It’s An Illusion

What is the illusion?

The illusion is the thought you/we/us are separate from each other and Spirit.

The Illusion is the Ego, nothing but a thought long ago.

When we ALL were expressed from Source, it started as a thought.

MIND… in in in

We are all connected, we are all the unique expressions of same Spirit reflecting back to as a mirror, EYES.

The tip of the finger, the furthest tethered mirror from Source. Looking out through your eyes, the Universe experiences itself.  We are all the stars in the perceived night sky, The eyes, I’s.

The end of the waves washing up on the beach, the furthest reach of a mightier OCEAN.

Understanding we are all connected and co-creating the world from what we perceive with our thoughts and emotions.

Can you take this understanding and apply it to the mirrors?

News, politics, institutions etc.

What do those mirrors show? What is the overall theme?  Why is it fear based? Why is it always the worst of people always reported?

Why do all of these mirrors seem to repeat the same message?

Have you noticed they all drive the same messages?

What happens when there is a world of Souls that can create their own reality? What if these Souls were unaware who they were?  What if these Souls took what they perceived and created their reality, and the only context is what was told by those you perceive to trust or systems you trust.

Wouldn’t those unaware creators take that information and create a world similar to what they perceived and trusted?

Make the connection to what you see on the news and the status of the perceived world.

Does it not seem to match?

Are there those pushing a narrative or is it the collective mirroring what it perceives or thinks?

You can observe these mirrors and gauge where the consciousness of the collective currently is. You can see the Narrative.

You can perceive these mirrors in two drastically different ways.



How do you perceive?

You can perceive the news as a mirror, you can perceive all systems as mirrors.

What is the overall theme? What is the overall narrative?

Observe and see it, what is OMITTED?

You can perceive it as THEY are driving a narrative to create a negative world, or you can understand the cycles of experience, and roles many Souls play.

This is old thinking world, old cycles of experience.  A mighty Forge for sure.

We Bless and thank the Souls for their roles and creating the contrast and being the catalyst for change.

Why do some civilizations start in the dark and reach enlightenment? Why do some civilizations seem to start as enlightened and end in ashes?  CYCLES of Experiences, someone has to play the ROLE.




You’re on Deck.

Let us flip the script,

Doing the work on yourself, the world will reflect your peace.  One by one, each Soul awakening to greater truths of who they are.

Observe the mirrors from a higher understanding, observe how they change. Observe the mirrors with no judgement, and with the understanding it is a current live feed to what the collective thinks and current status.

Remove the THEY, when unaware creators remove their focus from the boogie man, The boogie man goes away.  Remove the need for the role and there is no actor.  Understand

Do you truly understand what we are conveying?

If you think beings are after you, or you need to protect yourself you will create those scenarios and the role players created and you will experience it.


HOLD YOUR LIGHT, You can ruffle your feathers a bit.

Every Soul walking the perceived planet has the LIGHT WITHIN, ALL. 

You have free Choice, and We offer in Love.  It is always your choice.

FOCUS on the New world, the beginning of a new cycle.


We walk with you.

In humble service, we bow to you.

It’s EZ