You Only Need to Ask Once

You do not need to ask twice, wait for the answer. Ask for Clarity if need be.

Many Blessings,

We Share Energy and Hold Space for You.

Feel for Us


You only need to ask a question once to a perceived problem.

Can you stay silent and listen for the answer to come in?

Any Question you may ask, only has to be asked Once.

The answer always comes in the NOW, when it is needed. Divine Timing.

Can you follow the magic map? It only gives answers in the NOW.

We think we know with the little context we think we have, KEYHOLE.

Trying to figure out a perceived problem or scenarios or future events by pounding thought streams, trying to figure it out.  This creates a resistance, do you SEE?

You are looking through a key hole into a closet, not realizing the entire Universe is behind you, and all around you.

We only need to ask Once.

Wait for the answer to come.


Reflect back, the answer always came.

The answer may come as a thought, a mirror or synchronicity.

Allow your Spirit Self to provide the answer. Your higher-selves have the entire syllabus.

The faster you can get to the realization of You know Nothing. The faster you can let go and receive.

We have a choice in every instance, Ego or Spirit.

The answer always comes exactly on time in the NOW with Divine Timing.

Vibrate Higher and the answers come faster.

Do the Work

Do the Work

Do the Work

Ask only once, Observe and the answer is there.

We may disregard the answer.

We may not like the answer.

The answer is always Provided

We guaranteed the EGO will strongly advise against it.

Can you observe and wait for the answer?

Bigger pieces moving.

We just make you aware, there is no right or wrong.

The choice is always yours.

Much Love,

It’s EZ


One Reply to “You Only Need to Ask Once”

  1. John

    Yes, and I noticed I can’t really ask a second time because when I try it’s already a different question.