Sananda: Changing of the Guard

I am Sananda. And I come to be with you at this time, in these continuing changing times.

I am going to call this now the ‘changing of the guard.’ For that is indeed what is happening. You are experiencing a changing of the guard, changing of the old ways, the old 3-D illusionary system is changing right before your eyes in many respects. But again, it is still mostly for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. And you are able to experience this change as it is happening, and know that it is happening. And as you have heard many times, you can watch this. Watch it happening. Watch it as a movie playing out. And the movie is playing out, and eventually it will come to an end. And you will experience a glorious, glorious end to this, and a great, a wonderful new miraculous beginning to the New Golden Age that is upon you.

But the changing of the guard, the old guard, is no longer, or will be no longer, because the old guard cannot withstand the light as it comes in, the truth as it comes in. For they always speak to remain in the shadows, remain in the darkness, but they cannot, as light illuminates that darkness. They must come forth. And they are coming forth. And they are coming forth much faster than they had planned on doing. And showing themselves much quicker than they had planned.

For those of the Forces of Light have forced this experience, have forced the truth to come forward. And that is what you are experiencing now, and why it seems like it is so slow in developing. But it must happen in this way. It must develop in this way to follow the great universal plan of the God Source that is conducting this plan, conducting it with all of you, all of you that are the players here.

You are all the players within this movie, the actors within this movie, the director of this movie as well. And even in some ways, the producers, and yes, of course, the fans that are watching this movie. You are all participating in this, the changing of the guard. It must happen, it is happening, and will continue to happen more and more.

And you will soon, very soon, see and experience a new experience that will catapult these great changes forward, raising the momentum, raising the cavalcade that is coming forth as it is cascading, just as the water cascades after a dam explodes, or a dam has been destroyed and the water explodes out. That is what is happening. The water of truth. The water of light. The water of Spirit that is spreading everywhere.

Know this: as you continue to move forward, as you continue to allow these changes to happen first within you, within the individual that you are. But as these changes are happening within you, whatever those changes might be, each and every one of you are different. You have a different experience of this. You are having a different ascension experience than anyone else. Yes, there are some similarities. But for the most part, you are all having, and will continue to have, an individual ascension experience. And it is meant to be this way. Everything is meant to be exactly as it is happening now.

And again, you are the catapult. You are the ones that are creating this, and continuing to create this. You and your brothers and sisters together, both here on the planet, and all of those that are assisting in this process that are out beyond this planet, and watching over you, and assisting whenever they can. We are all here together to work through this. To work through this ascension process, To bring this ascension forward.

And not only for the Earth, not only for Gaia and all of the people here on this planet, but for the entire solar system, and even the galaxy is moving through this ascension. It is a wondrous time. And that is the way we want you to continue to view this, to look at this as a wondrous time. Not as dark times, but as light coming forward, truth coming forward. The end of the old, and the beginning of the new. The New Dawn which continues to begin to rise. You, my friends, my brothers and sisters, are that New Dawn.

All of my peace and love be with each and every one of you. Continue to move forward and be the God Source within you that you all are. Be the Christ Consciousness that you all are carrying. Allow yourselves to be the one.

**Channel: James McConnell

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