Akashic Records Access and the Halls of Amenti

Beloved hearts, we invite you to join us in this powerful New Earth Quantum Healing Activation, Overlighted by Thoth, as we journey into the Akashic Records through the Halls of Amenti.

As we expand our consciousness and deepen into New Earth, the key to Soul embodiment, of being our Higher Selves upon this sacred earth, is the clearing of the Akashic Records holding our energetic her/his-story as we align multidimensionally.

The Akashic Records are dimensions of Soul consciousness that contain multi-universal blueprints, records of all Life, of all forms and bands of consciousness.

Within the Akashic Records, the imprinting of every thought, feeling and action are recorded through each lifetime as well as the lifetimes of all future possibilities. As we dissolve and collapse, clear and transcend Old Earth and karmic timelines, and expand into the higher realms, this is experienced both energetically, and within the physical body at a cellular level, as this is where the gridwork for these realms are held. As we release the energy of the old programs, false beliefs and judgments from within the physical body, our Light Body activates, and we become the vibrating Stargate Portals of Light.

And as the vibrating Stargate Portals of Crystalline Consciousness and Light, we create our New Earth realities in each Now moment through our ability to raise our vibration, expand our consciousness and rewrite the Akashic Records, through Soul alignment, and through the memory and attainment of Oneness interdimensionally as Master Co-Creators of our Universe.

One of the ways that we energetically access the Akashic Records to clear the lower timelines as well as access the higher dimensional timelines is through the Halls of Amenti. We could say that the Halls of Amenti is the Door of Life that straddles all existence, in all dimensions. The Halls of Amenti exist outside of our time and space, and in Atlantean timelines, and later, ancient Egypt, as Initiates and Priest/Priestesses, we traveled in Soul consciousness into the dimensional pockets of space within Amenti.

The key is to find our way into the Halls of Amenti holding the Secrets of Secrets, holding the collective consciousness of planets and stars, as well as every individual life print and timeline, as we expand dimensionally into ever greater levels of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Additionally, the frequency of Amenti assisted us to release the etheric “seals of immortality” and to experience the 48 symbols of immortality as we moved beyond the “veils of illusion”. In so doing, we accelerate into our Physical Ascension Blueprint through our ability to access the higher dimensions within the Halls of Amenti.

In this New Earth Quantum Healing Activation, we enter the Halls of Amenti with Thoth as our Master Guide. We start by raising our frequency and vibration through a particular Ankh breath as we merge with our Atlantean Higher Self and take on the remembrance of being a Priest/Priestess to the Order of Melchizedek.

We are then given the Atlantean words of power that will take us in Soul Consciousness into the Halls of Amenti. Within the Halls of Amenti, we meet the Seven Lords of Amenti and Master Horlet, and are presented with an opportunity to move beyond this current earthly karmic cycle of life and death and to physically ascend into New Earth as we transform our physical body into our Light Body.

This occurs through the removal of the “energetic seals placed over the immortal chromosomes” as we experience the ninth dimensional pocket of space, and the cold flames of the Flower of Life. With this, we activate the Pineal gland, the forty-eight symbols of immortality and immortal chromosomes, creating an acceleration of Cosmic Consciousness and the ability to rapidly clear further density from within the body.

We further receive an understanding and clearing of past life contracts, vows, energetic ties, or soul contracts that we may still be holding onto and affecting us in this Now as well as clarity and guidance on current issues.

Lastly, we merge with our higher dimensional aspects from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively as we return to the Divinity within and expand into these dimensional pockets within Amenti.

As the Co-Creator to the Divine, we create our Real-ity through our ability to feel and sense and Map multidimensionally, Quantum Jump and re-write the Universal Akasha where all is Highest Alignment as the Light of God We Are.

**By Anrita Melchizedek