Archangel Michael: In the Rising Light

Divine Ones,

We greet you, in love. We are happy to connect with you now, in this way and we offer to you, today, an invitation to join us for a Solstice Celebration — a live global event, in which we will share transmissions and activating energies with you, that support you, so that you might, with ease and joy and grace BASK IN THE RISING LIGHT!

Over the next three months you will experience an acceleration of energy in your world and in your personal energy field. The energy is rising. All life is moving into Higher Light as it can and you can allow this. You can allow this experience of evolving into higher states of consciousness, and experience this transformative unfolding, by riding the waves of incoming solar energy and the new harmonics emanating from the planetary field…

You can open, willingly, consciously, to the Fullness of Your Being, and learn how to be the conscious Creator and the Deliberate Receiver YOU came here to be.

Divine Ones, you came here for the ultimate reunion. The ultimate awakening and transmutation of energy. You came here knowing your entry would likely be a bit or a lot bumpy and that you would forget who you are… You came here trusting that you would remember and reconnect. That you would allow the LIGHT within you to draw you inwards and upwards.

You knew that your desires, would awaken within you a curiosity to understand more about how to create your experience, on purpose. You knew that you would sense and feel the separation of your energy within you, when you were out of tune with who you truly are and that gradually, you would discover this inner guidance system; made possible by the presence within you of your own Higher Light!

Each of you exists now, in a field of dynamically expanding and elevating light. You are opening up within your human DNA, new capacities and the world around you is new. There are more dimensions of experience here, available now. The menu for living, perceiving and co-creating on Earth is expanding! Quickly and significantly.

Now is the time to align within. To cultivate inner harmony and to recognize the vibrational reality as THE REALITY that is your SOURCE. The Divine Supply that is available to you as you allow it to flow, is so abundant, so filled with love and well-being. You are being called from within, to open and allow an expanded presence, an expanded field of Divine Light, of Higher Light, to be internalized and embodied by you.

This is the shift of the ages, long anticipated and coming into new phases of fruition now and over the next three months the dynamics of time will be changing enormously.

It is so important that you learn to go within an confidently connect with All That You Are, for it is in this relationship and in this orientation that you will find flow and ease and grace and joy and be an emanating presence of love and wholeness in the world. Which you will find so fun and natural and it will be such a relief to you as this Higher Light within you becomes you, draws you inward and upward and YOU shift into a new state of being, here.

Joining the Earth which is already emerging and arising into a new octave of expression. Divine Ones, the time is now, for you to give your full allegiance to the SOURCE within you; to your own innermost being and to open to the Love, the Knowing, the Joy and the Well-Being that is your birthright.

You came here, Divine One, to receive the manifest experiences of your own creativity. To become an allow presence, who focuses, and intends and chooses and receives and in all of this transforms what is, into what you think of as heaven on Earth.

Each of you are here, to contribute your vision, your knowing, of how the world might be recreated in higher light and be to your sense of knowing, more beautiful, more harmonious, more inclusive, more reflective of the Oneness that is All and YOUR way of knowing this.

That, Dear One, is the name of the game, now. That is what you are being called into now — the joyful co-creation with your own inner being, the Source of All That is You and is flowing to you, so that you might demonstrate and embody the truth of your being, here.

For the JOY of it!
For the LOVE of it!
For the emancipation of All Life from separation and the illusion of anything other than Divinity, and Oneness and LOVE.

It is your time…

It is your time to BASK IN and OPEN to the Higher Light flowing in and arising within you, and allow it to in-form who you are and how you are present here. Allow it to open within you new abilities to perceive and recognize the presence of higher dimensional planes on Earth and in your experience and begin to play in a state of wholeness and joyful creativity.

We are celebrating all of this with you and invite you to join us for this June Solstice, now, in 2023, this amazing and most beautiful time, of ascension coming online more and more fully, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. For those of you ready to allow more and realize who you truly are here. The new dawn is upon you.

It is up to you, to claim it, to willingly recognize it and come into new ways of BEING, here. Now.

We love you very much.
We are complete.

We are the ANGELIC ONES. I am Archangel Michael, with Ailia, Ashira, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light. We wish you a most wonderful day.

**Channel: Ailia Mira


9 Replies to “Archangel Michael: In the Rising Light”

  1. Dante Hewley

    The only true God is SEPHIROTH from the Andromeda Galaxy. Do with that what you will. Don’t care.

    1. John

      Well, not long ago people went to war over this sort of crap; now they only resort to point out His name / address and say they don’t care: this is PROGRESS, ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Marilyn

    Geoff Turner, you must practice what the beings of Light instructs us to do. I too have been following the light beings for over twenty years, and I am getting results. God is no respecter of person so if it works for me it can work for you. The light within increases so much where people see me glowing. Archangel Michael has taught us so much and I take it to Heart and practice and get results. May you eternalize all instructions to get results and ask God to help you as well as your higher self. God Bless 🥰

  3. Geoff Turner

    Literally read every single piece of information written here before. Countless times.

    When is somebody going to provide a channelled message that has new information? We all know about,

    An acceleration of energy
    Evolve into a higher state of consciousness
    Be a conscious creator
    It’s the ultimate awakening
    It’s bumpy and you forget who you were
    It’s the shift of ages
    Go within
    Joyful co-creation

    It’s actually very easy to write one of these messages – you put some words around these old concepts and say it’s from Michael or Metatron or Mira or St Germain or SaluSa or make up a new higher being and really pretend that this is vitally new information.

    It’s hard not to be cynical when you read the same thing every single day for 12 years, particularly when you see comments that say, “wonderful message”, “thank you Michael”, “YES YES YES QUANTUM NOW”

    I think, did you guys just get here? Is this new to you?

    Or is it a religion that requires constant repetition without any thought and if you dare question it you are not from the light… or you’re the devil.

    Channeled messages have been around for centuries, they are real and I’m not questioning that reality. But I do believe that there are very few real ones and when I read a message like this that ticks all the right boxes then I know it’s not channelled. There are too many fakes and almost nothing new ever.

    1. Light bearer

      I agree. I had the thought recently that you could probably ask ChatGPT create a channeled-like message.

      I do think some posts on this site are genuine and valuable, but I don’t read most posts here because indeed a lot of it is some re-formulation of a well known message.

      1. Light bearer

        That said, another way of looking at this is that the galactics and the heavens are telling us: “it’s very simple, all you need to do is just hold on to the light.” In a way, there’s an argument to be made that you don’t really need a ton of intel about what happened in such-and-such country 400 years ago, because that’s less important than going within.

    2. John

      Actually, it’s the repetition that makes for consistency. It wouldn’t make sense to channel something new since nothing new is going to happen as long as channelings are even necessary.
      It’s always Groundhog Day until /you/ change.
      (ever heard this one?)