ET Presence and Crafts

The dark forces want you to believe only in fallen angels, to deny the presence of benevolent ETs, and to expect false flag deceptions.

Crafts have been seen for thousands of years, and still no sign of a fake alien attack. And it will never happen.

It’s not helping anyone to believe only deception is possible. This is promotes the dark forces. They don’t have the power, but they do benefit from the belief they do.

Humans have already been tricked as much as possible. Many have worshiped false ET gods for thousands of years. They’ve controlled every institution. Humans have already failed this discernment test.

The Shift is near and Galactic Federation won’t allow any blue beam scenarios. The cabal doesn’t have fleets of crafts, and the idea that the world is going to be tricked by holograms on your computer screen is unintelligent.

Understand that your thoughts and beliefs create your reality, and by only expecting lies you are creating scenarios where truth isn’t possible for you.

Make sure you know which side you’re on.


Pentagon whistleblower David Grusch says the US is in possession of vehicles of non-human origin and bodies of the pilots.

Pleiadians previously confirmed that extraterrestrial technology was recovered from at least 3 locations:

Varginha, Brazil
Baltic Sea
Roswell, New Mexico

Not all ETs who visited Earth have been advanced. Some just came to sightsee and got stuck.

The military has engineered crafts from recovered ET technology. There have been secret space programs. But this technology is basic compared to Galactic Federation.

There are no negative crafts in our sky now and only a small number of human military (white hats) fly with Galactic Federation.


**By Kabamur