The Telosians: True Life

We salute you, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We are happy to always be present near you to help you understand Life, True Life. It is true that for many of you, « True Life » is a big question mark.

You often ask yourself the question of what we mean by « True Life ». When we talk about « True Life » it is to make you understand that there is something much greater beyond your earthly life, much happier than what you live on your planet.

So, what do we call « True Life »?  It is a question of understanding that the universes, all the universes, very numerous which surround you, are also filled with very diverse lives of which we have already spoken in a previous message. The « True life » is all that there is beyond earthly life, planets, star galaxies and various universes.

But it doesn’t stop there. The « True Life » is All that allows you to live. And what allows you to live on your planet ? It’s LOVE, only Love. This is the strongest and most powerful energy there is.

But you will say, « I live love on Earth within my family and friends ! ». We will tell you this: the love you live between you humans is only a very pale replica of True Universal Love, The one who connects everything that lives wherever it is.

The « True Life » begins where it all started, if we can say that, because from the beginning there was, the « True Life », the Wonderful Divine Energy that exists all the time. Yes, the » True Life » is to understand and connect to this beautiful Energy which allows Life to exist in all universes and in all forms.

The « True Life » is to be able to connect not only to what lives outside of you but above all …. above all, deep down, where the Essence of your earthly life is. The « True Life » is to realize deeply that this Essence in you is divine from the Wonderful Divine Energy that exists all the time.

The « True Life » is simply to realize that the deeper you will meet deep inside, the more you will connect to the Wonderful Divine Energy Creator of all life. This is how you will grow in her womb, understand and connect with Her in the greatest Joy and the greatest Happiness.

Some of you will say: « but if we are only divine beings that becomes the life we live on Earth ? »

We will answer you this: earthly life is only a passage, a journey we would say, a few years on your planet to be able to appreciate and understand the « True Life » therefore the True Love. Some of you will get there more or less easily and others will take longer to understand it or not to understand it. It is part of everyone’s path and the wish of your soul before its incarnation.

The « True Life » brings you back to CE from which you all come, without exception, that is to say this Wonderful Divine Energy without beginning or end but which is of a Force and a Power of Love that you cannot imagine. You can get closer and closer because the current Energies that are sent to you with Love from the Celestial Spheres will push you to live it in order to meet and find the effects of the fifth dimension.

We are talking about dimension of consciousness so that your earthly mind understands how humans can reach a higher level of divine consciousness. There is no doubt about this. You go on this path more or less bumpy but you follow it in order to find Joy and Happiness in you and around you.

The « True Life » brings you Sweetness, Peace, Serenity and It welcomes all humans, arms wide open could tell us, in order to offer you his Tenderness as parents offer theirs to their children.

You are all, the children of « True Life », She takes care of you, rejoice in this and be happy and happy, children of the Earth.

We accompany you with great Love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by