The Doorway to the Meaning of Life

Wandering through life looking for its meaning can be a heart-rending task. You begin life looking to your parents for meaning, then to your teachers and friends until, one day, you’re grown-up, educated, and still clueless.

You stand there, thinking that there has to be a reason why you’re here on this earth because you are constantly haunted from within by a sense of knowing that a reason really does exist. If only you could remember what it was.

At some point in your life, you look up from the hypnotizing clamor of daily existence and seek meaning in that which is above the physical realm of existence. In that moment, when your attention is focused on whatever higher consciousness may bring, you are receptive to new ideas and new information.

My life has been spent in pursuit of the awareness that there is a whole universe of discovery within each person’s higher awareness, just waiting to be explored. Earlier in life, when I was an employee, I’d often sit at my desk and drift away mentally into more interesting planes of awareness.

Later, as a business owner, I was able to find quality time for some really deep reflection. I used to rise bright and early for a fascinating morning of study and meditation and then roll into the office, ready to begin work, at the crack of noon!

Today, when people ask me about how to find the meaning in their lives, the first thing I do is point out the doorway to their own personal world of inner knowledge. The doorway is within your heart and it leads from the world of physical tumult into spiritual realms of inner peace and revelation.

You have only to detach from the stress and turmoil of daily living to enter your own heart consciousness, feel the love there which patiently awaits you, and move through the doorway into a higher awareness.

It is in that state of higher awareness that you discover the unique meaning of your life. It is there that you find the peace of mind that always eluded you. It is there that the light of inner wisdom joins with the love that flows freely throughout the universe.

This union of love and light brings forth the enlightenment for which all sentient beings strive, and it all begins with unconditional love. Acceptance of yourself and everyone as you are, followed by gratitude for life itself and the experience that this life brings, opens up the doorway of the heart and leads onward into the realms of self-discovery.

**By Owen Waters


One Reply to “The Doorway to the Meaning of Life”

  1. harrrrrie

    The reason we are here is that our Creator decided to create a universe that could be managed by more than one Creator. So Creator created us Earth humans to be this new future Creator to take over managing this universe. Look at us, we are already practicing creators. When we have gained all our knowledge and experience, we will meld all our souls together and become an apprenticeship Creator. When we are done training and proving our meddle, we’ll take over and Creator can move on to Its next project.
    The whole thing is an experiment that has never been done before. Creator even had to get permission from the Council of Creators to create Earth School, us humans and the project. That’s why we are so highly regarded and our universe and many others are watching us so closely. We had to experience the worst of the worst to prove ourselves worthy to even get to this point. In reality we are all top souls in the cosmos of infinite universes, including we all meet the requirement of being a spiritual master. We were all chosen to come to Earth school (even the minerals, animals and plants), and we were flattered to be asked. There are billions who want to come here but can’t, and trillions who don’t want to come here because of the hardships.
    Someday we will know all this and we will feel privileged and blessed.