Thought.. Though..

Do you feel like a victim of your thought streams?

Do you Identify with your thoughts?


We share Energy and HOLD space for You.


Thought streams can be oppressive

Giving you no break, thought to thought to thought.

Exhausting they become.

Your mind is just undisciplined and on auto pilot, no biggie.

While you are going thought to thought you are unable to receive.

It becomes a one way street.

Our piece is not to try and walk the planet going OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM or to be completely blanked out. Some do have that mission and many Blessings to them.

The practice for us was to get to the point where we were aware of streams, selecting which ones we wish to create with.

Receiving information and answers to what we are perceiving, in the NOW.

One cannot receive while pumping out, actually you can but it is very hard to hear a whisper while in a tornado.

The streams ramped up, to get us to put our hand up and say, ok..ok I give up.

Spirit will get your attention.

Spirit will get your attention.

Spirit will get your attention.

I recall being painted in a corner, sitting with my head down.  No peace, No rest……literally put on blast until I said, ok Help Me understand.

We were guided to learn how to meditate and silence our mind. We now go about our daily lives in a walking meditation, aware of what we are observing and feeling.  Aware of the streams and energy coming to US.  Actively creating our experience. Sharing energy to those guided to Us in our everyday.

We asked the question, now what is the point of meditation.  This was the only time, I have ever heard a voice.  My Voice in a calm manner, from the back of my head.


Follow up question, how do we do that?  The pieces started to move and we followed the intuitive bread crumbs to a Course in Miracles, ACIM and the Manual for Teachers.  We began to train our Mind.  Many say the ACIM is too hard to understand, well maybe when it was released it was meant for NOW and not then.  Pondering…… it is the same NOW, the level of perception may have changed. Also, app is much easier to use verse a 4 inch book.

Everything we share, we have experienced or currently experiencing.  We share, so you may take and apply to yourself.

What has worked for US, may be different for yourself.

You do the Magnificence that is you.

There are many here with different messages for those at various levels of awakening.

Take from Us what you have learned, and add you perspective to it.  Teach from the NOW, the words will always be there and exactly what one is Seeking.

Many have different parts to Play


There is not just one way, DISCERNMENT.

How do you feel when you read or hear information?

If you get goose bumps, shivers or it just feels good, you then continue with that avenue.

If you become angry, feel like a victim or if it makes you focus on a proverbial boogie man, you may want to re-evaluate, Your Choice.

Finding your way becomes much easier without the thought noise as you will receive the answers you SEEK.

If you are constantly talking to someone while in a conversation, you cannot hear what the other person is saying.

You are having a constant conversation with the Universe, you are just unaware. Do you SEE?

You have expression all over the ENTIRE Universe and then some.

Infinite possibilities, You can tap into them ALL

You can tap into all the wisdom from your expressions.

How do you just know things?

Where does that information come from?

Perceived past lives?

Higher vibrating expressions of yourself?

The quickest way to everything you SEEK is peeling the layers you ID with to get to your CENTER.


How many licks to the center of the TOOTSIE POP?

Set your intentions, say it out loud making it a vibration.

Follow your intuition, read the synchronicities.

We share in LOVE, We support you.

The Magnificence that is YOU will be revealed.

How Exciting!!



Are we having fun yet?

The Collective is NOW aware, We have Splash.

So Much Love,

It’s EZ