Sananda: Will the World End?

Unimaginable discharges

Beloved people,

will the world end or will it come to the end?

You watch the events of the day and you can see everything coming to a head, everything moving in ONE direction, towards an incredible discharge.

This is how it will happen that the diseases that have afflicted this humanity will be cast out.

The healing will be as radical as the events that precede it.

Evil will be rooted out and lies, hatred and discord will be removed from human hearts. All people will have the opportunity to turn back and renounce their false gods in the day that is near.

The present time surpasses in depravity all that has come before. Never before has this earth been so desecrated and never before have people been so abused and duped. Verily, the end times have come.

How to prepare?

In many places you are encouraged to prepare or be prepared. But how will you prepare for the unimaginable or anticipate the unexpected?

This is an impossibility – and so I guide you: Be prepared with GOD!

GOD is the only instance that can and will lead you safely through this time.

Being prepared by stocking up on groceries, water supplies or fuel makes sense and is reassuring – but that’s the smallest part, the part that won’t matter in the end.

In the end it will depend on how much you open yourself to the light and how much you are willing to shed your old life – like a worn coat.

In the end, the transformation of the world occurs through a single creative impulse from the Creator – and you can only prepare for this with GOD.

Don’t be afraid, there’s no reason for that. When fears arise, observe them, accept them, let them rise – like a mist rises before it is dissipated in the light of the sun.

Stay firmly anchored in your heart and listen to eternity, because the GREAT ONE that is GOD accompanies and guides you at every turn.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


19 Replies to “Sananda: Will the World End?”

  1. Mike Ohira

    I am very well aware of the declaration made by the Prime Creator few years ago that there shall be no more nuclear war, and I am also very much knowledgeable of the dangers caused by nuclear detonations not only to earth but to other planets and the whole galaxy as well, which is why the
    Prime Creator made this declaration for the sake of all planets.

    And for this reason nuclear weapons will probably not be used in the
    Ukraine/Russia war. However that will not cure the problem. If nuclear
    weapons are not used the war will continue for as long as it takes, putting
    the existence of humanity and Mother earth in serious danger. All peace
    negotiations have ended in failure. Putin now has no interest in pursuing
    peace talks anymore because he had been deceived by the US and its NATO alliance many times in the past. Also the Russian hardliners will not
    allow that.

    Mother earth has had it enough already. Humans have thought of her
    as nothing but a pile of dirt. She had been continuously poisoned, bombed, exploited and screwed, you name it. “Enough is enough” she is saying.

    So what else can we do? The answer is NOTHING!

    So people, be prepared for the worst because it is coming!

  2. harrrrrie

    To Ohira,
    Ukraine will win the war because Ukraine has every reason to win it. Russian soldiers have no reason to win it regardless of what Putin wants. Putin will be forced out of office within the next 1.5 years.
    A massive detonation of a nuclear bomb/missile will not happen because ETs will not let it happen. If it does happen accidentally, the ETs will clean it up immediately and most of us won’t even know it happened. Back in the 80’s either a military submarine or a military jet launched a nuclear missile off the coast of Western North America, I think the Yukon. It’s explosion was immediately cleaned up by ETs. Good thing too, it would have wiped out the lower half of Alaska, the western 1/3 of Canada and the 4 northwestern states of the U.S.
    While we are building/creating our 5D energies, ideas,technologies, societies and other creations, the 3D creations and ways of life will slowly disappear. Yes, there will be 3D buildings, bridges, airplanes, parks, clothes, etc still here as we adopt this new loving society, but these things will be existing in a 5D energy. It doesn’t matter what energy it was created in. If we like it we will keep it. We can’t suddenly go naked and homeless because one by one we become loving.
    And we will lose 3D individuals to sickness or old age and then death. So eventually only 5D people are living. We aren’t going to be punished by the Earth tilting or a worldwide flood or the sun burning us out. We haven’t done anything to warrant worldwide genocide. Earth will make adjustments through earthquakes, etc because it wants to create a temperate climate throughout the planet.
    Yes, changes will happen, but gradually with some riots, coups, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and lots of love.

    1. jakesey

      Thanks for sharing!🙏 When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, we will have Arrived!🦋

    2. Light bearer

      I agree that no nukes will detonate, because the galactics won’t allow it.

      However, I’m convinced that Russia will win the war. Part of that is because they simply have more men, more artillery, more planes, more tanks, more anti-air, more missiles, etc. Pretty much all the fundamentals favor Russia. Most of the good soldiers that Ukraine used to have are dead, and the soldiers they’re now fighting with are 60 year old men and 15 year old boys. Not a winning strategy. If you don’t believe me, note that Ukraine’s current counteroffensive is a disaster.

      Sure, a number of Russians feel the way you describe, but the vast majority of Russians stand 100% behind Putin and support the war, because they basically see this as the Great Patriotic War 2.0, where they’re fighting another existential war against genocidal nazis. Doesn’t matter that you don’t believe that — they believe that. Just look at Putin’s sky-high approval ratings.

      I think is a pretty good overview of links that support the statement that Russians view Kiev as a nazi regime.

      If Putin died of a heart attack today, in all likelihood he would be replaced not with some kind of liberal, but with a hardliner who would send strategic bombers to level Kiev (which Russia can do but hasn’t done), and who would use subs to destroy US – Europe communication cables.

    3. Emma

      Are you kidding me?.
      Ukraine is a deeply corrupt country, and they do very scary things to children. Deep State is owning the country of Ukraine and Kzarian, and Kzaria also lost, as everything deep state must lose in this new world.
      I am not saying Russia should have Ukraine, but everybody in power in Ukraine has commited evil crimes against humanity, and must go, somehow.

        1. Emma

          Thank you Light bearer. I appreciate your posts too, and you have a more diplomatic way of expressing yourself.
          English is not my language, but in my own language I also lack some diplomacy. I am an Saggattarius, maybe that does not help hehe.

    4. Daedalus


      Bunch of people here, and further beyond, observe things so simplistic and completely blind, making their own hatred literally out of nothing. They connect their political brainwashings with their view of world and global stage. In same way, many brainwashed left wingers and right wingers see suddenly Ukraine as “evil” and Putin and Russia as some kind of “saviour”, just because theyre politically tainted to the core and because their political affiliation told them so.

      Since when does the “saviour” invade other countries, in force, through war and bloodshed ? Since when does the “saviour” kill tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people by now ? Since when does the “saviour” invades a sovereign country ?

      These same folks aligning with side of invader, would be the same ones aligning with any other invader in past history.

      I have went through similar war in past, altough in much smaller scale, experiencing the whole war as a civilian, on my own skin. I know when someone who has absolutely no idea what is war, comes to blabber about it through political means.

      I can tell you, invaders will never conquer any country anymore. Noone can subjugate anyone anymore, no matter how big invader is, or how small invaded is. I have seen many horrors of the war before, and this war, too.

      Yes, Ukraine will prevail in this war … but it already costs them of their bright and young generation. Russia has even more to lose, much more … I dont think there will be Russia as we know it after this ends.

      The people who think Russia is some kind of saviour are up for a very rude awakening. Were seeing a collapse of Soviet Union 2.0 in progress… its just that it was postphoned for 3 decades.

      Naive and foolish political brainwashing and “cheerleading” for invaders will have all of those who do it, to completely lose their integrity. But I see the brainwashed left wingers and right wingers as permanently lost, anyways … they know nothing about other countries, but they only know how to blindly follow persona cults and cheer for murderous rampage. Theyre useful tools and fools in generating hatred… as perfectly shown in comments.

      And no, there will be no nuclear war. We would already see it long ago if this was allowed – but it definitely isnt.

      I have only one message to people who are still in politics – stop being lemmings. This is what all of you within politics are – plain lemmings. There isnt a solution within the politics, the politics is the problem in itself.

    5. Mike Ohira

      I understand the way you think – your feminine energy seems to be stronger. You have a very optimistic view and I would hope everything
      ends up like that because that would be the best for everyone.

      But I have a different view. 3D and 5D people cannot live together
      anymore. The energies that are coming are splitting us apart – people
      with lower vibration are headed for the 3D world and the higher
      vibrational ones like us to the 5D world. That cannot be helped.
      It is how the universe operates. Vibrational frequency is all that
      counts – it is the only language that the universe can understand.

      Did you know? There is a new 3D planet prepared for lower
      vibrational people in our solar system. Currently, the planet
      is occupied by the bad guys who reincarnated after leaving earth
      but I have been told that 3D people will also be sent to this same
      planet to complete their soul lessons together with the bad ones.

  3. Mike Ohira

    I’m here to awaken people to the situations surrounding us, not to scare the
    shit out of you guys, okay? We are now left with 2 options that will determine the destiny of us humans on earth.

    The first is through normal ascension process and the second is by
    the use of free will by Terra Christa. I have given up on the first option
    and the reason is as follows, a statement from the Prime Creator:

    “The Dark Ones just don’t want to give up, they will fight to the last second
    and breath, because they feel earth is theirs. They want to keep it as a slavery planet forever, if they can’t have it, then they want to destroy it.”
    Isn’t this what is happening in Ukraine right now? The only way this war can end is to use nuclear weapons and destroy all of humanity and
    Mother earth with it. That is not a good option, right?

    So we have the second option: Use of free will by Terra Christa.
    Anyone who has doubt about this, go read the comments section of “Jeshua: What Now” that was posted few days ago by Eraoflight. When one see the result of our earth in 2026, anybody with a
    half-brain can well understand that the earth has gone through great turmoil. A total destruction of our 3D civilization as we know it to make
    way for the new 5th dimensional world. But that is unavoidable. You
    can’t build a new 5D society on top of an old 3D infrastructure. It is meaningless, to say the least.

    If you are interested in what caused this great turmoil that so nicely
    cleaned up everything on the surface you can refer to the following:

    I will quote interesting part:
    “She (mother earth) told us she was waiting wee more time to monitor
    the Ukraine situation, and when she would see that things are being
    ended, she will then be prepared for the ultimate time…. tipping on
    her axis” (However the Ukraine war will continue for years so the
    unavoidable is to happen)

    “Mother Earth has waited for more ones to awaken, because she loves you with a deep love. She has her own freewill and she decides when she
    tips on her axis. That “when” is imminent, as she can’t hold her breath
    much longer.”

    Everyone, prepare for the rough ride!

    1. Light bearer

      Personally I don’t believe in the Hatonn channelings. There was a period of months when on the fourwinds10 dot com site the Hatonn channelings were predicting that any day now, imminently, there would be a global catastrophe that would make mankind extinct, and everyone would be beamed up by galactics to be saved. Of course nothing happened.

      There were also other weird bits of information, such as the suggestion that everyone in the afterlife was supposedly studying the phoenix journals on laptops, and they could only move on once they had sufficiently absorbed the phoenix journal materials.

      Another weird bit of information was that allegedly, prime creator didn’t want homosexual men to engage in homosexual sex because it was sinful and unhealthy. I don’t believe that prime creator first makes homosexual men and then condemns those men for engaging in homosexual sex.

      As for what’s going to happen in Ukraine, it’s simple. Russia is sooner or later going to win the war. The galactics make sure that no nukes detonate.

      Also, much later than we’d like but still, the white hats / gray hats are finally going to arrest the bad guys, or possibly a patriot revolution will accomplish that. That, or indeed there will be some cataclysm, that’s possible too.

      1. jakesey

        There’s also widespread condemnation of trans people. I remember (not accurately) the lines, ‘First they came for the homeless but I wasn’t homeless, then they went for the trans folks, but I wasn’t one, then they went for the entrepreneurs, nope not me, then the hippies, nope again, then they came for me, and no one was there to fight for me..’

        Viva Rossiya!!

        1. Emma

          Condemnation: That is because pedophiles has hijacked the trans movement.
          Most people are okay with LGB, but not with TQ+++++, as they are doing much to take over other peoples children, and perverts them, like with sexual and naked drag shows, and books with porn pictures. Pedophilia or minor attracted person as they try to rename it, is just not legal, so of course it is condemned, for the sake of the child.

          Anyway that saying, First they came for… is very much re-written here in your version. The original was not about homeless, or trans or entrepreneurs, or hippes, but rather communists etc.

          Trans people are afraid of their genocide, but at the same time they eat puberty blockers, that hinders reproduction that equals genocide, done by themselves, or those luring them into the blockers.
          And if a child in rare cases are born from a female that has taken male hormones, what will that to to the health of that child?, no one knows.

      2. Mike Ohira

        You have to be careful when reading galactic messages. For example the term “soon” is interpreted by us as “within this year”
        whereas the higher Beings see it very differently – their
        interpretation of the same term is said to be “within three years”

    2. Emma

      You dont know what will happen, so stop pretending.
      Like Light bearer I dont believe in Hatonn. I have read a few, but my discerment said fake.

      We, humanity has shown more light than the other times this has happened, so now there is too much light for the dark ones/deep state to win. They will of course try little things, but anyone can see that most of what they try fail, and most people do no longer believe their stories. Some does, and therefor some of the dark ones bad stuff still has to happen, to wake up the remaining few.

      Many humans have a memory of all the other times things went wrong, and are expecting a nuclear war, but that is installed memories that is to be discarded. To talk about nuclear war, or to fear nuclear war is to create it, so stop it, for your own well-being, as we are already enough that has sufficient light for it to not happen, but you who believe it, will reap some aspect of it.

      Sananda/Jesus say, turn to God to get through this. Believing in a nuclear war or any other dark fate is not turning to God.

      Of course we can build new on top of old. Just like humans can think new, despite of thinking bad old stuff their entire life. Everything good is possible in this new world, and the new world is here, it is evident every day, mixed in with left overs from the dark ones stuff that was in motion.