Meditation and Harmony

It is different for everyone.


We share in love and hold space.

We recommend not trying to fit yourself into any certain type of meditation because someone else does it a certain way.  Take what you are guided to and make it your own.  Try different avenues, let go what does not work and keep what does.  Eventually you will develop you own tool and processes by trial and error.  Just skip the judgement and understand it is a process in developing you.

Meditation may even drop away as you develop a walking meditation.

Certain types of meditations may not work at a certain point of your awakening verse at other points.  Do not be afraid to adjust, develop yourself.

Observe what you are being guided to perceive.

How does it feel?

Have your meditations gotten to the point where it feels like a stick in the mud?

What are you listening to?

It is vibrations ya know?

You will HARMONIZE to it,

You are taking the vibrations and making the sound.

You are vibrating.

Vibrations like to harmonize.

Gives this a try,

Take a genre of your favorite music or playlist, throw it on shuffle and have no idea what is next.

Observe and feel!

Does it make you want to move?

When a song comes on, does it take you back to a time where you feel good? or Bad?

Can you tap into that feeling and feel it as if you were there?

Observe the emotions.

Observe the thought streams.

Do they change with each song?

WAIT, did you just time travel???

Did you just project yourself to a perceived past and pulled it in?

Did you pull in a perceived hardship?

Are you aware you can do the same with past traumas and clear the energy using the same focus and process.  Feeling the energy, letting it boil up and not Identifying with it. The energy dissipates.  It has a shelf life; loses its charge shall we say.  It stays until you become aware.  Your thoughts and the identification of said experience keeps it lingering because you buried it.  When you travel to the perceived past, and you bring it up, either by a trigger or by the streams coming in, or a mirror…You identify with it, you ID as a victim and suppress it.  It will keep mirroring until you clear it, or it will manifest itself into a disease. DISS EASE.

The emotion is what it is, your thoughts about it make it good or bad.

Understanding Roles, allows you to release all judgement. See them as actors unaware they are playing a role for the experience you wanted, to get you to where you are NOW.

Did the music leave you feeling good? Happy? How did you feel prior verse after?

Did you just harmonize yourself to higher vibrations.

All you did was listen to your favorite music.

Emotions are a superpower, understand your systems.

Slowly you will remove the autopilot and take the reins.

Empower yourself.

Emotions can be used as a mirror system.

Does the emotion feel good? Then you continue doing what you are doing.

Does the emotion feel bad?  Why is it a bad emotion? If an emotion conjures this feeling, look at what you are perceiving, do you have to make a physical change or do you have to change a belief and or clear thoughts?

Everything, including emotions are mirroring to you where you need to be.

Everything is painting you into an omitted corner, back to yourself.

Read the mirrors, find your way.

Remove each distortion one at a time.

Reveal your true bliss state.

Your true state of being is like a Large Placid Lake, not a single ripple.

The perceived physical world will Mirror your state of Being.

Much Love

It’s EZ


One Reply to “Meditation and Harmony”

  1. Denise G

    I’ve recently started applying something similar to this approach going about my days where I mentally stop and assess what’s going on around me and what it can tell me about myself and it’s actually opened me up to a world of messages available from the Universe at times, it’s only happened like 2 times so far cuz I only just started doing this out of the blue this weekend and I was shown future possibilities and a clear choice as to the path to take.
    Synchronicities were heavily involved as well.
    As I have always had a literal “brick wall” in my head any time I have ever tried Meditation throughout my life it’s something I’ve never been able to achieve. Not kidding, it has always appeared as an endless brick wall Wehner attempted but when I was young o developed something similar as a bored child, I would just slip off into my own little worlds whenever nobody was paying me any mind and I could stare into space and just slip in to my own world.
    Didn’t find out til a year or 2 ago that I was actually being given information whenever I would do this if only I altered my view a slight bit.
    Thank you for the new things to try!
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G