New Matrix Part 11

The old, 3D Matrix has been destroyed, but there are still lot fragments of it. Through them, the parasitic System and its Power Pyramid continue hold and control us tenaciously. How?

Often, we have the feeling that when interesting thoughts arise, it’s as if we are disconnected, information is taken away from our brain. Usually, it happens through redirection of attention. For example, we thought about the Source or high vibrations, and suddenly the cell phone rings.

Our attention switches to a chat with a friend, and the previous topic is forgotten. Or we woke up in the morning with the idea of spiritual practice, and while we’re looking for a pen to fix on paper, so as not to forget, everything instantly volatilized.

During sleep, we come out of the cocoon of our data-aware mind, connect to the general info-field, and with our rays of attention we explore the precious topics located in the upper layers of the unconscious. There, we collect the most interesting data that we could unpack and implement here. But when we wake up and return to our normal state, we cannot transmit it. Instantly activates the Matrix alarm and blocks thought packets that go beyond what the System and Power Pyramid allow.

Sometimes they take our thoughts right on the go. Even with the deepest concentration, we can lose the flow of thought, its channel. The wreckage of the 3D Matrix reacts to flashes of our consciousness that go beyond its norms and extinguishes those flashes with a flood of new emotions, which redirect our attention to nowhere.

Trying to remember something with human (material) memory, we remain in the cocoon of our information field, without having access to a common database, containing great cosmic truths. The flow of info is non-stop transmitted to our personal consciousness, but the System does not allow the beam of our attention to force way through beyond it. “This is your world, man, live here! Why do you need to get something from somewhere else?”

Having no connection with the Source and the planetary information field, our mind cannot interpret what is received, much less voice it. Therefore, the System constantly returns us from the alpha state (relaxation, creativity, and exit on a Subtle Plane) back to beta staying (concentration on the commands of the Ego and the surrounding reality). In this mode, the filters of the mind are turned on, and our brain focuses on the surrounding reality.

In theta being (meditation, intuition, memory), our consciousness collects information on a cosmic scale. In delta shape (detached awareness, dream) – it embodies what it has received, creating new worlds. In gamma state – emerges insight, expanded consciousness. But it is absolutely unacceptable to the Darks’ Power Pyramid. They have accustomed our consciousness to receive food for thoughts only in microscopic portions. 3D System clogs our memory cells with them, and we consider them our own. Thus, it stuffs us with the templates of the old, 3D Matrix. Absorbing its mental garbage, in dreams and in reality, we form our personal and general environment, thereby preserving the Matrix and its Power Pyramid. Manipulating our consciousness, they run our behavior and events, which do not please them.

Crystal clear consciousness has no bindings… Often, as soon as we think about it, the thought is interrupted and begins to rush. Our consciousness is filled with various junk that has nothing to do with the case. In the right brain (connected with the Subtle Plane) we feel cleaning, movement as from a rotating fan inside the skull, and a sound similar to a hum or white noise. Memory cells seem to be blown out by jerks under the ear, it is felt physically.

As soon as we try to focus on what is happening to us, the memory slips away. The influence of the energy beam of the Matrix is usually felt on the right side of the body by subtle, almost imperceptible vibrations and mini spasms. After some time, the plug-in can be to the left side and cause spasms of the muscles of the neck, left arm or leg. Tuning to our body, the Darks’ Matrix adjusts itself by impulses to the rhythm of the heart, to breathing and blood flows, implements its programs, and we perceive them as reactions/work of our body.

Often, the high-frequency sound that we hear in our ears, especially before going to bed, is a vibrational sync of the Matrix. This may be like clicks or an increase in the vibes flow. The sound changes for a few seconds, but then returns back to its original state. Along with clicks, thoughts and images can emerge, diverting our attention from the spiritual to the material, from the right brain to the left, from intuition to logic.

And now we begin to think with the thoughts of Darks, look with their eyes, listen with their ears, focus our attention in the direction they need. Matrix software is slowly but surely integrating into us and starting to build up potential. As soon as it is typed, the app turns on and begins to run the influence space. It can be innards, part of the neck, muscles on the back or something else. It usually manifests itself as spasms, goosebumps, vibrations or temperature changes, but in each case, they are adjusted to our biorhythms, and are almost imperceptible. And if we feel them, we do not understand the reasons, and, out of habit, grab medicine or alcohol to bring the symptoms down.

A favorite technique of the 3D Matrix remnants is to sync erasing impulses to the rhythm of our heart so that we don’t have any questions – “don’t worry, your mind doesn’t work here, otherwise your blood pressure jump and heart ache. Calm down, drink a sedative. Why do you need to think? Still trying? Then get a hit to your head/chest/back”…

That is why our thoughts flow away or everything starts to hurt while reading texts or listen things unacceptable to the System. It can send a distracting or overwhelming signal not only to our Subtle Bodies, but also on the corpus, as soon as we begin to think on certain vibrations, or build a channel with the Higher Self or Source. Just so we don’t think…

We deeply believe that cogito ergo sum (if I think, then I exist), so we got used to a head constantly full of thoughts. When our brain enters the alpha state and disconnects from the “here and now”, the System forces it to come back by different methods, or throws new thoughts on the receiving antenna – our upper chakras. As soon as we begin to think philosophically, creatively, and turn on the upper energy centers, we get on the radar of the Matrix, and its impact depends on our settings. Automatically, the Matrix sends an overwhelming impulse to us, and if necessary, switches our consciousness to alcohol, sex, drugs and “medicines”, hype mass media, and other popular opiates.

We may not notice it right away, but our biorhythms and hormones are suppressed by some “drugs”, and stimulated to grow by others, where all vaccinations and pills have a double (multilevel) bottom. Vibrations change systematically, and the body becomes more sensitive to external energies, and our protection can be broken very easily. In an altered state of consciousness, we connect to anything, but it becomes easier to connect to us. And then, we generate even more psychic energies and thought forms needed to Darks, so they try to run our attention by all possible tools.

If we visit unwelcomed blogs, sites or info channels, an alarm goes off, the Darks’ Matrix blocks our upper and stimulates the lower chakras as exemplified by the patients of mental hospitals, drug takers, alcohol and sex consumers, and other freaks. Animal instincts are activated and creative thoughts that connect us to Higher Planes are suppressed. The lower are our vibrations, the lower is access to information, and the less are insights and evolution of our consciousness.

It’s like being underwater, where nothing can be heard from the surface, sounds and thoughts are muffled by physical reality. As long as we are immersed in the depths, we are not touched. As soon as we raise our head (chakra, perception channel) above the surface, the remnants of the 3D Matrix immediately strike upon our brain. If we managed to take a sip of pure information air, they push us back under the water with thoughts of all sorts of nonsense: “Pick your nose… Isn’t it great that you have a new smartphone now? …Poke the buttons on the laptop, swing the app…There was a snickers bar next to you, and a cold beer in the fridge, don’t you want it? …And there, on the site, a cute girl/boy, admire”…

To switch and suppress our attention, Matrix uses other methods. For example, through passers-by or being in a crowd, when suddenly a stranger sticks his gaze right into our forehead. At such moments, the brain enters the alpha state (or rather, it already resides in it, because trips in transport are mostly made automatically, and the road has been traveled hundreds of times), and our memory cells are open for zeroing. The stranger, then, simply dissolves into the crowd, becomes invisible, because from the very beginning it was not a man but hologram.

We often encounter this in the subway in the form of sullen provocateurs playing “bite me with your eyes” while sitting opposite. At the same time, the information in us can not only be erased, but also downloaded. There are a lot of motley astral and etheric evil spirits living in the subway, but this is another type of influence that awakens aggression and fills the mind with hatred and malice.

Basically, such an impact is made on people who have low energy and life values – an ideal battery for recharging Darks. Our body, emotions and thoughts produce a huge amount of energy. All the space around us is entangled in a dense network for pumping out our energy by a parasitic System. For it, we are just a source, renewable and waste-free. To keep us that way, the remnants of the Matrix are still trying to have us on a string, and milk everyone daily and hourly. Therefore, it programs us so that we never wake up. And if this suddenly happens, then, we experience unbearable emptiness. Our minds are turning against us.

Knowing the path and following it is not the same thing. Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs are trying to wake us, to free our minds. But by activating new planetary and Causal Matrices, they only show us the door. But it’s solely up to us to use it and regain our freedom.

**By Lev