House Oversight Republican on UFO Hearing: ‘I’m Just After the Facts’

Tim Burchett, the Tennessee Republican on the House Oversight Committee who is leading a hearing into UFO sightings, says Congress is “serious” about the issue and he cares about the facts, according to an interview published Sunday.

Congressional Republicans began planning a hearing after former Afghanistan combat officer and intelligence veteran David Charles Grusch informed Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General that the government has intact and partially intact vehicles of non-human origin, according to The Debrief.

Burchett told the Daily Wire in an interview Sunday that he hopes the hearing will uncover the truth about unidentified anomalous phenomena and that U.S. government officials will quit dancing around the issue.

“I want to talk to people who have seen something and can provide some proof of what’s going on. In fact, if we can disclose some things, some new facts — but just get the people before us that have seen it, who have great credentials, and just stop with all the nonsense,” he said. “I’m just after the facts.”

Burchett also said he thinks government officials know what is going on with UFOs and have all of the files on the matter, but they’ve kept it quiet. He says he wants to get to the bottom of it and not “get corrupted” by government agencies looking to hide the issue.

“I hope we show the American public that we’re serious about this issue — a recent poll showed that over half the people believe in this — and that we’ll get a little closer to getting to the bottom of it. And we’ll expose to the American public that this is a cover-up, that we are not being forthcoming, and that there is a group of us that want to make that happen — and hopefully, we don’t get corrupted,” he said.

The UFO hearing date is still unclear, as Burchett said his committee is still waiting on approval for a few people to testify.

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