The 3D Game: What Is It, and Why Did You Want to Be A Part of It?

The stunning photo above perfectly compliments our message for you today. Thank you Jonna for creating so much beauty in our world!

It is important to note here that the 3d playing field is one that is steeped in this thing you call “time” and also “space”. Both of these things as you know are illusion but both are necessary in the game. The greatest illusion of all is the sense that you are separate from Source/God/Creator/The Infinite Field of All That Is.

That is what the game is essentially about.

So why did you wish to be one of the players in the game?

Because you were bored….


I kid you not!

And you are also the adventurous type… as curious as a kitten you are!!!

Until you forgot yourself and believed that the illusion was real. Then things got tricky.

Religion has played it’s great part very well by programming the human mind and brain into believing it is separate from its power Source and therefore powerless. It has propagated that humans have to deal with a difficult God that has to be constantly placated, begged even, for relief and mercy from your suffering, from your feelings of lack, and from everything your Human psyche has conjured up to back up its claim and hold over you.

You are no more separate from your Source than you are from the air that you breathe.

Everything is you and you are everything.

Take away the game, time and space, and all you will be left with is consciousness. No thing, no object, no solar systems, no galaxies, nothing.

So what does that tell you?

Do you think that you in this 3rd dimensional reality are the only players in the field?

You’re not. But you are the only players playing the game of separation within a time-based reality.

You came into this level of the playing field so that you could master “time” and learn to transcend it. And in so doing, come back into coherence with your Master energy.
You are learning that the field of the infinite exists outside of time and so to reach it you must also be out of time.

The field of the Infinite has everything you want to manifest. It is already there! It is everything, therefore it is impossible for what you are desiring to create not to manifest. You have nothing to do except surrender and trust that what you have ordered while connected to the field of the Infinite will be delivered.

You can only remain in alignment when you are in the NOW, – and in coherence with your inner Power, in other words, outside of time/space. As soon as you go into past/future, you are back in the game of illusion and your manifestations will be fraught with struggle and strife. Therefore, it is important for you to remain in coherence and to keep reminding yourself that your manifestation is already yours!! It’s that simple.

This is one of the biggest challenges for humans to overcome and because of religious conditioning, it takes courage and strength to stay on course. It’s like walking a tight rope sometimes. I know because I have you to thank for the experience. How do you think I know what a pink rose smells like? Or how soft a new born baby’s skin feels? Or the softness of an animals fur? Or the tinkling, gurgling sounds of a spring? Or how it feels to be courageous and strong, or meek and subservient? Your human experience gives me all of that and so much more!! We are in this together!!! I won’t abandon you, how can I? It would be like abandoning myself! It is impossible. That would be like cutting off my arm to spite my face! It just doesn’t make sense!

The time has come for you to remember this and to get back into coherence with your Inner Power.

I also know that from time to time you will fall back into the illusion, but that’s okay because I’ve always got your back! You are not alone, you never were. Soon this new way if being will become open up a new reality for you as you embark upon a new time line that incorporates the fullness that life has to offer you.

You will see…you are almost there!

Never fear, I am always near.

~Wisdom of the I AM Higher Self

**By Deborah Faith


9 Replies to “The 3D Game: What Is It, and Why Did You Want to Be A Part of It?”

  1. Stu N

    Hi Pop. There was no “Reply” link at the bottom of your last message, so I will reply to it here.

    I’m happy to offer my feelings, though how anyone else interprets this, is up to them……

    How do I tell you that I am you; that you are me? That there is the thinnest of veils between us, that without it, when we looked at another, it would be as though we are looking into a mirror? And, that any one of us could remove that veil, whenever we chose to?

    Do you know who you are? Do I know who I am?

    I am what I Know.

    Knowing is not what I ‘think’. Knowing is not what I ’emote’. Doubt is born of these when they are relied on too heavily. Knowing is free of doubt. Knowing is acceptance. Knowing is trusting Self.

    I can not think that I know, just as I can not emote that I know. I know, or I doubt, and doubt has no place for acceptance.

    My veil is created through doubt. To be free of my veil, I must be free of doubt. To be free of doubt, I must not solely rely on thought and emotion. I must find balance within my centers.

    In a reality where like things gather, do not seek a thing. Be it. Then it will find me. Be what I seek. If I seek truth, be truthful. If I seek love, be loving.

    The freedom I seek is freedom of doubt. This is a bondage of my own creation. To cast it aside, I accept that I know without the need of validation.

    I always know who I am, when I accept self. There is only one truth, and I Am that truth. Embrace my truth. It just is, and only awaits my acceptance.

    All fear is born of one fear. The fear of truth.

    Truth is knowing. Knowing is acceptance. Acceptance is agape, and agape is love. Love is who I am. Do I choose to accept who I am, or do I choose to doubt it?

    An answer is not always the truth, but the truth is always the answer.

    I choose my truth, or choose to be separate from it.

    This is how I experience this now.

    I will always accept you, for who I Am.

  2. Aline Buetti

    Thank you Deborah it feels good to know we are together in this and you are here as a great coach! Namasté!

  3. Denise G

    My problem is that I’ve been bored this entire LIFE, feels like I’ve been hanging back from life observing and waiting and I never understood until 4 years ago.
    I’m still bored though, the waiting feeling hasn’t left although much of the frustration and aggravation with it has, because of that feeling inside I’ve never actually had patience for anything that disturbs my focus, you should see me in a car!
    But THIS stuff here? All the patience in the world waiting for it to show up but that inner part that’s been sitting waiting quietly is STILL quietly waiting and observing everything.
    So it’s still boring.
    I hardly ever lose my patience now unless it’s something I still need to work on that triggers me, which has been SO much nicer inside, quieter and more peaceful but whatever She’s waiting on in there, She has the patience of a Saint cuz this has been 54 years of…..nothing. 😂
    I find that even though my days may not proceed with any difference from a day 5 years ago that I AM different in how I view them at the end of each day, they’re ALL amazing now but THEN? SO much seething anger and judgement of myself AND others.
    So yeah, bored but AMAZING pretty much sums it up so far!😂
    Thank you for this great message!
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

    1. Stu N

      I don’t want to pry, and you certainly don’t need to share the answer with me, but reading your comment brought up a question. What are you waiting for?

      I’ve been on this long ride too (also 54 years), and it’s only been in the last couple that I really started to understand that I am the one I am waiting for. Sounds weird when I write it down. It’s mostly in my mind when I contemplate that stuff.

      Anyway, I’ve also experienced that boredom, and the frustration that used to come along with it. Though, the more I go inward, the more I’ve realized that the boredom is an ideal setting for me to create a relationship with my inner/higher self. The silence that boredom provides me, allows me to hear this other part of self that I had drowned out of my perception.

      The first 50 years were absurdly eventful and chaotic. I got so used to that constant activity, that when it was quite, I easily became bored. I liken it to being an adrenaline (maybe chaos is a better word here) junky. It was always there, so I identified with it. When it was gone, I felt like a piece of me was missing.

      The last four years have been about “turning down that volume” and finding the peace within that. Funny enough, I am that peace now. I never would have imagined being who I am now. I’ve chosen to see boredom as a luxury now. When it comes along, I go inward.

      Thanks for sharing. I enjoy finding others who are going through similar experiences.

      All the best.

      1. popgoestheweazle

        Highly enlightening comment dear Stu… quite hillarious actually. Thank you for your perspective, very much needed.

        1. Stu N

          Hey Pop,

          It’s my absolute pleasure to share all that I am. I really do find a lot of joy in knowing others are having the same experiences I am. It offers a validation that I no longer require, but have the utmost respect for. I laugh out loud every time I find another who can relate at such finite levels. It’s a beautiful thing, coming to the same conclusions about life with someone else, who you don’t know anything about. The only way I can express the sentiment is to say, it’s wonderful knowing you, even though I don’t. LOL

          Have a great night

          1. popgoestheweazle

            “Hey Pop” 😆😆😆😆👍👍👍…

            BIG THANKS dear “STEW” for yet another marvellous comment… it was needed to teach “our channeler/boots on the ground” (the poor girl who is writing this) sth she wasn’t aware of yet. Buuut she does not quite believe us bc SHE still needs validation.

            “Yes” she’s saying “bc MAYBE he only wanted to know what DENISE is waiting for bc that’s a good question after all” instead of expressing that he’s got nothing to wait for bc “HE’S GOT IT ALL”, which is what we are “intuitively suggesting” to her. Mind sharing some of your light on that?


        2. Stu Neis

          Hi Pop,

          I had to reply to your last message as a New Comment, as there was no ‘Reply’ link available on it. If you wish to have more discussions, on anything at all, just search my name on Facebook, and connect with me there. I sense a connection with you, and feel there is much we could share. Otherwise, I wish you a well on your path.