One Who Serves and Shoshanna: Eruptions

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here.

And One Who Serves is back. We are back from the last time, which we were not here in your last time together, as Yeshua was the one who gave the answers to your questions. But we are back. We hope that we can be as appealing and as efficient as Yeshua was for you. But we are here to serve, nonetheless.

So would there be questions here for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes? As always, Thomas! Yes?

Guest: I’m just curious about the numerous volcanoes that are erupting, like Kilauea, and the Alaskan volcanoes, and Mexico, and maybe even Yellowstone (hopefully that doesn’t erupt). I am just wondering if all of these are the result from the cabal or Gaia just blowing off steam?

OWS: As we find it, it is a combination of both in that Gaia is certainly doing exactly that: blowing off steam, changing things as she can, raising the vibration which these types of occurrences do help to raise the vibration and clear the atmosphere, we will say, even though it may not appear that in the beginning. But it does do this; and raise the vibration, certainly. And there are those workers of the darkness that continue to do their thing that they follow their playbook as they only know how to do. And they, though, are being thwarted in every effort they make. Not only by those of the Forces of Light here on the planet, but by all of those that are assisting, that have come from the skies, come from the stars to assist in this process. So you are experiencing the viewing of this, but not quite understanding all of the ramifications, all of the understanding behind all of this. And your curiosity about that is exactly that: just being curious about it. But it is not important that you actually know what is happening here, because deep within you, Dear One, and to all of those others that are resonating to these words, you all know deep within you what is happening here, and to just allow it to be. For it will be what it is going to be, no matter how curious you are about this. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We do not add here.

OWS: Very good. Then we move on. Are there any other questions here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Go ahead.

Guest: Thank you. Last week, Yeshua said that he came in without karma and attachments. Was that lifetime his first on Earth?

OWS: This is a difficult question to answer here, because we do not want to mislead you in any respect. So we will attempt to help you to understand that he is special in some ways, but in many ways, and he is, he still was at that time just another human being which did not have the programming within him, as he gave here. But to know whether it was his first life, or only life here, we will just simply say he has had many, many experiences through his Higher-God-Self, that one being Sananda.

So Sananda, now, that is another story here. Sananda is a great being, and has had many, many, many many experiences over the billions, and billions, and billions, and billions of years, even more than that in terms of billions of years. So it is difficult to say one way or the other. We, again, do not want to mislead you in how this one, Yeshua, came to be about. But he wanted to share his experience, and again to hopefully set the record straight somewhat. And we think from his message, as you reslisten to it, or read the transcription, you will find that he was very successful in what he attempted to do here for all of you. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna: We can add. We can add something here, if you wish, Dear Sister.

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, each being that lives a lifetime on this planet has the opportunity in each moment to rebalance itself, to rebalance the karma, to shed the programming, and to become enlightened, you see. Each being has that option in front of each moment. We are not saying that it is easy, but it is available, you see. So the one you knew as Yeshua, as Jesus, in his lifetimes that he lived, and the one that he came to fulfill as the one Christ, was not his first, was not his first here on Earth, was not his first here on other planetary adventures, but he had mastered the ability to rebalance in each moment. He mastered that, you see. So when he came as the one known as Yeshua, he had purposefully mastered the ability to not succumb to any programming, to not adhere to any other methods but that of the divine. He had been cleansed over and over again of his own making, you see. So we must let you know that each being in this moment, in these lifetimes, have that ability as well. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you. That’s crystal clear. Thank you so much.

OWS: Very good. Would there be any other further questions here?

Guest: Yes, I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: It appears in this great movie that we are seeing, that disclosure, you know, E.T., for lack of a better term, galactic disclosure, is picking up a lot of momentum, especially within, say, the last week to two weeks. My question is, is that more geared toward genuine disclosure? Or is that geared more toward a playbook of the dark side, because I think a lot of people on this call, Q-Anons, were well aware of Project Blue Beam and potentially cabal’s attempt to stage a fake alien invasion. I am curious which one it is.

OWS: We will say that Sananda certainly gave a major hint to what you are asking here when he called it ‘the changing of the guard.’ Think about that. Contemplate on that. And that will give you the answer that you are seeking. The changing of the guard, and how the idea of disclosure is a part of that changing. Okay? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna: We can add here. May we add, Dear Brother?

Guest: Of course you can, Dear Sister.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, that which you ar observing in those channels known as your mainstream are false. These are tricks. We must tell you that each of one of you that participates in this level of understanding on these calls already knows the truth. You already know. And these things that are coming into the forefront have been known for decades, have been published. People have come forward to speak of this. But you see your masses are sleeping. So those that are beginning to pay attention are the ones that are waking up. They are paying attention because they are hearing from what they think are credible sources, information that has been available for decades to those that are awake, you see. So this is just another thing that the trickery of the third-dimensional consciousness is laying upon you. However, it is backfiring because those that are listening now that have not listened before are awakening to this. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you very much.

OWS: Would there be any further questions here?

Guest: I have one.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: My question relates to my discussion with the group earlier about that, what I’ll call, ‘device,’ that exploded in my head. Can you give me a little insight? You know, another one shared a text message with me, and then another one shared on the call. It seems that it feels like some have had these devices. So could you just kind of explain a little bit about what that might be about for us? Thank you.

OWS: We will approach this in respect to all here, not only you who are asking this question, but to all that either have experienced this, or are going to experience this at some point. Not directly the way that you have, but in the way that they will experience it.

You see, there are many experiences over your lifetime, and lifetimes previous to this, that put that device, or that ‘implant,’ as you are calling it, in place there. And it is something that you have either been dealing with at a conscious level or unconsciously that has directed in certain ways your life over the many lifetimes that you have had here.

But this time, this is the lynch-pin lifetime. This is the one where whatever was occurring in previous lifetimes is now coming to an end. You are moving beyond the area of programming. And these devices, As you are saying here, is about programming, is about holding you to the old illusion, keeping you here in that respect. But so many of you have broken away from this illusion and are free of these so-called implants, or devices. Some of you still have them, and it is being worked at from different levels of your experience, and your guides have been working with you in this way. Just as you who are asking this question had this experience. And others, as we say, have either had this experience or similar type of experience, or are going to yet experience this in, again, different ways.

But it is not something to be concerned about. Please, do not think that you are being directed here by unseen forces that are working through you and can control you. They can only control you if you allow them to do so, you see? So know that. That is why we have said many times: do not comply. Do not go along with the illusion, because you are beyond the illusion. And that is the way you need to continue to move through your life here, as it continues to develop and move you further and further along the ascension path. Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Oh we can share here. May we share our perspective on this, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, go ahead. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we wish to know if you would like specific information that is specific to you.

Guest: Well, yes, because it would help to answer a few questions. But it also needs to be directed to the whole, and I understand. So however you wish to proceed is fine with me.

Shoshanna: We will be directed in a whole way. But we will tell you this: that each one that has had this experience had this experience because at one point in their lives their ebb was very low. Their vibration was at an all-time low. And when the vibration of the vehicle of the body that is tied to the soul entered into a depressed vibration, a low vibration, that is when those that wish to use you can enter, you see, can provide a device that can enter the vehicle that can cause them to control you in some way.

Now what we find is that your vehicle, your body, has been filled with light, has been so lightened by the Golden Light of Source, by the I Am Presence, by the Violet Flame, that this device that you held in your vehicle could no longer exist, you see. So you caused that to occur.

Your work, your enlightenment, your body filled with light, your meditations, your movement forward in consciousness heightened your vibration to such a level that this thing that in many ways caused illness in your vehicle, had to be destroyed by you. You caused this to happen, you see. And we applaud you! We recognize you, and we understand. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Namaste. Much gratitude to you both. Thank you.

OWS: Would there be any further question? We need to release channel here.

Guest: I have a quick question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: There was a report a week or two ago, maybe, that there was some payout of the RV in Carolina and Florida, I believe? There was a run on million dollar mansions or million dollars plus mansions. Is that true?

OWS: We are going to tell you what you already surmised here, or that others on this call also surmised, that it is not important for you to focus on whether it is true or it is not true. It just simply is what it is, and will be determined to be what it is when the time comes. The time, or rather the vibration is not quite there yet. So more of a direct answer to your question is ‘no.’ It is not true as you are hearing this at this point. But it is moving in that direction very rapidly here. And again, this is part of the changing of the guard that is coming. So we will leave it at that. We cannot give any more on this at this point. It is coming, though. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna: We cannot add to this, but we can say, Dear Sister, if we may share our perspective?

Guest: Please.

Shoshanna: We can say that to find abundance, to create abundance, to live in abundance requires that one cleanse themselves of the programming that holds them down. That one limited thought of poverty, of not having enough, must be thwarted, must be changed. So it is not an external process. This idea of an RV is not external. If you wish to bring this to yourself, you must change the way you think. You must change the way you feel about your processes, about money, about riches, about abundance. Namaste.

OWS: We will add here, it is no longer time to wait for everything. It is time to be it, rather.

Shoshanna: We agree.

OWS: Yes.

Guest: Namaste.

OWS: We need to release channel here now. Shoshanna, do you have any parting message here?

Shoshanna: We will just say continue to watch the show. And do not be disturbed by it, as all is well. Work on yourself, and all will be well for you. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. And we simply reiterate again to contemplate, now, what Sananda has given here in terms of the changing of the guard, and what that means as you continue to move forward in your ascension process.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

**Channel: James McConnell and JoAnna McConnell

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