Message from God: The Power of Your Transformation

Your transformation transforms the world!

A loved person,

your transformation transforms the whole world!

Be aware of this magnitude, be aware of your responsibilities and your options. Any opinion that one person alone cannot change, cause or improve anything has no truth content and is fundamentally wrong.

This erroneous assumption has existed for a long time and has settled in the collective consciousness of mankind. Generation after generation passes on this error, this misjudgment of your actual strength and power. The social structures support this pattern and an exit from this false “mass assumption”, from this error, has so far been associated with great difficulties.

Anyone who opposed this postulate was severely handicapped, laughed at, humiliated or even put to death. Every human being who has awakened to consciousness and power has been experienced as disruptive and has been attacked by society – for lack of understanding or specifically so as not to remind people of who they are, and not as usual cause a kind of “chain reaction”.

A collective awakening has always been fought with all means and suppressed with all methods. The energy and reality of love should always be reserved and possible for only a few.

Because as soon as this “collective delusion” that an individual cannot bring about change is put to an end, all systems, all structures and all power mechanisms that have a manipulatively weakening effect on people break apart.

A person living in freedom and love is the guarantee that all destructiveness, fear and lack of love will disappear.

So far, this has not been able to find a global reflection, because up to now, too little beneficial energy has been fed into the collective and the “dark forces” have prevented this with all the power at their disposal.

Your smallness was always shown to you until you finally believed in it completely. You have stopped asking questions – neither yourself nor others – and have been kept busy surviving to at least secure your physical existence. Beyond that, no perception was possible and also not desirable.

In addition, all your systems are designed in such a way that they keep you in constant turmoil. Your perception should always be focused on the outside, because turning to your inside is undesirable, hindering and has little power. Those who are responsible for this know exactly what an AWAKENING and what the RETURN triggers in your heart: freedom and absolute independence!

A self-confident person is the greatest threat to fear-mongering, small-minded and power- and control-exercising systems.

Your economy, your politics, your social structures are pervaded by it. For an infinitely long time, the individual human being has often been deliberately kept away from his strength and power, his inner strength and beauty.

Awakening and growth, finding your way back into your being, has been extremely difficult so far, since the reality on earth in no way promoted this, but has always hindered or prevented it wherever possible.

The few great spirits who attained final perfection are usually portrayed as transfigured and enraptured. So that no one gets the idea of ​​following these “masters of life”, they have been removed from your everyday life and placed at an unattainable height – as divine, superhuman and far from any earthly connection.

In doing so, one consciously overlooks the fact that these people, just like you, were people among people and had to go through their experiences and learning steps – just like you – and it wasn’t made easy for them.

For many millennia, the earth had a completely different vibration frequency than today, when everything is in upheaval and change.

This meant that a breakthrough into the light, a direct connection to home, our original source, was very difficult. Just as a dense curtain does not allow a glimpse of what lies behind, it was almost impossible to get a glimpse of this all-pervading reality.

As soon as these unique people left their bodies, they were raptured from humans and made into gods: unreachable and far from any connection to you, to your reality on earth – you could get the idea to do the same and make your way back into start walking the unit. But those groups who have exercised control and power over humanity are afraid of this.

As soon as man, each individual, recognizes his true descent, size, strength and beauty, he turns to his innermost being – and the power mechanisms can no longer achieve anything.

Once you realize that you are indeed divine and are being provided with everything you need from the very source of being, you instantly remove yourself from these fear-mongering and downplaying energies of destructiveness.

The release of fear energies

Clearing your fear energies is therefore the beginning of this journey back into oneness. Once you are no longer afraid, you are no longer manipulable. You get your strength back and stand there with confidence.

Now please imagine that every person on earth could suddenly shed their pent-up fears, all their fears. What do you think happens then? All systems built on fear inevitably collapse.

You live your divinity – and every worry and fear has disappeared: Pressure and fear-inducing energies no longer reach you!

Instantly, all news programs would have no quotas. No company could afford anti-social or misanthropic actions, as otherwise they would have to get by without employees.

Politicians should immediately return to spreading truth, honesty and sincere service to the people and for the good of the community. Because an awake person sees through all lies immediately – and this change has global dimensions.

A person who is content in himself and acting in his consciousness withdraws all his energies from the collective, as long as they are not based on a pure and ego-free basic pattern. This is your true power! Each individual has it in their hands, in their hearts, whether they want to turn to their strength, to their roots.

The self-confident humanity

A self-confident humanity united in love has completely different needs – and living together on earth becomes beautiful and peaceful, understanding and tolerant.

There is no more separation as everyone has found their peace, joy and self-love within themselves. This innermost core of being reveals pure love in all people – and this ensures an inner connection with all creatures.

Anything that leads to superficial gratification of the ego is gone as the ego has completely withdrawn.

Your peace is the energy that is now creating new social structures, enabling true cooperation and removing all religious borders in order to praise God’s song of praise as a united humanity – consubstantial and aligned to the homeland of all of us.

This is not an illusion, not otherworldly or dreamy magic – it is the reality that humanity is now walking towards.

Observe closely and you will notice that structures that have existed for centuries are suddenly dissolving. Everything is changing and so-called securities no longer exist.

The earth and humans are already in the midst of this upheaval – made possible by the high exposure to light as the earth enters a new vibrational dimension, and made possible above all by as more and more people learn to look into their hearts. More and more people are shifting their attention inwards and thus gaining knowledge that was previously hidden.

They awaken in their strength and withdraw their energy from the rotten social models built on lies. Thus, they collapse and something new can arise.

True miracles will arise in peace and love and living together on earth will be a celebration. Heaven opens its floodgates – and the divine light and love of God flow to earth and you incessantly.

No plane and no corner of the planet remains unaffected. No person and no corner of your inner being remains unexposed and everyone receives their optimal opportunities to get into their reality of clarity, peace, enlightenment and love.

And a single person can’t change anything?

The importance of the individual

Nothing would have changed so far, no “progress” would be possible if it hadn’t been the “individual” people who first changed themselves and thus inevitably their environment as well. The power lies in you, the changes happen from you – and as soon as you experience yourself as love, nothing can deceive you anymore.

So your change is the change of the world.

The game with fear is over and no more harm should come to you. The time when a new reality of life is created through the power of your change is NOW! NOW is the time of upheaval, awakening and awakening.

So step into the light and see who you are! Raise your gaze and behold your beauty! Experience yourself as a pure expression of God and work through the energy of love!

Bring the “raptured gods” back into your everyday life and experience your own divinity!

It’s all ONE. The bondage of man on earth is over – irrevocably over!

It is the time of redemption and love. The cornucopia of God is poured out in abundance over the earth and the people.

Any destructive energy is powerless. Every expression of fear, damaging exertion of power and darkness, every manipulation and every feeling of oppressive quality is drained of its power – permanently and for a long, long time. Everyone finds their own ways of salvation:

The changes can no longer be overlooked. A long peace is at hand.

Your heart knows all the answers and now is the time to start asking your questions – and those questions are vital. Just the fact that you want to look, shine and dissolve, just this fact brings you into contact with people who support and accompany you.

Your will counts and everything else is taken care of! Please make yourself aware of the connections! Allow yourself this knowledge and you will immediately come to understanding.

Release all destructive energies from your service and be your master again, your master, your love self – in your given beauty. From the beginning you are divine and your being is pure love pulsating in everything. Recognize and awaken – be ready and awake!

The time of times is now!

The time of abiding peace and all-encompassing love has come – the time that God’s work will bring into the reality of the earth.

Your purpose in life is:

NOW to recognize, dissolve and enlighten, NOW to become aware of your uniqueness and NOW to reach your omnipotence and the unconditional power of your love.

Your heart knows all the answers. Listen and the beauty of your being will be revealed to you.

The revolution is here! It is your departure into your true, everlasting and eternal essence, into your love self, into your heart.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


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  1. Linda Rosa

    This article is magnificent, factual and 100% do-able by humanity. When we all awaken to this magnitude of our inherent, God-given power, we will be able to alter the progression of life on this planet – with the help of our Father God.