New Moon in Gemini and Intentions

The New Moon in Gemini is supposed to be a New Beginning for all things Gemini.

But with the New Moon at  26º Gemini 43’, on June 17th (or 18th, depending on where you are in the world), we could feel like we are swimming against the tide with all things Gemini. With Saturn’s station retrograde in Pisces on the same day and the New Moon closely square Neptune, it’s all we can do to sort things out, never mind get anything started. These are the sorts of things we can expect when we are transitioning from one era to the next. Kind of like trying to get our footing on shifting ground.

In the last degrees of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, Neptune is adding its tone to all of the other transitions: Pluto straddling the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius while square the Nodes, the late degree New Moons, and now Neptune gradually approaching its own sign shift into Aries. The New Moon this weekend is just days away from the Solstice, one of the critical 4 corners of the Solar Year. And from now on, and until Neptune is well into Aries in 2025-6 all of the Solstice and Equinox charts will have the Sun closely aspecting Neptune. And with Neptune now prevailing over the proceedings with the late degree Moon in Gemini, beginnings are predicated on endings.

As a result, we will find us having to make choices and decisions in the midst of uncertainty, change and distraction. We just don’t know what the outcomes are going to be, or where we are going to land when all is said and done. Some things are still unformed. While others are merely the shades of bygone days. Misguided, confused and grasping for answers, we are not sure what to believe. Uncertainty is uncomfortable. And so, we attempt to fill in the spaces with our own stories and theories. But interlaced with those theories is all this stuff in our imagination, which is tainted by our apprehension and fear of the unknown. The truth is, in this whirling vortex of change, we just don’t know.

In some way we are all being asked to be present with ambiguity for now. That requires us to focus in on the present, and accepting what the Universe is presently bringing, trusting that it will take you where you need to go, even if it doesn’t look like it at first.

Neptune can make us feel as if things are coming undone. That boundaries are eroding. Yet Saturn’s station is strong and sure. It’s asking us to set our own boundaries, even in these times of uncertainty. To say No, when boundaries have been crossed. And to create our own standards and principles, even when standards are eroding.

So, the things of Gemini may be a little messy. Communications may be halting. We find ourselves losing our words, missing cues, feeling misunderstood and not being heard. And so, we will need to find other ways to communicate and tell our stories.

Processing information feels overwhelming. And our schedules seem to get away from us. Too much information is rolling in. We try to make sense of the insensible and to create order out of the chaos, but this could feel a bit like we are herding cats. This can devolve into distraction, and wasteful time-consuming activities. And so, we are going to have to develop new ways to manage our time, maintain some sort of schedule, even as it keeps shifting and changing from day to day.

Use the retrograde phase of Saturn to internalize and develop critical Saturn qualities that will help us to navigate these shifting tides and foggy landscapes. Cultivate: Self-discipline, self-restraint, and organization. Be clear with yourself and others what your intentions are. We will speak more to this next week when we discuss the importance and advantages of the retrograde phase of Saturn, and how we can use it through these periods betwixt and between one era and the next.

When Saturn stations for its retrograde phase we are given permission to say No More, to set appropriate Limits, and be clear with others and ourselves about where we need to cut back, leave an uncomfortable situation or withdraw. Sometimes we willingly relinquish those things that have become too burdensome. But it can also feel for some like things are being taken away, leaving us with feelings of deprivation, or separation from what we want and/or need. And this can be especially so with the New Moon also square Neptune.

Each year, about 12 days before the retrograde station of Neptune it makes a square to the Sun. This year that square is accompanied by the New Moon. There are ways to cultivate Neptune in positive ways through acceptance, compassion and understanding. Being able to sit with uncertainty, and to allow yourself to change your mind, or see things from another’s perspective is a necessary part of growth and learning. And if we have lost touch with our own spiritual center, this is an opportunity to restore that connection.

Things to initiate or promote with this New Moon in Gemini square Neptune:

  • Getting lost in your imagination: Draw, paint, play music, sing, dance, write poetry, watch good movies, read good books, and dare to dream. 
  • Activities that help to align you with your spiritual center:. Take long walks or hikes in nature or near the water. Seek personal solace in sacred spaces. Meditate, Pray, Chant, and/or read something that sparks the spiritual centers of your mind. 
  • Get a little lost: Take a road trip to nowhere. Discover new neighborhoods. Find new and fascinating venues. Sometimes we need to get a little lost in order to find ourselves again. 
  • Let go of that which you no longer need to carry and is taking up too much room: Release. Forgive. Shake off the old leaves of regret, anger, dismay and sorrow, in order to make room for something better to take root.
  • Connect with yourself: Reflect, journal, lay out the cards, read the I Ching, dig out the pendulum & revisit oracles
  • Doing activities that connect you to Neptune: Perform acts of compassion and random acts of kindness, lend a kind word, stop to listen, be present for others. Volunteer your time or your resources for a good cause. 
  • Slow down: Pay attention, See, Hear, Feel, Be present in order to honor and fully appreciate each moment as it comes. Allow wonder, curiosity and fascination to return to your life. 

If you wish to set intentions with the New Moon in Gemini, do so from the New Moon on June 17th (or 18th) (after June 18th at 12:37 am EDT in New York City; 9:37 pm in Pacific Time on June 17th; and June 18th, 5:37 am in Universal Greenwich Time), through the Crescent Moon on the 21st. Neptune is a planet of imagery and visualization. But rather than thinking of the means for achieving your intentions, focus in on the end goal and then send it out on a wing and a prayer, trusting that the Universe, the Planetary Gods and the Fates know the best ways and means to weave our destiny.

Some positive affirmations or intentions for the New Moon in Gemini might be:

  • With effortless dexterity I adapt to the changing tides.
  • May I be able to see humor in even the most exasperating circumstances.
  • I want to see myself easily abiding with uncertainty and unknown outcomes
  • The mind is vast and luminous and has incredible potential.
  • I want to see my mind filled with only the most inspiring and positive influences and thoughts.
  • May I be shown and discover the best remedies for anxiety, confusion and/or indecision.
  • I learn by going where I need to go.

Listen to yourself, and in that quietude, you might hear the voice of God ~ Maya Angelou

**By Lauren