Your divinely Inspired Awakening

Welcome the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere – Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere!

The solstice is awakened on June 21 at 10:58 am EDT, 7:58 am PDT and 3:58 pm Universal Time in London.

This year the astro-numerology code is spectacular:

6.21.2023 adds up to an inspirational 16 Universal Date of Spiritual Awakening, Sudden Insights, and Divine Inspiration:

  • June 21 activates the number for our 21st century of Truth and Joy.
  • 16 reduces to the root number 7, doubling up the 7 Universal Year Code for 2023.
  • In the stars Jupiter, bringer of Joy, is sextile Saturn, planet of responsible manifestation – with both at .
  • This creates a quadruple, highly fortunate 7:7:7:7 Code!
  • Mars trine Mercury invigorates your ideas and fires up passionate communication, and with both planets at 18° you are healing, releasing and dreaming of a new life.
  • Stellium made up of Mars, Moon and Venus in Leo (all personal planets) magnifies enthusiasm and celebrates your Light.

This is a glorious cosmic Solstice Astro-Numerology code!

As the Sun enters 00°00’ Cancer to begin the new season today, a lovely sextile is activated by the Sun to the North Node in TaurusYou feel a joyful peace about the future and the anticipation of loving new relationships.

Enjoy this vibrant, richly spiritual Solstice Day of awakening!

Relish in your creative imagination…

Nurture within you all that uplifts and heals… and take time for silence and celebration.

Accept the invitation to manifest magic in your life.


Love and Light,

**By Tania Gabrielle


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