Matthew Ward Message: Progress of the Light, Universe’s Beginnings

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. When weaker civilizations fell prey to the darkness, they were captive within its low vibrations. Warring, ignorance, poverty and fear, which are bereft of light, is how dark ones controlled populations, and that is what befell Earth’s peoples.

When a dearth of light put the planet’s very life at risk about 90 years ago, Gaia asked for help. Out of love for her and her residents, highly evolved civilizations infused the planet with light and souls started leaving their advanced worlds to incarnate on Earth to add their light.

That intensity of light is the reason conflict and chaos are occurring around the globe—it is part and parcel of a world being freed from the grasp of darkness. Light’s high vibrations are clashing with and overwhelming the low vibrations, thereby bringing a long, long era of darkness to its close.

Dear ones, we know you want clear, irrefutable evidence. You want to know when G/NESARA will be announced; the new global economic system will be implemented; the illegal Biden administration will be removed; and the Federal Reserve System, whose tentacles reach all countries, will be abolished. Citizens who are rebelling against their corrupt governments want to know when they will have leaders with wisdom and integrity, and all of you want to know when the many truths still hidden will come forth.

We wish we could say more than “on the near horizon,” but we don’t know exactly when those vital developments will occur. What we can do is assure you the Divine Plan is smack on target and extraterrestrial family members are part of the liberating forces of light that some call “White Hats.”

And, let us remind you of the light’s progress in just the last two years or so. The Illuminati’s efforts to start WWIII failed; so have all their attempts to demolish strategic cities with nuclear warheads on missiles. Their covid-19 virus did not kill billions of the populace and trying to achieve that goal via vaccinations is not working either. Their hold on major media is cracking. In several countries their bioweaponry laboratories and storage facilities and centers for sex trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals, adrenochrome production, money laundering and cyber warfare have been demolished. Many of the individuals at the top of their diabolical pyramid have been removed.

The Illuminati’s stronghold is their illegally and immorally amassed fortunes, and the light forces are working to separate them from their funds so that money can be used to end mass impoverishment. If you think helping in an undertaking of that scope is beyond your ability, let us tell you, it is not—it is right up your alley, so to say. Your light that has been helping the peoples awaken has been undergirding every effort to vanquish darkness from Earth.

We know it is hard for you to think of yourselves as the powerhouses you are, and this is understandable. You get sick, moody, disillusioned, angry, impatient and exhausted. Some of your efforts fall short and you make decisions that in retrospect you realize were poor. You don’t always have satisfying jobs or enough income or fair treatment, and some days are just plain miserable.

That is part of life in a third density world, and before you volunteered to go to Earth—and you did that with fervor—you knew that is what you would experience. You also knew you would surmount whatever obstacles you encountered because those feelings and circumstances are not who you are. You are eternal beings of love-light, and your energy’s high vibrations have been creating betterment on the planet during all the years you have been there. Simply by BEing, you are that powerful, that influential!

“Probably souls at your station know some scientists don’t believe the ‘Big Bang’ happened. If it didn’t, how was the universe created? Also, how were souls created? How did good and evil begin?” First let us say, always Big Bang has been a misnomer—the Beginning was completely silent as Creator/Source/Creation expressed Itself as light. Creator, the Ultimate Being and Supreme Ruler of the cosmos; Source, from whence everything in existence comes; Creation, Its action and “products,” immortal souls. For simplicity of speaking, we say only Creator, and It as designation for I AM, Totality, Oneness of All is with utmost reverence and respect.

While light may be thought of visual, or science, and love as a sensation, or spirit, light and love—or science and spirit—are one and the same energy, and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos. This energy is Creator’s infinite, eternal omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence as pure love-light.

At a time unknown, Creator created the first souls, whom you call the archangels, and they had proportionally the mind and power of Creator. That didn’t diminish It one iota—the archangels were Creator experiencing Itself.  At some point It endowed them with the capability to co-create—they could use Its energy to make whatever they could think of. First they made a lower realm of angels, then gods and goddesses. Those souls, which also had proportionally the mind and power of Creator via the archangels, added to Its experiencing and to their co-creators’.

After the archangels made materials for forms so each soul could choose to have a body or remain pure spirit, Creator selected a god of pure spirit to co-create whatever he desired and rule over this universe and chose other gods or goddesses to do the same in six other universes. Our god made myriad souls, all of whom had proportionally his mind and power. As his experiencing selves, they did not diminish his entirety in any way at all—he is an amalgamation of all souls, in physical bodies or in spirit, in this universe.

Some of them helped him make galaxies with billions of astral bodies, and all souls could choose to incarnate within or upon those bodies or be free spirits. The energy of love-light—good, or godly—was the total essence of everything that was manifested throughout this universe.

It was reptilians, mutated descendants of Luciferian energy, who brought evil here. By agreement of our god and the ruler of the universe where reptilians originated, a portal was briefly opened so some of them could enter ours. At that time in antiquity they were the most intelligent species in the cosmos, and the agreement was intended to benefit both universes.

By reproducing themselves as well as procreating with souls who lived here, the incoming reptilians would genetically impart their superior intelligence while absorbing this universe’s love-light energy. When they returned to their universe, they would spread this energy’s high vibrations throughout their civilizations, and their progeny in this universe would genetically endow successive generations with superior intelligence.

The win-win situation the two universal rulers anticipated did not happen.

Some of the reptilians who came did become beings of love-light as they passed on their genes, but they did not go back home. Neither did those who refused the light. They also proliferated and all of them have caused havoc ever since the first ones came eons ago. They initiated warring and rendered dormant ten of twelve DNA strands in civilizations they conquered, making them susceptible to falling into darkness.

Now then, Gaia is the soul that embodied as the planet she called Terra—somewhere along the line Earth became its name. Gaia, God and Sol, your solar system’s sun, manifested pristine verdant lands; crystal clear seas; magnificent trees, flowers and other plants; and the mineral kingdom. She gave animal design ideas to residents of Jupiter, where similar conditions existed, to manifest and transport to Terra.

When everything was ready, Gaia asked some souls in highly evolved human civilizations if they would like to live in a marvelous new world, and at the speed of thought, they arrived. Others came later, by spaceships, astral travel or incarnation. The people, animals, plants and minerals knew their Beginnings in Creator’s infinite love-light and their eternal connection with each other and the ruler of this universe. All life forms communicated telepathically and flourished as a harmonious symbiotic Oneness.

Darkness, or evil, came into that paradise when people with only two strands of active DNA settled there. As time passed, their brutal behavior amassed so much negativity that it almost extinguished Terra’s light. To save her planetary body, Gaia released the negativity in a series of earthquakes that lasted several decades. One quake of a magnitude sufficient to release that amount of negativity would have exploded the planet into countless fragments instead of preserving its life.

Terra’s land mass broke into several extensive regions, large and medium-sized islands and many thousands of small ones; new coastlines had peninsulas, bays, cliffs and beaches. Terra’s gently rolling terrain became rugged mountain ranges, volcanoes, canyons and deserts. The placid sparkling seas turned into oceans with strong currents, lakes, rivers and streams; and the sea bed’s flat terrain became similar to the new surface formations. No longer was the climate pleasant—massive areas of ice developed in polar extremes, mountains were covered with snowpack, and intolerable heat built up around the equator.

After millennia passed and the planet was habitable, a new civilization began. But darkness reentered and committing atrocities once again became the nature of the people. This time Gaia released the accumulated negativity abruptly, with an ice age, and after its drastic effects subsided, the repopulating process started over. Since then civilizations have risen and fallen, including those in Atlantis and Lemuria.

The purity of love-light that permeated young Terra and her first inhabitants never has been repeated. However, indigenous peoples know they and all other life forms on Earth are connected with each other and the ruler of this universe. To prevent their knowledge from spreading, dark forces inspired explorers from European nations to kill most of the natives in the lands they claimed for their respective royal families; later, colonists continued the genocide. However, tribal survivors passed on their knowledge to descendants, who generation after generation preserved it, and the light within that truth helped Earth survive in deep third density until the infusion of light enabled her to start ascending.

Now souls around the world are standing strong against oppression and all other injustices spawned by darkness. Despite, or perhaps because of turmoil, destruction and grief, there is more goodness, kindness and compassion than ever before in the planet’s recorded history. In this respect, beloved sisters and brothers, you have done your part magnificently.

You can inspire, but you cannot push anyone toward the spiritual and conscious awareness that puts them on the personal ascension pathway—that is each soul’s choice. It is a joy for us to behold those who are firmly on the pathway, and that many others are starting to trust their intuition is greatly encouraging. Upcoming solar flares—the energy surges that raise vibrations—will offer slumbering individuals more opportunities to awaken.  You, too, dear ones, will reap benefits, and the light you radiate will continue to uplift our family on Earth.

All light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward


19 Replies to “Matthew Ward Message: Progress of the Light, Universe’s Beginnings”

  1. Carrie5

    It’s refreshing to see people using their critical thinking skills and discussing topics politely.

    One thing I remind myself all the time is that their weapon is “psychological” warfare. How clever to mess with our heads so that we just sit back and allow it all to happen passively.

    In war you need to stop, renew, replan and regroup, particularly when you see your opponent has figured out who and where you are and your plan. So, it makes sense there are delays between attacks. Being psychological, it is also good to back off so your opponent thinks everything is getting better…. Then WHAM hit them with another big one when they feel safe and don’t expect it. The art of surprise

    If you are waiting for a savior you had better hope he/she/it arrives or you have submissively enabled the destruction and deaths. Sorry that is a hard pill to swallow but it is the truth.

    If you want to have hope have hope, God knows we all need something to hope for to get through every day. However, just incase, I suggest at the same time taking action to make improvements. Otherwise, one day you may wake up and realise it’s too late.

    Me, the best I hope for is to die in my sleep. Unfortunately, I see things many don’t and have watched how most humans are gullible, lazy and extremely easy to manipulate for a long long time. Look up the “Millgram Experiment” for proof. There’s a doco on it, I suggest watching it and also self educating on psychology so you can recognise their techniques. LEARN about the opponent. It is even one of the first things you do in business: learn about you competitors so you can outsmart/do better!?

    Ask yourself. Who are these channelers? Have you met them? All you see is some photos and words. Do these people really exist? I could pop up some fake pics and send in a story, so could you!

    Technology is their #1 tool for deception. If you want to sit back and wait for a savior and do nothing, I suggest turn off your phone, Internet, TV and radio etc for a week or more. You will see how much more relaxed, happier and better you feel and you will notice you regain the ability to “think for yourselves”. These channelings are LEADING people. Ask why are ETs etc LEADING us and interferring? They tell us we are highly capable but on the other hand keep telling us what to do, what to believe and what is happening behind the scenes (without evidence). Is that allowing free will? No, it is subtle manipulation.

    I am not saying give not to believe in a Source, light/energy/frequency etc. What I am saying is people are notorious for lying. So, you really need to find evidence. Quantum physics is evidence of matter, time, energy etc. so there is truth there. The rest is all someone’s words on a screen without and proof or substance.


  2. Paladin

    Right off the bat I know this channel is of the darkness. There is no COVID19 virus they planned to kill off the population with. The virus is a media/government/medical establishment hysterical narrative meant to have people voluntarily take the death jab, commonly referred to as the MRNA vaccines. The vaccines are what they planned to kill us off with.

    We have yet to see the full extent of the damage done by this toxic black magic potion, millions have already died prematurely. I remember during the height of this fake pandemic “Matthew” was encouraging people to take the death jab.

    There is always a lie or deception from this author.

    1. Gordon Jackson


      The covid 19 virus was very real but it burnt itself out or was neutralised by May 2020. Until that point it was very real and tens of thousands died in China from it.

      It did not work in the long run.

      Yes, the vaccine was developed years in advance and was planned to be used but do not make the mistake of believing covid 19 never did. It did exist and was initially extremely deadly. Whether it was neutralised by off worlders or whether it burnt out is open to debate.

      1. Paladin

        No, you are wrong. The virus was never isolated and purified, and in fact no virus ever has been. It was, and is a work of fiction.

        1. Love444

          I agree with you totally that covid 19 was fake only to pump fear in the mass’s to take the kill shot. I knew from day one it was bogus and didn’t take that shot or wore that ridiculous mass ..wake up people wtf UP!!

    2. Light bearer

      I’ve read most but not all of Matthew Ward’s channelings. What I remember off the top of my head is not him literally encouraging people to take the jab, but I do remember him saying something like “if you get forced into taking the jab, then know that the jab is not that bad.” (Could be misremembering it.)

      Admittedly, that’s still not a great statement to make. I’ve had a large number of family members die shortly after taking the jab, including my father.

      I don’t know if these messages are distorted. In my own experience when channeling, there’s three things that can cause a distorted / fake message. Either the channeler is wilfully evil. Or the channeler is good-hearted but unknowingly contacts a dark or gray entity. Or the channeler is good-hearted and contacts a good entity, however the channeler isn’t “pure” / empty enough and so occasionally their own opinions slip through, without the channeler being aware of that.

      1. Emma

        Sorry about your father.
        If one for some reasons must take the vax, then one must believe oneself to be stronger. No vax would ever be able to kill a Jesus type person.

        This is a law of attraction based universe, and fear will kill. Fear of the virus, fear of the vax, etc.

    3. Daedalus


      I have stopped following this site and its fake sources long ago, altough I stop by from time to time to check if something has changed – and I realized nothing has absolutely changed (and probably, nothing will).

      There are still same articles peddled through same false light channelers that channel their egoistic side through. Are people really so naive they think some higher force or more advanced beings would obsess with political situations ? No, thats what human – egoistic part – does.

      Many still wait for some external saviour. Some still wait GESARA / NESARA, some still wait arrests, some still wait for Trump to be their saviour … all of that is nonsense. Theres no saviour coming, everyone is on their own. Majority of folks here will wait for it, for their whole lives.

      Politics corrupt people internally and inherently. How can one claim that there will be an “unprecedented solution” through corrupted politics ? People dont even use their brain and logic to begin with. They just wait passively for external saviour to come, wave with a magic wand over them, and everything will be hunky-dory.

      Nothing of that is going to happen. Some will spend their lives in eternal hopium. Some will leave this reality through premature death. But some will be ready internally and will overcome all the lies served to them, and still are overcoming.

      No external help will come, ever. This is a purely individual lesson and unique journey.

      1. Light bearer

        I agree that people shouldn’t sit around and wait for help, and that some articles on this site may be fake.

        But, well, I think the truth is that you can’t really know that something won’t happen. What proof is there that external help won’t come? There is none. So I don’t think you can conclude that no external help will come, ever.

        Yes, certainly some predictions haven’t come true, but that doesn’t prove that none of them ever will.

        If you’ve been hurt or disappointed, I understand and empathize — there’s been endless promises of “on this date the white hats will arrest everyone / GESARA will launch” or something, and then it never happens.

        Still, if you believe that neither galactics nor Trump-like figures will come fix things, isn’t that more or less a belief that everything will just getting worse for the rest of our lives?

        I guess that our egos like certainty, even if it’s the certainty of “no external help will come, ever.” But personally I prefer to maintain hope, even if yeah, cynicism does lead to at least a sense that you understand the situation.

      2. Light bearer

        Also, if there is no external help, then why aren’t patriots locked up in camps right now? Why aren’t we in climate lockdowns, or in covid lockdowns, or in [other plandemic] lockdowns? Why isn’t the jab mandatory? Why hasn’t the gov’t given us all a limited number of carbon credits and we can’t exceed that? Why isn’t there a direct hot war between the US and Russia?

        To me, the answer is pretty obviously: because some people / beings are working against the black hats. Sure not as much is happening as I’d like, but I think if black hats had free reign and there was no external help, then some of the things in the previous paragraph would be true.

        1. jakesey

          I agree. The pyramids, Nasca figures, and other numerous structures that defy modern science, are literally scattered all over the world, on land and in sea. Yes outside help did come, we need to open up to things bigger than our egos. To wonder and awe for example.

        2. Emma

          I agree with you Light Bearer. Many things point to help.
          Also I could never live my life with no hope for a better future, and one could argue that people who preach ‘no hope’ are indeed from the dark side, and trying to lower vibrations on this planet.

          1. Daedalus

            @ Emma

            Thats a bad indirect attempt there youre trying to do to paint me as one of “from the other side”.

            Let me refresh your memory – youre still within this illusionary reality. Your body still withers and die. You still go and work jobs for plain survival. But guess what ? All of that is supported by masses of ordinary folks. Everyone says “I want change” – and then when change is supposed to happen, many say “I want conformity and dont want change”. Its not “elites” thats their problem, its their own mentalities and programs, of masses. “Elites” would be removed in one day if people were coordinated and truly aware from within.

            Changes within this reality are more often than not, unpleasant. And those unpleasant changes propel mentalities into a new fields of realizations. Staying on one same field, repeating the same mantra of false “light” that others are “lowering vibrations” while you refuse to move into unpleasant parts of yourself will only do bigger suffering in long term.

            Do I think this reality will change ? No. This reality will die off completely and is dying. Were returning back to original reality without death and suffering. Those willing to improve within will have their own ticket. Those ignoring and stagnating will suffer more and longer, but will eventually make it. Those evil and completely parasitic, will “rule” over nothing, and will destroy themselves.

            I will repeat – noone will come to help you, you need to help yourselves. Thats the whole point of this experience, if it wasnt, you would already be free completely.

        3. Daedalus

          @Light Bearer

          To answer on your post here and above post …

          I have no single doubt this experience we have here now is simply a lesson – a lesson we choose to experience. Not a prison planet that was enforced on us, but an experience we chose to ultimately learn from it and see through it.

          If there is external saviour – of any kind – then the people wont learn. Just look around yourselves. There are so many examples where people are completely passive in their lives, they put faith into anything and anyone to help them, they refuse their responsibility even for themselves. They wait for “divine interventions”. And ultimately, with NESARA / GESARA, many do not even understand that whole point of money in this reality is to realize it is not a real currency and that greed cannot be allowed if one is to progress further. Yet … so many have same greedy mentality, so many wouldnt change a thing in their lives regarding greedy mentality even if GESARA was active in next day. They dont understand its their mentality that needs to change, firstly.

          The answer on your second question – why the things arent worse than they are…

          Thats not related to some external intervention or benevolent forces working here on Earth behind the curtains to help you. Thats related to much larger in scope, people’s own energies and individual consciousnesses that create a global consciousness and template of manifestation. And because people have been gradually becoming more aware, but slowly, many bad happenings have never come to fruition.

          If one puts everything into awaiting of external saviours and happenings – and what many on sites like these do – then they are actually slowing down their own progress.

          And yeah, people should finally stop mixing politics into spirituality … its something that massive numbers do lately, and they dont realize its just waste of energy and time, but also a big red mark that tells one theyre mixing their egos with spirituality more and more.

          There are no “black hats” and there are no “white hats”. Its a battle within for every individual, in their own pace and time, and through their own individual choices.

      3. sir_shroomingtons

        It’s a bit disappointing to see these “messages” posted on here by people or beings who clearly don’t have the best interest of light workers at heart. Use discernment fellow way showers. They don’t explain their points clearly or offer advice on what to do instead, rather just spewing negativity. Of course we can’t put ALL of our hope and power away to the external, but as within as without, as above so below. We must first go within to see the truth. It’s a balance of inner and outer. Very foolish to be so ignorant or unaware of the dark corruption, but no even with all that mess we’re not victims. The light, love, truth of Source is real and the strongest force in creation. We’re remembering who we truly are. LOVE.

    4. Aidan

      Maryann Rada sent out this message March 6th 2020 regarding the CV19 situation.

      “It is true there is an illness, but not everything you hear about it is spoken honestly or with good intent. Be wise and aware!”

    5. Emma

      I do remember one was encouraging people to take the jab, but it was not Matthew.

      They have and have many ways to kill us off, not just one, that would be low IQ to have only one method, that may fail.
      Famine is a methode. Civil war is a method. Deadlier virusses. Chemtrail. Plastic particles in masks. Plastic particles everywhere. Flourid. Metals. Toxins. 5G. I could go on and on.