Creating Change in Your Life

Have you been trying to create change in your life but feel like you are getting nowhere? There are roadblocks one after the other and, no matter how many times you ask the universe for help, you just stay stuck. It’s not just frustrating, it’s depressing and demoralising.

While I have no hard and fast answers as to why things don’t work out for people, even when all indicators are that they will, one thing I cannot stress enough is that our thoughts are based on our belief systems, which underpin everything we say, do and behave. So, what we believe we create, and every subsequent thought feeds the belief systems we hold and how negative or positive our reality will be.. So, the more negative our thoughts, the more we undermine our ability to believe that things can change.

Here are a few powerful spiritual tips I can give to help turn your life around.

  1. Be grateful for what you have, even if it doesn’t seem like a lot. Rueing what we don’t have harbours and feeds beliefs around lack and poverty, so it makes sense that gratitude will do the opposite, opening windows to hope and opportunity and less attachment to money.
  2. Watch your thoughts and cut and cancel any negative patterns of thinking that may be blocking your belief systems.
  3. Let go of the past and face up to your demons! As challenging as that may seem, one cannot move forward if one is constantly stuck in the past.
  4. Raise your vibrational frequency. This means, try not to invest in other people’s gossip, drama or worries and try to stay as unjudgmental as possible. Eat good food, drink lots of water, get enough sleep and work to stay as positive as possible.
  5. Be proactive and work to make things happen instead of waiting for them to.
  6. Be crystal clear in your intentions and specific in what you are asking the Universe for. Write lists, create a vision for and set timelines.
  7. Believe!!

**By Victoria Cochrane


5 Replies to “Creating Change in Your Life”

  1. Denise G

    After reading this, as I was thinking I was gifted with a new aspect, thank you for that.
    I was shown how my traumas were related to my ancestral lines and where my reactions to those repeating traumas broke these repeating traumas, I was also shown how those actions changed things and even the ones I’m still working on.
    I have one remaining trauma I’m working out and that’s the Divine Feminine and Masculine.
    I was 15 and just moved to a new State and they had coed PE. We had to play flag football with the Varsity and Jr Varsity Football team as well as lift weights. Frankly they didn’t have a female gym teacher at the time.
    Anyway, I had seen through windows of the weight rooms at other schools but never been close to a weight in my life before then. Understand that I was a shy, 5 foot tall, 110 lb Female who happened to be curious is all.
    I had been watching them lift the various weights and the squats came free and nobody else went to them so I had been watching him do it and decided to try.
    I squatted 400 lbs no problem and one of the Coaches saw me and asked if I could handle more so I said sure, wasn’t hard and he added another 100 which I proceeded to squat again with no problem. At this point I had drawn the head Coach’s attention where he proceeded to call both squads over and use me to humiliate them.
    I was so mortified and humiliated I stopped dressing out in PE and stopped any sports outside of school too. I spent my life hiding any strength I had in order not to be different any longer.
    If I had it to do over, I would have kept adding them instead of walking out and never going back🤷‍♂️
    So thank you for these insights today!
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

  2. Artur

    Se cada um de nós seguir essas sete regras, faremos um mundo muitomuito melhor da noite para o dia…