From 3D To 4D And 5D: Rebuilding Chronicle

For a lot of reasons, and first of all, to protect the ground team, Co-Creator don’t disclose ALL their ops that they and Lightwarriors carry out non-stop 24/7 on Earth, in Solar System and Local Universe.

Precautions are fully justified, as Darks, their System and Power Pyramid, seeing their approaching end, launched a global hunt for Lightwarriors, trying to trace them and kill on the spot. Fierce resistance Dark Forces are also exerting on the Subtle Plane.

All these attempts are meaningless and doomed, since there is no longer the former Local Universe, Logos, Matrices that supported Darks’ existence. And if they want to live, then by the decision of Co-Creators (see DNI, New Matrix, Part 8-2, 7 June 2023), they must immediately go to other parts of the Greater Cosmos where they can be accepted. And first of all, to leave our planet, which the Pleroma’s Hirerarchs and their ground team are actively rebuilding now.

Periodically, Disclosure News narrated their main works. But in fact, it does not stop for a day. A very brief illustration of this is the following list of Lightwarriors’ operations. All of them were connected with the installation and activation of the new planetary and Causal Matrices, Earth’s Logos, the extension of Gaia’s Multiverse up to the Pleroma in 13D, and the prep of bridgeheads for the next ops on physical and Subtle Planes.

MARCH 2023

March 1, ground team’s tuning, synchronization and Spiritual energy exchange with World Mother Sophia.

March 2, large Light work on the final assembly and activation of the Crown (Aspects) of World Mother Sophia, which was stored in the planetary Logos of Venus, through its Supreme Hierarch Sanat Kumara and Sophia.

March 3, Light work on additional sync and tuning with World Mother Sophia.

March 4, group work on setting up the Crown of World Mother Sophia, uploaded to the collective Logos of the ground team.

March 5 – 13, expedition to the location of two Light Cities on Subtle Plane, in one of the European regions.

March 9, Light work on the return of the Crown of World Mother Sophia to the planetary Logos of Venus.

March 10, Light work on the additional anchoring of one Light City on the Earth’s surface and the creation its dipole axis.

March 12, Light work on the additional anchoring of the second Light City on the Earth’s surface and the creation of its dipole axis.

March 14, sync and aspect-exchanging with a Primary World Mother aboded in the Pleroma.

March 15, additional Light work to synchronize with Her and Her Aspect.

March 17, Light work on the downloading the experimental version of the New Causal Matrix into the Earth’s Monad and its multidimensional manifestation bodies.

March 19, Light work on synchronizing the group’s collective Logos with Crystal of the new Earth’s Causal Matrix, through the Subtle Bodies of the ground team members.

March 20, Light work on assimilation of the new planetary Causal Matrix into the group’s collective Logos.

March 20, Light work on tuning and synchronization with two Logos, of the group and Gaia, and transmitting through selves the activation impulse from Her into the new planetary Causal Matrix.

March 21, Light work on the activation of a new Causal Matrix into the Earth’s single 3D-4D-5D fractal through three planetary Logos.

March 22, a collective meditation to get an additional info about the Absolutized forms’ creation in the Universe.

March 23, Light work on assistance to the Absoluterra’s birth in the Pleroma through tuning in to the Absolute and Gaia.

March 27, exit on a Subtle Plane to Lemuria to select the locations of the next operations.

March 29, remote inspection and analysis of working conditions near Mount Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius.

March 31, remote inspection and analysis of working conditions near an underwater waterfall in Mauritius.

APRIL 2023

April 2, remote inspection and analysis of working conditions near Mount Rempart in Mauritius.

April 4, Light work on tuning, sync and additional energy exchange with the group’s Logos before the next operations.

April 7, Light work on the installation of the Universe’s Absolute Crystal copy into the group’s Logos core with the help of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch, Keeper of the Crystal.

April 12, Light work on preparing for the transformation of Earth’s Logos and loading a new Causal Matrix into it.

April 13, Light work on two Logos merging – of 3D Earth and ground team.

April 14, Light work on the repeated and successful unification of two Logos, of Earth and group, after failed first attempt.

April 15, Light work on spiritual and energy supporting, with the help of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, two Logos – of 3D Earth and ground team.

April 16, Light work on two Logos dipole – of 3D Earth and group.

April 17, from Co-Creators, getting new info about Earth’s Logos.

April 18, obtaining more data on planetary Logos’ birth.

April 22, Light work on the evacuation of the Universal Spiritualizing Principle (the Grain of Life) from the old Earth’s Logos and placing in the group’s Logos.

April 23, the Light work on the ascension of the Grain of Life, located in the ground team’s Logos, and its transfer to the Goddess Amrita-Zoya for reloading into the 5D Earth’s Logos.

April 24, the Light work of synchronization of two Logos – of group and 4D Earth.

April 25, Light work on sync of two Logos – of 5D Earth and ground team.

April 26, Light work on simultaneous synchronizing of three Logos – of group, the four- and five-dimensional Earth.

April 28, Light work on synchronization with group’s Logos and joint absorption of the old Earth’s Logos remnants.

MAY 2023

May 1, Light work on sync with Gaia and control of the new planetary Logos’ birth.

May 3, Light work to strengthen the global Radiant energy of the Absolute’s City on the Subtle Plane above Duarte Peak and La Pelona Mountain, in the Dominican Republic, through Earth’s core and along the crystal grid (for more topic’s details, see Ops in Dominicana, Part 2, DNI, 15 March 2022).

May 5, Light work to sync with new Earth’s Logos through Gaia and Her Maternal Activation Impulse.

May 7, Light work on the transfer of the Grain of Life from Amrita to new planetary Logos.

May 8, Light work on individual tuning and spiritual energy exchange with new Earth’s Logos.

May 9, Light work on the spiritual support of the Absoluterra’s Logos in 13D.

May 10, Light work on synchronizing the Absoluterra with the 4D Earth’s Logos.

On May 11, the Light work on sync the Absoluterra with the 5D Earth’s Logos.

May 12, Light work on the creation of a group’s anti-karmic reactor to purify the Earth’s Logos from residual karma.

May 13, st Light work on the synchronizing of aspects of team members, Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs who participated in the building of anti-karmic reactor.

May 13, Light work on simultaneous synchronization of Absoluterra with two Logos – of 4D and 5D Earths.

May 14, search through the Subtle Plan new operations’ sites in one European mountainous region.

May 15, Light work to cleanse from karma all places on Earth through a Plate (altar) of Sacrifices on one of the Southern European mounts with the help of sacred Mandala and Perfect Light.

May 17, Light work on the synchronization of the group’s Logos and Absoluterra in 13D.

May 18, Light work on simultaneous sync of Absoluterra with three Logos – of group, 4D and 5D Earths.

On May 19, through the Logos of the group, Light work with Gaia to compensate the defect of the planetary vita-substance formed after the removal of the sacrifices karma.

May 20, Light work on remove suicidal karma with the help of a sacred Mandala and Perfect Light.

May 21, Light work with Gaia to fill the defect of the Earth’s vital power after the annihilation of suicidal karma.

May 23, Light work on synchronization with Light City via World Mother Sophia’s abode on one of the sacred mountains in Southern Europe.

May 25, Light work on the extension of the Light City axis from 3D to 13D.

May 25, Light work to the Absoluterra’s anchoring on our planet through the hearts of ground team members, the Light City and World Mother Sophia’s abode.

May 28, Light work on assuming the duties of the Godparents of the new Earth through receiving a copy of its novel Logos’ core from the Absoluterra and the Goddess Gaia.

May 31, Light work on the creation of a backup Portal of the new Earth’s Logos on one of the Southern European sacred mountains.

DNI has described many of these operations in greater details in the last three months. With the same intensity, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors continue their ops in June that Disclosure News will narrate.

As before, this job will not be easy. Its main obstacle is still us. Yes, 3D Matrix ceased to exist. But its System remained, and we are still in it. Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs are trying their best to save us, but as long as we are morally and spiritually deeply rooted in the System, we are part of it, and are not ready to disconnect from it. Many of us don’t imagine life outside the System and will fight for it for many reasons and under any pretexts.

Not so long ago, our whole world was a Matrix with no exit. In this form, it was perfect for Darks. The choice offered by the System between submission through ignorance and struggle was false, since the fight with the System was already embedded in its basic parameters, and suppressed at the software and hardware levels. Archons and their sysadmins are not only and not so much Power Pyramid with all its levels and offshoots, but first of all manual programming of the order of things that has become convenient for us.

We obediently, meekly and even gladly accepted it, because it was based on our basest instincts and demands, ignorance, greed and selfishness, on our acceptance of suppression and control, and not on our free will and choice freedom. The riots of the lower classes and the ruling elite were futile within the System, which programmed this rebellion and, as we see, continues to do so, forcing us to believe that the fight against it is impossible, meaningless and useless.

As a result, as in the original script of the Matrix movie, Neo’s fateful choice with the red and blue pill ended up getting bamboozled, because both ways turn out to be false within the System, downloaded in it from the very beginning and didn’t bring him or humanity closer to liberation. With all our abilities and talents, many of us today don’t fully understand, and most importantly, DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING about the System in which we are just its obedient slaves.

We are prevented from thinking about this also by other reasons, related to high-frequency flow, which is intensively entering every our cell today. That stream collides with the energy of the old, causes extreme stress and pains all over body. Quantum impacts change bio-matter, squeezing the 3D substance out of it, making room for a new one. It rearranges our DNA, which is responsible for the body, and RNA, which controls our consciousness.

Our brain is transformed that is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the head, deterioration of vision. Unnecessary memories recede through constant pictures from our past. Muscles and bones ache, the body is filled with lead, it’s hard to move, forces simply to lie down. The energies are literally pressing to the ground. We have no desire to communicate with anyone, because often don’t have the strength for it. But our Subtle Bodies continue to expand. Our lives have been extended. Despite our stubborn deafness and blindness, we are constantly bombarded with rockets and shells of new knowledge about the quantum Transition…

Loaded and activated by Co-Creators and Lightwarriors, the new planetary and Causal Matrices came to replace the old 3D prison with all, as it seemed to us, its dead casemates and strong locks, guards, and bolts. Now, at any moment, we can FREELY, WITHOUT OBSTACLES, leave this slammer. The only question is: ARE WE READY AND DO WE REALLY WANT IT?

**By Lev