Archangel Michael: The Veil is No More

Dearest Ones, I am AA Mi-cha-el, Michael, Warrior of Peace, Angel of Blue and Beloved One to you. I do not come just as one, but I come as the many. The unity of all, the consciousness of One.

You often think that we are far away. You think of us as those in the heavenly realms. But beloved, there is no separation. We are as close as the breath that you breathe. As close as the words that you say. As close as the visions you see. This has always been the plan.

There was a veil that was pulled down. The veil is dissolved now.

You have become so used to seeing with the veil that you believe that it is still there. Like the baby elephant who has a chain put around his foot. And when it is taken off, he thinks it is still there.

Know that the veil has dissolved. The veil is no more.

You may look, you may reach into sections of your mind. Come let us do it now. Let us call in the radiance and dissolve all that is preventing you from really seeing, from taking the next step, from receiving the healing, from claiming your birthright. The birthright that has been yours all along.

Come beloveds, come step forward!

Open the shades, pull the curtains, let the light in.

Let us in.

We are as close as your heart. Look there now and see us smiling and welcoming you.


AA Michael

**Channel: Lee Degani


2 Replies to “Archangel Michael: The Veil is No More”

  1. Arthur

    The removal of the veil is the transition to 4D.
    The phenomenon, which is otherwise called – Solar Flare.
    There must be a great flow of energies to the Earth, which the veil filters now.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE not to notice!