New Matrix Part 10

More than a month has passed since the new Earth’s Logos was successfully activated through the Portal on the top of the sacred mountain in Southern Europe, on 05/05 at 05:05 pm lt.

Remembering the previous failures and current difficulties (see DNI, New Matrix, Parts 1-9), Co-Creators were ready for any mishaps, and, as it turned out, for good reason.

In mid-June, there was a glitch in the Logos’ core: its ideal Radiant orb could again turn into the former polyhedron, distorting the Source’s Light. What was the reason?

In Greater Cosmos, different planetary Logos’ types exist. Some are an independent Life and Intelligence forms, and the planets are their manifestation bodies. Others serve as an independent continuation of the Higher Beings that spiritualized them. These are living Logos. There are also an inanimate Logos including hammed-up ones, and their planets are run by Artificial Intelligence. Or hybrids, consisting of natural and artificial segments, i.e. cyborgs (short for cybernetic organisms).

Such a cyborg was our former 3D Logos. It included not only the substances of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe and his son Yaltabaoth, Dark and Gray Archons, but also aspects of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, Christ, World Mother Sophia, Gaia, Sanat Kumara and many other Higher Light Beings.

Unlike this mix, the new planetary Logos consists only of Absolute Light and is an independent Life and Intelligence Essence. 5D Earth, completely cleansed from dualism and Darks, will be its a full-blown manifestation body, which the new Logos, as a living channel of the Source and Absolute, will support by their high-frequency Light energy. Until then, Logos has to back a novel planetary Matrix with an old 3D scenario, thus, giving us time to raise our vibrations to survive in actively dawning Cosmic Day.

The temporary coexistence of the old and the new creates a feeling for the System and Power Pyramid that everything remains as before, and nothing threatens them. They are not alarmed by the frequent 3D grids’ breakdowns, its multiple systems security breaches and that their negative vortices’ requirements not met. They are confident that they always can deflect failures, and are reliably protected by us as a human shield.

Co-Creators are in no hurry to disabuse them of the notion while the new Earth’s Logos enters its manifestation body, i.e. our physical planet. They must fuse, become one, and the surrogate substance mix will be completely replaced by the aspects of Gaia through the 13DAbsoluterra in the Pleroma. This is not a fast process, and it inevitably creates problems. One of them is the above-mentioned danger of new Logos core’s deformation when rooting into our toxic reality.

To avert the danger, on 17 June at 06:00 PM CET, Co-Creators and their ground team terminated special operation, using the Portal of Absolute’s Logos and the mutual exchange of aspects. How did it go technically?

The mentioned Portal is located on the Subtle Plane above lake in the central part of Eurasia. Earlier, Lightwarriors restored the work of this sactum, where, for millennia, an Aspect of the Absolute’s Logos has been preserved, containing all the codes and standards of the Greater Cosmos. At birth of our Local Universe, one of Co-Creators carried out the matter’s primary differentiation according to the copy of the Absolute. It was a perfect Radiant sphere, without facets, edges and imperfection.

This is not just a form, but the code of creation and Absolute’s Light, on which the Universe rests. Its Logos’ particles were scattered throughout the space and formed of a network of countless Portals. By a meteorite, One of Its Aspects was brought to Earth in the area of the above mentioned lake.

Unlike the laws of physics known to us, the Light of this sphere was not radiated and expanded outward from. It created a neutral background outside, and inside kept the synthesis of Absolute Light, working as a powerful reactor. Then, the group members helped to reactivate it with a help of Creation Code in their Monads.

Now, from sanctum, on a staggered basis, Absolute’s Light is gradually coming out into the Earth’s space in small rays, which are gradually strengthening so as not to burn us and not harm the planet, helping it to resist the parasitic System and Power Pyramid’s suction cups.

On June 17, during a joint operation involving the Venus’ Hathors and the Lightwarriors’ collective Logos, Co-Creators sent a powerful stream of Absolute’s Energy from the lake’s Portal to Absoluterra to force an ideal form of the new Earth’s Logos. That was one part of the op.

In parallel, for the same purpose, another, additional op was carried out. Each ground team member got a copy of the Absolute’s Crystal from its Keeper, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, exchanging their Monadic aspects with Him. After that, Lightwarriors put these copies into Earth’s heart, and their powerful radiation spread across the planetary 5D grid, maintaining the ideal shape of the new Logos’ core. It caused another 3D grid’s failure and its system’s security breach.

Now, the energies of the Absolute’s Crystal have completely filled the five-dimensional lattice. Between them, stable connecting rainbows are formed, along which the Pleroma’s energy will continue to fuel the planetary new Earth’s Logos and its core.

**By Lev


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