It is good news for the movement. It is good news for the planet and its people.

You may notice major shifts in direction. The fallout is real. All of the forces are rejuvenated because of this outing. All of the forces are inspired now because without this player, the clean-up will be quicker.

Those who see that this can happen to one at such a level are jumping ship or offing themselves or turning “state’s evidence.”  All of this helps the Alliance. All of this means a quicker ending to the battle. This you feel as agitation and change. It is not an easy vibe.

I was woken in the early morning hours (5.27.23). The following conversation took place ~


It is the One.

Things have happened. We will discuss them now.

The controllers have been defeated. Their direct influence here is over. Their reign is finished.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. The human players of their games may or may not know of their defeat. What they do know, however, is that they have everything to lose once they are discovered and outed. It’s up to Man to determine what will be done now. For the major force of the controllers is just gone.

You will see, and quite clearly now, who is promoting fear and division still. These will be humans who see no problem in capitalizing on fear; i.e., taking advantage of it to make money.

What will play out now will be most telling. What you should see, if you are to believe in the fact that there is an Alliance for “good” in charge ~ are major disclosures of all kinds.

The cabal is no longer a threat. The War has been won.

What happens now will be rapid, and it will be a grand unveiling. Much will be apparent to those who know the Truth.

You will quickly discern each player’s loyalty, and see who or what is propelling them. It will be obvious.

This story plays out for years. Yet now, the motivation and desire of each one of you will be what is driving your life. This is the reason we focused so much (recently) on control of your conscious creative ability. It will be useful and will only expand in the atmosphere of today.

The battle is over. The light has won.

You are now “held down” only by those humans who sold their souls for profit and who have only their own protection and benefit as a driving force. Watch carefully. The playbook is about to get interesting.
This is what I wanted to tell you today. We will speak again.

That is all.

Thank you.

While looking for a conversation to share with you today, I found yet another one that was brief, and gives more validation to the fact that it really is “over.” A little more than a week ago, One shared the following during a brief conversation about money:

“There is global remedy. It cannot be enacted until it is certain that the remaining controllers cannot benefit and abuse it. They must be removed completely. In order for that removal to be finalized, there are just a few, very few, more removals.”

This was said before any of what you’ll read in the blog post happened. It tells us that there is a plan, and also that we will be okay once it is enacted. There is not a definite timeline given, only that “global remedy” has to wait until all of the corrupted players are removed. The fact that we’re being told now that they are gone tells us that things can move quickly. This has been gradually sinking in since it was heard on Saturday, and each day feels just a bit lighter!

The conversation shared with you today is one of the most helpful and fun to date. It addresses our very human tendency to doubt, and does so in an entertaining way… I hope you enjoy it!


It is the One.

There are things to say.

Thank you.

You have entered the field of pure creation. For indeed the field has been here always. Yet, without eyes to see it, it did not exist for you.

This is a key component of your reality. It is one that cannot be talked about enough times or in enough ways. For there are infinite ways in which to perceive it, as there are infinite numbers of eyes in the process of perception.

This is why there are multiple speakers of Truth, and many of them.

The analogy of the grains of sand on the beach is an apt one. For you are not only this one set of eyes reading these words on this screen. You are infinitely numbered.

The act of counting is itself called into question here, when discussing all of creation. Yet, we digress. Our purpose here and now is to expand your view of potentials. It is to introduce concepts that you may not have considered. At least not in this, your current “life” and at this, your current “now.”

We will embrace ideas of creation that enhance your knowing, for the field is ripe with possibility and potential, and you need only be aware of the location of the fruit. Once known, you can consciously choose which type of fruit suits you.

Realize that creation is continuous. Conscious creation is another thing altogether. We have spoken of the process of creation and listed the methods. Today we will address its subtle attributes. These are the more specific components as well as what most often occurs.

You are alive in a field. You are a component of that field and therefore in partnership with other components.

An example:

You desire an ice cream cone. You immediately conjure a flavor, place and method in which to get that ice cream into your hands.

Your imagining now involves other things and people ~ a car or bicycle ride, an open ice cream shop with the flavor you want, the money to purchase it, etc. All of these things create for you a concept of “time” in your physical world. In other words, at this point, your desire for ice cream is not instantly satisfied. The necessary elements must be pulled in and coordinated.

These things are part of your physical world. You accept their necessity. Your expectations adjust according to your acceptance of these other factors.

Now, you are practiced at creating ice cream cones. You are not practiced at creating larger things. You “know” that the creation of them is possible, yet you haven’t seen it done. Not specifically.

We will use our ice cream example to take this further. You have managed to get the money and transportation in order, and now stand in the shop. You are at the counter. In front of you are many possible varieties of ice cream ~ a cup or a cone? One scoop or two or three? Sprinkles or fudge or marshmallow or caramel? Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate? The options are endless.

This is the way creation works, and you are now right at the cusp of actualizing that ice cream. The server says to you “Welcome to Ollies!  How can I help you?  Today’s special is pistachio ice cream in a bowl!”

At that point ~ do you say, “Oh, no thanks. That’s not what I want. I’ll take a pass.” And then do you walk out and go home and start the process over again?

No. You say “Hi! I’d like chocolate please. Two scoops in a waffle cone. Thank you!”

What happens with creating larger things is that you are not practiced at it, and very often reject possibilities that come before you. Then you start the process all over again. So the Universe, the field of creation, has no choice but to obey your instructions and once more begin pulling the pieces together that will get you to where it is you want to go. You will be confronted with whatever you ask for.

If you repeatedly ask for the same things, the process has to start over.

The way to avoid this is to put forth your creative desire. Fill it with the emotions you’ll feel when you have it. Then, act as if you’re in that ice cream shop and expect to see multiple varieties before you.

Appreciate each one for what they mean ~ you’ve made it. Ice cream is before you! At any moment your eyes will fall upon the one you most desire. When that happens, choose it! Say yes!

To all those other flavors? Smile and say “Ahh… I see you. You are letting me know that my favorite flavor is coming soon. Thanks for showing up and encouraging me!”

The thing to avoid is “no.”  The thing to avoid is a re-do of the process. This will slow creation down.

The subtle nature of this is something you’ll recognize internally. Once you feel it, you’ll comprehend your own process.

  • Creation works the same way for everyone.
  • Creation works the same way every time.
  • The specifics differ for each of you and for each creation ~ yet the process is identical.

There is one more thing to say and it is this: objections are every bit as creative as intentions. Objections are often steeped with emotion, which is the fuel for any creative act. This is not to say “never object.” It is to say, concerning components of your life that you do not want, avoid exaggerating them.

It is a fine line you walk, my dear human. For you have been fed a diet of destructive intentions, and seen negative outcomes because of it. Again, it will be said to use these as a springboard rather than a color choice for what you are building now. They are best comprehended and then moved beyond.

In this way, the contrast with your New Earth will be vivid and deeply felt. It is one of the reasons for your presence now ~ to experience the rich breadth of emotions in a single lifetime.

You are doing very well. What lies before you is astonishing.

That is all.

Thank you.

**Channel: Sophia Love


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  1. Nadja Iris

    Precious Sophia

    How amazing, the beautiful & enticing metaphores in your messages of The One – I adore them – feeling blessed!

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