New Matrix Part 8-1

On 3 JUNE at 09:12 AM CET, via a Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators briefly informed that they continue prep for the activation of the new Earth’s Causal Matrix. Its OS, soft and codes will accelerate the scenario of events, the planet’s and our evolution in general.

Earth and humanity will still around, but they will change dramatically. The frequency and its intensity in the planetary field will increase significantly and stabilize at a higher level. The stratification of earthlings by radiated vibes and timelines will speed up.

The old memory will gradually be erased, and the new, cosmic, will be de-blocked and activated. Goals will be reset in the subconscious, and in it, only the best and constructive will remain.

All interactions between the Universe and the planet will rise to a new level. The increased inflow of Pleroma’s Light through the Absoluteterra and Multiverse will enhance the high-frequency glow of Earth and earthling, jamming and suppressing parasitic thinking.

The events’ blueprint is completely rewritten. The destructive continuation removed from it. Life will continue according to Universe’s Laws, with a new planetary consciousness that will surprise many and provide new solutions to problems. Obstacles will be reduced to a minimum. Everyone will have the opportunity to realize another timeline and destiny.

The new Causal Matrix, together with Absoluterra and two Logos, novel of Earth and collective of Lightwarriors, will be the main mechanisms of the planet’s development. The general co-setup continues…

In parts 1-7, Disclosure News narrated what a huge job lies ahead of us. But this is just a small part of the Earth’s path through 10 big Matrices of our large Universe’s fractal. Each runs its group of Matrices of all 100 dimensions. For eons, active reciprocal influence, interchange and interaction have never stopped inside this gigantic infrastructure. Very little is known about their mechanisms, but friendly space races have shared some details and the vector, along which we will go.

Each of the 10 Matrices of our large Universe (the seventh in the Greater Cosmos) performs its general tasks and functions.

The Matrix, which combines 11-19 dimensions, fulfills the program of development of worlds. It, with the help of red energy, conducts ready-made Intelligence plasma through multi-stage development, via different Time cycles, changing environments, and dynamics. At the final stage, the Matrix software splits the plasma into components and transfers it to the next stage of evolution (see New Matrix, Part 6, 26 May 2023).

The Matrix of 20-29 dimensions forms in different worlds a vital matter with strong energy, distributes and condenses Intelligence plasma. Time spins are used to move it. Their prominences create plateaus, on which this energy receives power protection, is transformed into a new Subtle matter with its Holograms and Matrices. Part of the matter relocates on the next levels.

The Matrix of 30-39 dimensions uses the Greater Cosmos’ field structures, which emit sound frequencies that transform and increase the potential of Intelligence and life support systems, back the circulation of Light and energies in interstellar space. This Matrix uplifts Intelligence to the next galactic level, and forms new biological bodies in physical worlds.

The Matrix of 40-49 dimensions gives Intelligence increased capacity and power, and thought forms – new opportunities for creation and development. By the force of compression, this Matrix forms a space that accumulates free floating Intelligence l-gamma particles, and in the physical worlds – the ability of living cells to take new info-energy.

The Matrix of 50-59 dimensions runs the software of translational motion, with the possibility of distortion (curvature). In physical worlds, it regulates the movement of energy fields and increases the saturation of the aura of the upper layers of their sphere.

The Matrix of 60-69 dimensions contains programs for returning to the starting position, compresses the range of perception, and corrects the work of Holograms, lower Matrices and spaces. This is another relay of info-energy in the Greater Cosmos. In the physical worlds, this Matrix creates conditions for the development of new energy, vital substances and human Souls, selects Intelligence plasma and distributes it across Universes.

The Matrix of 70-79 dimensions carries a program for running the core of systems through their energy blocks. These are the nuclei of Galaxies, Constellations, Stars, Planets, cells, molecules, atoms, etc. Everything is guided by a pattern of stepwise and hierarchical development. The Matrix provides free circulation and accumulation of energy, which enhances sentient spaces, and accelerates the release of elementary particles that have elevated power potency.

The Matrix of 80-89 dimensions runs the functioning of vital matter. The latter gains new abilities to accumulate energy in its protective field, to move between spaces and densities when shifting cosmic radiation.

The Matrix of 90-99 dimensions is the final stage of the development of the worlds of our large Universe. The programs of this Matrix control Time spins, Light flows and substance, which radiates Intelligence energy AETRON. The soft runs energy distribution, switching the rhythm of nuclei (see above), relocates plasma into programmed spaces, and builds environments for vital matter, its clumps, radiations’ transforming and plasma configuration.

The 100D Matrix is the boundary space for the transition of the worlds of our large Universe to higher dimensions in a single fractal of the Greater Cosmos, and contains the necessary programs and codes for that. Details of this stage have not yet been disclosed.

Earlier, Disclosure News described soft of 3D-10D Matrices. And what are the Matrices’ programs of the next 90 dimensions?

(To be continued)

**By Lev