Awakening Sharing… I Am

We are all Uniquely awesome expressions of the same Source


Many Blessings,

We love sharing our Energy and We hold Space for YOU

Feel for Us


We feel we should just share everything.

We hope much of what we share helps some find Peace

AH Ha Moments and much more

We hope it helps you find the tools to Develop yourself

We are all in this together

It feels like currently in our field, the more we all share the more we ALL will see how every single one of us fit together to create the Whole.

By all of Us sharing, we become Aware of each other.

Yes we are all Unique, Yet YET we all have the same common denominator.

We share what we have learned and experienced to help those coming up behind us in their awakening.

Remember early on in your awakening, trying to figure things out.

How much peace would it have brought you, Being able to see and read what a Brother or Sister experienced and not feel so alone.

We did not fit into any category, we spent at least three years stripping layers off.

We followed our intuition mostly for guidance until we became aware of our I AM.

From that point we began practicing Self Mastery, taking each system systematically off auto pilot.

We followed Two outside Sources for Guidance, Beautiful Mirrors most know of them.

As we progressed we were advised to Stop listening to outside sources. For it was time to hone our information.

We refused because one was our every day, and it lined up so well and we could feel their energy.

The other, We could just feel within our hearts the information and energy.

The Ah Ha moments were awesome.

We continued to refuse, we Loved those collectives.

Things lined up, pieces came together and they made it easier for us.

We thank and Bless them and now we find our articles of information among theirs.  FEEL SO BLESSED

We feel sharing our experience and how we process on a daily would be Kudos to them and their Beautiful work.

One collective, is just returning the favor.  We feel so blessed and Grateful for you.  “It is quicker to experience everything your are not to understand who you truly are”.

The other,  And so it is… Thank You Brother

When we woke up to our I Am we were trying to share the information from that consciousness and it just was not being understood.

We felt very isolated and alone as there was nobody to talk to about what we understood.  We kept reading the synchronicities, and following our intuition.

We would always see the number 44, always and even looking back it was usually on a sports jersey.

What prompted us to start awakening,  seeing 11:11 everywhere.

We all have different Origin stories, and they are all so magnificent.

Some of us, well we are Helpers.

We carry Energy from Andromeda and many more. We all have so many Soul expressions.

When we write, it seems we can switch between our I AM consciousness and our physical self.  Both feel the same to us, but the information and guidance is from our Soul collective and or from the collective of our expressions.

For example, When sharing an experience supplemental information could come in from our Spirit-self or it could come from another expression of ourselves.

Observe the writings, you will see they have different energies. we try to be very aware of the tenacity energies used to make a point. It is very effective.

We can feel our 3rd eye and Crown Chakra constantly, that is how we know we are connected.  It is always connected now a days but that was not always the case.  We would initially have to do breathing exercises to activate it or connect.

We share out of Love

When speaking to someone and they are seeking answers it comes from our spiritual self, we tend to get new understandings this way also.

EVEN More reason to Share.

We can tap into energies of our other expressions and pull that in when needed. We have experienced the Energy from our Physical Presence help some wake up who were ready.

We see how certain people in public are affected by our presence.  They tend to get woo woo head and forget their thoughts or what they are doing.

We hold space and with in a few they recover.

Other times, we experienced our energy help them awaken.  It was more of the visitor types and not in public atmosphere. They always get sleepy.

BUT we experienced that, what a  magnificent happening

We ever feel so blessed

Events like that kept the doubt away.

We recently also noticed when providing guidance, you have to wait for the entire lesson to be completed.  Then the information will come in, say if you are working with someone on their path. They are asking question regarding the day, but as you listen nothing really is coming in.  The lesson to be learned is not fully completed yet,  Observe you will see.

Circle back after the shoe drops and the information will be there with information for Clarity.

We share so others may find peace and not feel alone.

We are all never alone, but it can sure feel that way.

Reach back, help another expression of yourself

It feels so good

The writings are both Spiritual information and experience sharing and at times combined with supplemental information.

This is Different and NEW

We Welcome You to Join Us

So much more to come, we can see it in our field of awareness

We all Rise together

Much Love

It’s EZ

#1 of Unknown

We start working together, Yes does this not feel good?