Divine Mother: Pay Attention to Your Feelings

We all have times when something just feels off. Recently, when I was feeling so after a meeting, the Divine Mother brought a beautiful message on how to proceed in such situations. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Dearest One, I am the Divine within you, within thee. You know me as the Divine Mother, as Shechina. But you know me as the whispers of your heart. The heart is the place of discernment and within the heart, when you feel that there is something calling your attention, it can come in many ways.

It can come as that feeling that something’s out of alignment, something does not feel right. It is your sacred body that brings you those messages, a tap on the shoulder, a feeling in the solar plexus. These are there, beloved, for thee to pay attention.

When you receive a feeling that doesn’t feel quite right, such as disappointment, disappointment that things did not go exactly as planned, pay attention. Pay attention to those feelings for they are communicating with you. They are asking you to look deep inside and discover is there something that needs to be changed? Is there something you need to accept? Is there something that is in the highest good of all?

Yes, you say to me, but this is not what I envisioned, this is not what I want to be. Beloved, then I say to thee, go within and decide what kind of action you would like to take. Is it to speak up? Is it to accept? Is it to create what you wish? You have the power within, you have the power without. You have been designed as such, to be in alignment. What is for the highest good and what is for the highest good of thee?

There is a part of thee that you sometimes see as your higher self, or your universal self, who has all the answers. But that part of thee is always directing, always guiding. As part of that you have your guardians, your angels, your teachers, that come to give you that tap on the shoulder, that come to place that thought in your heart.

So pay attention, beloved. Sometimes it is just a matter of expressing that feeling so that it may move on and you can once again be in a state of inner peace, of joy, of balance.

There is only Love. Align with it. Align with the Love, dearest one. Harmonize with the Love. And once again, you will be the radiant one that you always are.

With Love, I leave thee, but I am always right within thee. Call to me. I am with thee.

**Channel: Lee Degani


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