Top Doctor: ‘There Is No Question That Shedding Is a Real Thing’

Accomplished physician, researcher and educator Dr. Paul Marik warned avoiding the experimental Covid-19 injection may not be enough to stop dangerous spike proteins from infecting a person, as they are easily transmissible via vaxxed individuals.

In a lengthy interview with Children’s Health Defense last week, Marik said unvaccinated individuals should beware of the possibility of spike protein shedding, which could be spread via intimate or close contact.

“This may be horrific,” Dr. Marik said. “The amount of spike protein after vaccination in spermatozoa is truly astonishing.”

Dr. Marik went on to say “we know of women who’ve had relations with their partner and have developed symptoms of spike disease. So that can happen.”

Moreover, “The other way [shedding can happen] is that people who [are] recently vaccinated exhale what are called exosomes,” Dr. Marik stated.

“You can inhale these exosomes and be spiked,” he added.

“So, this is a real phenomenon. Unfortunately, nobody wants to study it or publish data on it. So, most of the cases we know about are anecdotal, but it does happen.”

Spike proteins induced by the mRNA jabs have been blamed by numerous physicians for facilitating the conditions in the body that lead to blood clots, damaged blood vessels, heart attacks and more.

Could Dr. Marik’s theory explain the bizarre phenomenon observed worldwide following the rollout of the mRNA jabs where young healthy fit people inexplicably died suddenly?

Dr. Marik was instrumental in promoting early treatment protocols for Covid-19 and was among several speakers, including Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Ryan Cole, at a forum on vaccine injuries held last December by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.).

**By Adan Salazar