Hakann: Remember that You Are a Reincarnating Soul

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

First of all, I want to acknowledge that life on Earth right now is often brutal, unfair, crazy, harsh, lonely and painful. Yes, I know that many of you are suffering. Many of you are in uncertain and insecure situations. Many of you have lost loved ones. I very much empathize with you.

As always, we are not in favor of suppressing emotions. Instead we think that if you feel angry, or scared, or whatever, then you are, as always, good the way you are. You can just observe and feel your emotions, without trying to change or judge them. Sometimes it can help to just fully step into the pain and let it wash over you. While a part of you might think this will destroy you, almost certainly the pain will pass more quickly than you think and it will bring more relief than you think. Alternatively, another thing you can do is to switch your perspective from “I am in pain” to “I am observing pain.”

Ultimately, your freedom is coming. I maintain my prediction that before the end of 2026 (and quite possibly sooner), your lives will be substantially better than they are now.

We understand that many of you are feeling that us galactics are not moving quickly enough and that the end of 2026 is too far away. That is a very understandable perspective. If I was living on Earth, I very well may be feeling that way too.

From my perspective, we are moving as quickly as is feasible: you personally may be awake, but most people are not, and uplifting the consciousness of an entire planet takes time. If we take over your mainstream media and start broadcasting our perspective, then many people will interpret that as hostile aliens trying to destabilize Earth and trying to undermine their leaders. After all, many people falsely believe that their leaders are working in their interests, when often they do not. And as we have shared previously, if us galactics arrest the bad guys and try to hand you a love-based society, then that may not be stable and we risk replaying Atlantis. Whereas if Earth humans arrest the bad guys and create a love-based society, it probably will be stable.

The channeler recently watched a documentary about Americans trying to nation-build in the middle east, and how it doesn’t work if one group of people tries to impose their way of life on another group. That’s not a perfect analogy, but as a comparison this is also not completely irrelevant. Make no mistake, what most people on Earth want right now is normalcy and comfort and rest. Most Earth people don’t actually want gargantuan changes in society, or more unexpected events.

I still sometimes think back to the soldier from an earlier message, who transitioned (“died”) under my command and whose last request to me was making sure that Earth humans wouldn’t suffer more than is necessary. Indeed, a worthy request.

Today I would like to share an analogy with you that illustrates the way that galactics and angels are looking at the situation on Earth. Of course, our perspective does not invalidate your perspective, which very well could be that people on Earth are suffering and need direct help from the galactics. As is often the case, I think both perspectives have a certain amount of merit and validity to them. Though yes, I acknowledge that it is easy for me to talk like this when I am not the one on the surface of Earth, having to suffer through everything that’s going on.

Today’s analogy is the following. Imagine a man (or woman) who is 20 years old. He still has the vast majority of his life ahead of him. In fact, the best days in his life haven’t even happened yet. This man is on a long trip to explore America. The man really loves travelling around. However, this man suffers from a serious misconception. Every single day, the man believes that his life began at the start of the day and it will end at the end of the day. So as he is travelling, he spends many hours every day in pain and in despair, barely even seeing the natural beauty around him, and not interacting as open-heartedly with other people as he could have. Then finally the day passes, he doesn’t die, and a new day starts. However, the man forgets that he spent all of yesterday being afraid of death. The man again is convinced that his life started in the morning and that he will die at the end of the day. So again he spends his days travelling and being scared of dying at the end of the day. And again the day passes, he doesn’t die, and another day starts. Again he believes that his life started that morning and that his life will end that evening. Et cetera.

Now suppose that during one of these days, it rains and it’s clear that it will keep raining for the entire day. Now from a zoomed-out perspective, this is an event barely worth mentioning: it rains during one day of a very long and beautiful trip. But from the man’s perspective, this rain is a soul-crushing tragedy, because it is raining and will be raining all his life! Because after all, he is living with the misconception that his entire life is just one day. And so if it rains during one day, it seems to the man that there is rain all his life, which is crushing. But in reality, the man is on a long and beautiful trip, and it’s almost a footnote that it is raining during this one day.

From our perspective, this is more or less how Earth humans are living. One day in this metaphor is what you would think of as one lifetime. During every day, you are convinced that your existence started in the morning and will end at nighttime. During every lifetime, you are convinced that your existence started at this current lifetime’s birth and that your existence will end at the end of your life. But in reality, your current life is just one lifetime on a very long journey you are on.

And yes, during this lifetime it is raining, very much so in fact. And yes, we are working to try and get you a raincoat. We are not saying that the rain isn’t real, that your suffering isn’t real. But ultimately, it is not raining during your entire existence. It is raining during this one day, during this one lifetime here on Earth, and it is a fraction of the total journey of your soul. There have been many other lifetimes before, and there will be many lifetimes after. Your soul’s journey is much longer and much more beautiful than just this one lifetime here on Earth.

I know that many people in the spiritual community cognitively grasp that they are reincarnating souls, but many people haven’t truly integrated that knowledge. Again, we are trying to help you get a raincoat, but truly: if it rained during one day of a long journey, would you think it is appropriate to experience the rain as the soul-crushing event that “all your life is a struggle”? Or would you think that today isn’t the best, but tomorrow will be brighter?

We are not saying your suffering isn’t real or valid. We are just saying that even if your entire life has been a struggle, ultimately that is like one rain-filled day on a very long journey. You are a reincarnating soul, therefore your entire existence is not a struggle — it is just one day on a long journey that is a struggle. So hopefully you can realize that tomorrow will be brighter, and that just because this life may be hard, does not mean that your entire existence is one of only pain and struggle.

I am hoping that this perspective will bring you a measure of peace — although I acknowledge that there are other valid perspectives too.

With love,

Your star brother,

**Channel: A.S.


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9 Replies to “Hakann: Remember that You Are a Reincarnating Soul”

  1. Scroogle McDuck

    No, you aren’t a reincarnating soul — unless you want to tie yourself to the 3d train tracks again. You can make a choice to go to GOD, via Brother J. Why would you knowingly go back into the hell of the illusion? Because you don’t know any better? Well, now you do.

  2. Edward Johnson

    Hakann, thanks for this message. It definitely puts our situation at this time into perspective. I actually have understood this for quite some time, and I tell myself often that this is just a blip in my eternal life, however, I cannot feel the experiences of all of those other lives so I lack the reference to feel the true essence of this lifetime in my overall eternal existence. Therein lies the issue with dealing with being here at this time.

  3. WK

    Message received.

    I confirm from where I live that indeed people are simply trying to live and be left alone in peace. While there is still sorrow, there is also a deeper appreciation for the simple things in life. There is, I should say, a greater appreciation for what was in the past taken for granted.

    My deepest appreciation to you all Galatic Brothers and Sisters for your service to Light and Love here on Earth. Rest assured that, I for one, am aware that you are doing all that you can. And that if it was up to you, you would land now. But the Divine Plan must be followed, for only Source knows what action(s) are required to yield a peacefulll and loving outcome, not just for Earth but for the entire Universe. The perfect action that generates the perfect infinite balance, can only be known by Source, and no one else. Our Divine ignorance is a fact, and acknowleging it sharps our sensitivity to Source’s wispers.

    I took think from time to time of your (and mine) brother soldier that fell in duty to help Earth and its humans. Mainly when I remember of you my Sisters and Brothers from the Stars, and to me he became a symbol of your determination. Dying to defend Love is probably a warriror’s ultimate challenge. Defend life till death, is not just a sentence, it is a reality (as his life teaches us). Some need to sacrifice (to one extent or another) so that others can enjoy freedom. It is our Love for them that fuels the choice to follow such path. Even though we may perish (in the line of divine duty), we know that they are safe.

    Arumai eronion evate ikron. Tenai eron iekai evron. Tenekai ingron erienon. Tsame tsutai.

    I send you my Love, from my Divine Spark to Yours, and in so doing another stream Light is formed, composing the infinite web that is Source.

    Your Earthling Brother,

  4. MatteoBrustolon

    Thank You. This message comes at the right time today. Yes it is a “not so easy” time at the moment, sure. Could you set up for me (or Us if someone is interested)a little beautiful and lovely group of Pleiadian girls to materialize sometimes to have some open heart Sex? Obviously just if possible and permitted by my personal Divine Plan and universal laws… I think that could help reaching 2026 ahahah!.. Thank you again for Your service. I send you all my love and my light, galactic Brothers and Sister. Matteo

  5. John

    We too acknowledge and honor your service. No memory of Atlantis, but then again, that’s probably the whole point. You can say that again tomorrow just in case, though.

  6. Paladin


    Can you please set up Jared on a date with Tunia? I think that’s all he needs to die happy. Maybe if he could just meet her for coffee or the Pleiadean equivalent? I know she is married but surely she can be forgiven this one little Piccadillo?

  7. Jared

    When one’s whole life is miserable, it feels like one’s whole life has been miserable.
    I do not like miserable life.
    I like good life amen.
    All beings must visibly help fix earth now free and nice of course amen.

    1. harrrrrie

      Can you give us ideas on how to fix things? Tell us who we should ask to whistle-blow on the bad guys? Give us information to expose the bad guys?