The Collective: Raw Deal

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

Today we again speak to an issue raised by a Light Bringer, who asks:

“There’s been a lot of inner work lately for all of us, as stuff comes up more quickly now to be processed.

“I’ve couldn’t help but notice that because of the turmoil, emotions are strong. Then BOOM, a manifestation happens, literally within days, or even one day now.

“How are we supposed to clear that quickly? I spent two hours in Nature [after experiencing strong emotion] and did conscious breathing for a large part of the day.

“Nope, didn’t work. And the next day, there was an event.

“Some of us have been on the path for a long time now.

“Why are we instantaneously manifesting a terrible event, but still not getting anything joyful? This seems like a raw deal.”

THE COLLECTIVE: We speak to all when we say that we are aware of your discomfort at this turn of events.

Yet we rejoice that you are increasingly aware of the power of your emotions—even more than that of your words or thoughts—to create events outwardly.

We would say that as Earth and human consciousness move into the fifth dimension, you will indeed find the world around you increasingly created by projected thought—by the words, images, and emotions people create within them.

This is everyday life in the fifth dimension, and no one ever questions it, or is confused by it.

Be aware that the “delay factor” that has long accompanied 3D manifestations on the Earth plane does not exist in the higher dimensions.

And so, as you begin to move forward in your and Earth’s Ascension, you find yourself in a strange moment.

It is a kind of void between where you have been and what you are fast moving into.Sometimes those emotions or thoughts are spurred on by outer events, and sometimes they seem to come of their own accord.

For example, resonating with the memory of a person or event that feels still to be quite real and present in your life can create a situation, realization, or other synchronicity that echoes your prior experience.

These odd and sometimes upsetting situations are unfolding now as you all, as this dear one says, experience intense emotions due to the sentient Light waves coming onto the planet now.

It has made the Earth a Transformational environment.

One in which many things can be birthed or re-created, according to the intentions of the one holding the intense emotional energy or powerful intent.

These events can very quickly sprout from the words, emotions, or imaging of human beings now, particularly those who are conscious and aware, and therefore coming into their manifestation power all the more fully now.

These out-picturing moments are gifts, despite how they may appear at times.

And so why, as these instantaneous manifestations are occurring for so many now, why are they not always the joyful kind?

You are aware that in this unprecedented time of healing for your Earth and Her beings, there is much coming to the surface that in the past was powerfully suppressed.

These are powerful understandings, realizations, and experiences whose existence was so fully denied, so badly discouraged for many centuries, that one feared punishment to even speak of them.

That long era is over now, not because your former “overlords” are suddenly desiring that Truth be known.

That time is ending due to both the astrological occurrences that have heralded a new era of sentient Light and higher consciousness, and a powerful decision made by Earth and Her beings.

You decided some time ago, on a higher level of your consciousness, that Now would be a new time of freedom, Truth, and enlightenment, such as not seen on the planet for millennia.

A rebirth in some ways—a return to sovereignty, restored DNA, and higher vibrational life—and in other ways, since the Universe is always progressing, a whole new way of life.

You desire to experience your co-creational abilities, with only positive manifestations occurring.

Yet you cannot put the cart before the horse.

In order for the shadows of the past to be fully expunged and dissolved in Earth life, they must be exposed to the Light.

This includes all of your inner lives and the resonances of your powerful subconscious.

And so, yes—if you experience strong emotion, you will create from that, including the unhappy events.

Sometimes the things you create (the questioner’s Spirit team are saying) are beautiful indeed, yet you are not fully giving yourself credit for having created them.

Of course, some outcomes are not what you would prefer.

Yet we wish you to understand that on a higher level, all outcomes are equal, in that they show you where you are energetically, and reflect back to you your own vibration.

They are innocent.

Neither they nor the Universe (or your higher self) wish you to suffer.

Yet your reaction to that which you create is also of your own making.

We do not judge a vibration, ever. We do not call it good or bad, positive or negative.

It simply is.

To speak of a high vibration is to describe its frequency, not whether it is to be preferred or not.

And so, the question facing this dear one, and all Light Bearers, is not “How do I create only joyful things, and never the bad things?”

The question is really, “How do I value all my creations equally?”

“How do I come out of judgment, and love and accept myself and my life, including all my energetic projections?”

We assure you, you are not here to only create beautiful moments full of Joy and fulfillment.

This sounds wonderful, but is not typical of Earth life, even now.

You are still in that moment of experimentation, when you gaining your “sea legs” in terms of using projected thought and emotion to only create what you desire to create.

The delay factor experienced for so long on the Earth, in which human beings had time to adjust the energies of something they were thinking of before creating something outwardly, is now fading quickly.

This is why we say that we rejoice that your manifestation abilities are growing exponentially, along with all aspects of your inner growth.

We do not regard the seemingly negative outcomes as a sign that you have done something wrong or are out of control energetically.

It will take some time and practice to realize how powerful you are becoming, and to channel those abilities into highly conscious creations that serve you and others joyfully.

It is natural that you would desire to experience Joy and fulfillment far more than disappointment or sadness.

Yet when heart experiences do spring from your energies, know that these are not so dark or tragic as you are assuming.

Everything that you are experiencing now, dear ones, you experience to recognize and come more fully into contact with the power that has long sat dormant within you.

That power has finally stood up and come forward now, fully desiring to use its voice and creational presence.Due to the suppression of inner strength, and the extreme constriction of your natural co-Creative abilities for millennia, you will feel that at times as if there are wild horses within you, threatening to stampede.

These energies will need to be trained by you, as you increase in conscious awareness of the power of your thoughts and emotions, and grow a healthy respect for their reach and influence.

They are a great gift, particularly the painful thoughts and feelings, as they are showing you where healing is still badly needed.

Sending love and support to every emotion will also assist you in finding more inner Love, patience, and compassion for the self who is taking on such powerful Transformation from within.

Down to the tiniest subatomic particle of your being, you are in complete rebirth and renewal—so powerfully so, as this higher Light pours in, that it is a miracle any of you are still standing!You will feel exhaustion some days, exhilaration other days, and yes, shock and perhaps dismay at times over what you have created or seem to have created single-handedly.

Yet these creations you refer to are not solely your own creation; others have also added in their own emotional frequencies to that creation.

Please know that:- Your creations are also partly due to Earth’s current experience with 5D energies

– Other people’s energetic output is also a part of all you create upon the Earth plane.

– Earth life’s creational “delay factor” is fading quickly, as Time itself folds and fades into nothing but the Present Moment–something you are not used to!

– You are not an island. You are in constant energetic conversation with other beings and universal phenomena, including astrological configurations

You are intricately, powerfully, inextricably connected to all living beings, the Earth Herself, and the movements of the stars and planets, and your outer experience mirrors much of what these ones are also experiencing.

This includes the Earth’s and humanity’s expelling of shadow forms—dark mis-teachings, the dark matrix of the old power structure, dark energetic transmissions, and so on.

As those energies release from human life, you will see some extreme co-Creations that you would prefer not happen.

Yet again—we ask that you release judgment of what you and others have created! That also only spurs on creation of more of the same.

Love and bless all you create, dear ones! You are not an intrinsically bad or misguided entity who is out of control with their vibration, haplessly creating out of spur of the moment sadness or anger.

You begin to free yourself from the heaviness of emotion that feels to be so reckless and out of control, when you bless and give thanks for all you are and all you create, however those creations may appear outwardly.

In that moment that you fear you have sent out energies that will only create something not of the Light, send Love and Thanks to that energy, to the self that created it, to any outcome that may occur as a result.

This lightens the event so that come what may, the Light shall still prevail.“All is well!” affirm to yourself often. “I Create from Divine Love, and I call it Good!”

That is, as Mr Tolle would put it, “The good that has no opposite,” and it is the good you seek.

Of course, you may be asking:

But what if I once again create outwardly from the confusion of dense emotion that is coming up now, as this Light reveals everything within us, including the shadow?

In that moment, release all judgment!

Send love to the part of you that is still in reaction, still wounded, still seeking justice.

Allow yourself for tears and brokenness that is within all who have experienced the third dimension.

And with your hand on your heart, say, “I hear you, my friend. And I bring you into the Light.”Then if you can, write down all you were feeling in that moment to get it physically out of the body and you release it from the heart mind.

Allow yourself to cry, and to release the anger, without fear.

These emotions have already been responsible for creating situations in your life that you have never been happy about. This is your chance to release them once and for all.

And so dear one , let it out!

Do not hesitate to write down, or cry out and speak aloud of the deep, very old pain that has been within you for centuries, perhaps millennia.

It is time to release these now, so do not resist the opportunity to release them.

And say to your Spirit team, “I request that only the most benevolent outcome of Love, healing, and inner growth result from this outpouring! I give thanks.”

We would wish for you the Joy that comes from valuing simply the opportunity to be on the Earth at this time, feeling honored to be part of the Great Experiment of duality as it finishes its darkest era and moves into higher Light.

As you bless and send Love to all you have created, you will know that you have moved beyond the 3D restraints so long put upon you, and stepped into your god/goddess self, to acknowledge and see Love at all times, in all places.

To feel and know that Life itself is a miracle to behold, and to treasure, in all its forms.

For even in this time of great shift, amid the jolts of reclaiming your Creational power, All Is Well.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.

Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023

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    best way to clear is 7 steps by arnoux goran
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    i am love amen:)