Jeshua: You Have Waited for this Time

Dear friends,

I salute you from the heart. I am Jeshua, and I am in the midst of this circle and personally greet you all. I admire you for who you are, for the courage it took to again be here on Earth. You are my fellow lightworkers.

The times you live in are important. You have, as a soul, waited for this time to arrive, because you knew this could be a time of completion. You have spent many lifetimes on Earth trying to find a way to channel your light here. You have met with resistance, and due to this, you have become deeply acquainted with the very human emotions of feeling rejected and abandoned. I am here to now address that pain, because it is blocking you from moving forward.

It is now time for you to shine, to stand up and radiate your light into the world, but I see many of you caught in self-doubt and self-denial. I call on you to have compassion for the hurt and wounded parts of yourself. You have to take care of the wounds inside you, but you need to be careful not to be overwhelmed by them, which is why I want to remind you of your true strength and power. You are not the wounds that have been inflicted upon you – you are their healer. Now feel the part of yourself that is the healer, that part which is able to heal wounds. Feel the warmth and the quietness in your heart.

There is a deep awareness inside you of the oneness of life, because you carry Christ Consciousness within yourself, and this means you deeply appreciate all expressions of life. There is great caring inside you for all life on Earth. Now feel that caring in yourself and give it to the wounded parts of you.

You have made a long journey throughout many incarnations, and because of all the experiences you have had, your heart has now become mellow with understanding. Imagine this quality of the heart as a flame, as in a candle, and surround yourself with the light of this flame. Feel the quality of the flame, its energy; it is warm and loving, and does not burn you. Fully surround yourself with this energy, this light, and feel how this flame, this candlelight, connects you with all the universe. You are part of the world and you are divine. The light that you now feel wants to carry you, to guide you. It is very quiet, very still, yet it is wise and knowing, and you can call it your intuition.

At this stage of your evolution, I want to remind you deeply that you have to rely on your own inner flame, your own light. The time when you used to look up to spiritual authorities outside you, or above you, is now over. I am here, as a friend and a soulmate, to simply remind you of your own knowledge, your own intuition. You are mature souls, having gained in knowledge and wisdom over many lifetimes. I call on you to trust your inner light, and to use it in your everyday life to find your path.

Imagine that the light of this quiet but powerful flame now flows into your body and into your belly. See if you can connect to the inner child living there, still afraid of other people or of the world. Look very closely and be aware that this light which you are carrying inside is the most powerful tool you have. It is the essence of the Christ energy in that it pierces through all layers and veils, and goes to the heart of all things.

So even if there is a part of you that you find completely unacceptable, whether it is an illness or a pain or continuous negative thoughts, envelop it now with the soft light of your divine flame. Do not try to change it, just let it be and envelop it with love.

The fact that you have negative thoughts and emotions and pain shows that you are very human. And it is part of your purpose, as a soul, to experience what it is like to be human, knowing from inside what it is like to have pain, to have fear or doubt. It enables you to relate deeply to other people. So your pain is also your greatest teacher. Only someone who has themselves experienced and understands deep pain has enough openness in their hearts to truly receive love and their divinity.

It is as if you first have to completely break down and surrender to your own divine flame. And, in fact, it is not you who has to break down, but your fear and reluctance, your distrust. So when you are in pain, or experience fear, try to let it be – it is not you. Remember who you are – you who are becoming the light of Christ. The pain and the struggle will dissolve because of this light, as you slowly surrender to your Higher Self, to your true being.

I know that many of you right now are going through a deep transformation. Many of you feel at times that it is too much to handle, and I plead with you to keep your faith! Feel my energy, feel my presence. I see you from the heart, from the soul. I have faith in you – feel my faith in you. You are worth receiving love and kindness, so allow yourself to fully receive energies of healing.

As you allow that energy of healing to envelop you, you will start to radiate light out to others. This is when you become a lightworker in the external world. But the most important step is to first allow the light within, and to give it to yourself. It is now time to let go of judgements about yourself. Be like a child again, full of joy and expectation, confident that all dreams will come true.

Feel the joy that is also in your heart, next to the pain. Reconnect again to your inner child. You have just given it light and comfort, now see whether it has a message for you. Ask your inner child what you can do right now to affirm your self-worth, your beauty. The inner child is a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It speaks human language, plain and direct., so allow it to speak directly to you and trust your inner child’s guidance. It is part of your lightworker’s role, your journey, to fully embrace your human part and to live a life of balance.

I want to end this message by asking you to feel our mutual energy – right now. Feel the energy of our souls together, and feel how we all are headed in a new direction. You are preparing consciousness for the arrival of the New Earth. Have faith in yourself – you are the teachers and the healers. No longer look outside yourself for guidance. Feel your inner flame; you are ready.

I salute you as my fellow lightworkers, and I remain connected to you from the heart, as a brother.

Thank you.

**Channel: Pamela Kribbe


One Reply to “Jeshua: You Have Waited for this Time”

  1. Arthur

    “Many of you feel at times that it is too much to handle, and I plead with you to keep your faith! “-
    Don’t lie. Have you heard this?
    When for many years in many channelings (including highly authoritative ones) they almost swear by God that
    changes for the better and the transition will certainly be this year, but every time it only gets worse. At the same time, nothing depends on us.
    It remains only to believe. When you are constantly being lied to by those on whom everything depends and in whom you completely trust, your faith is completely deprived of the basis.
    We don’t need to belittle. Just do what you promise.