Hakann: Your Leaders Treat Citizens as Citizens Treat Animals

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Today I would like to discuss god, satan, factory farming, trump and putin.

God and satan

Your planet used to be ruled by a combination of hostile extraterrestrials and demons, and their human minions.

The hostile extraterrestrials have mostly been chased away or eliminated already, in large part by the actions of the galactic confederation. My kind, Pleiadians, are part of the galactic confederation.

The most powerful of these demons was the being that you know as god.

In the grand scale of the entire universe, god was not that exceptional of a being. But he did have a lot of influence on earth.

God has recently been un-created, thanks to the teamwork of the heavens and of a certain Earth human lightworker, who was in service to Source. Yes, you lightworkers are that important: god was only eliminated after this Earth human lightworker sat down and asked light beings to unmake god, in accordance with the highest divine blueprint. And with this free-will request made, with the crucial phrase “in accordance with the highest divine blueprint” added, the heavens answered and had a mandate to act. And so it was. God has been uncreated.

Note that god is not the same being as Source, who is the actual creator of the universe. I would recommend not using the words god and Source as synonyms, because one of these was a demon and the other is the actual creator of the universe.

Once you step outside of cultural programming, it is relatively easy to see that god is not a good being. What kind of being would give ten commandments to his people and have “thou shalt have no other gods before me” be the first of these commandments? What kind of being would have “thou shalt not covet” as a commandment? You might as well say “thou shalt not commit thought crime.” People can’t control what emotions arise in them, they can only control their actions, and hence telling a people that they shall not feel certain feelings just makes that people feel unworthy and sinful.

Which is exactly what you want if you are a demon, because demons feed on negative emotions.

Furthermore, if you read the old testament, there are a large number of examples that indicate that god is not a noble being. Also, how could an apparently exclusively masculine being be the creator of everything?

Note also that praying to god wasn’t actually that effective at achieving real-world change, which makes sense because he was a demon. Meanwhile if you worship a Hindu deity, you’ll get much more benefits from it, because those are actual deities and not disguised demons. The Christians who say they have benefitted from divine intervention often cite Jesus / Yeshua or Mother Mary or an angel as the one making the intervention, not god specifically. Indeed Jesus and Mary and angels are good-hearted beings.

Look around you at all the suffering in the world. Does that seem to match a world where lots of people worship a loving god, or does that seem to match a world where lots of people have worshipped and thus empowered a demon?

An often used image is that god is the people’s shepherd. Well, shepherds ultimately eat their animals.

Not to mention that shepherds often herd a group of sheep. Do you think the creator of the universe wants people to be sheep, or do you think a demon wants people to be sheep?

God and satan have both been uncreated recently. Both were demons that did a good-cop-bad-cop routine. And billions of people have fallen for it, unfortunately.

There is still a divinity out there that has created everything and that loves you infinitely and unconditionally. That divinity is just Source, and not god.

Until very recently, you can think of earth as a farm run by demons and hostile extraterrestrials. The beings who were being farmed were humans, and they were being farmed for their negative emotions. Hence all the division and needless suffering.

Could you create a system that creates as much suffering as the system on Earth does, while this suffering-creating-system is operated by mostly good-hearted beings who have to believe in the validity of the system or else they’d revolt? I couldn’t. It’s perverse but the system on Earth is unbelievably effective at creating suffering while being operated by mostly good-hearted people and while seeming legitimate in the eyes of many.

And if you think this is monstrous, well it is. We are working to dismantle that system.

But also, there is not that huge of a difference from our point of view between demons farming humans, and humans engaging in factory-farming of animals. In both cases, the beings who are farmed are mistreated horribly.

If you are eating products that come from animal factory-farming, and if you are reasonably able to get animal products from non-factory-farming sources, then you might want to reflect on the fact that you are contributing to a system of horrible animal suffering, while at the same time perhaps complaining about certain people in positions of power who are contributing to a system of horrible human suffering.

We’re not saying that these things are exactly the same amount of immoral. But still. You can’t create a love-based society if you abuse the most vulnerable among you, and on Earth that’s animals.

We’re not just saying this to hopefully encourage some people to stop buying products that come from animal farming. We are also saying this to help you understand how the people in power could be so heartless. In both cases, it’s just people prioritizing their convenience and comfort over the well-being of others, because they don’t mentally think of those others as being who matter, and beings who are on some level part of them and connected to them.

Humans are willing to cull their animal herds if that’s convenient, or if that makes the herd easier to manage. Similarly, your so-called elites are willing to cull human herds if that’s convenient, or if that makes the herd easier to manage. Indeed right now they are trying to reduce the human population, in various ways, in order to make the people of Earth easier to manage.

Note that the morality of the elite comes from literal hostile aliens and demons, who don’t see themselves as humans (because they’re not) and hence don’t feel bad to treat humans inhumanely. Nowadays the hostile galactics and demons have mostly been cleared up and so it’s mostly humans in charge, but these humans still maintain the morality that they are different from normal humans and that normal human beings can be treated as cattle.

So if you are wondering why the elites could treat people so inhumanely, or if you are getting cognitive dissonance from the thought that elites want to reduce the human population, keep in mind that they simply don’t really see themselves as being the same race as you. They see you as something like a sheep-human and see themselves as something like a superior wolf-human. To them, it’s partly just culling the animal herd to make them easier to manage, and partly it’s the natural order of things that wolves eat the sheep.


If your head is spinning and you’re trying to figure out what is true and who can be trusted: a good rule of thumb is the following:

If the Western mainstream media calls someone a good person, then usually that person is horribly evil, and they usually do unspeakable things to children behind closed doors. Examples are Biden and Trudeau and Zelensky. These are the black hats, dark controllers, cabal, deep state, depopulationers, illuminati, however you want to call them. Their goal is ultimate power, a huge reduction in the human population in order to make humans easier to control, and a total enslavement of the few remaining humans.

If the media calls someone a good person, that person is probably a dark controller or at least working for the dark controllers.

Now if the Western mainstream media calls someone an evil person, then that person is probably a gray hat. Gray hats aren’t exactly noble or selfless. In fact at times they take actions that lead to other people dying or suffering. They don’t seek to empower the average man and woman nearly as much as they should. They’re also not sharing as much wealth and knowledge and technology with the human population as we’d like them to. However, at least they’re not trying to depopulate Earth and they don’t do unspeakable things to children behind closed doors. It’s really easy to point out the flaws of these gray hats, and indeed gray hats aren’t white, but gray hats aren’t black either.

Your average nationalistic leader, and this includes Trump and Putin, are examples of gray hats. There are also gray hats in every country in positions of lesser power, such as various people in the military and the police force and in secret services. Gray hats often aren’t nice, however they’re also not on board with human depopulation. Gray hats usually are working against the dark controllers in an effective way. And hence if the gray hats didn’t exist, the situation on Earth would be far worse. These gray hats are the reason why you’re currently not in another lockdown, or imprisoned in camps, or subject to a CO2 tax or a CBDC, or forbidden from travelling more than fifteen minutes from your home. If everyone was a black hat, then the US and Russia would already be in a hot war, right? Well, they’re not, which means that not everyone is a black hat.

A white hat would seek to empower the average person. A black hat seeks to kill or enslave the average person. A gray hat wants a situation where the average person has an okay life but where the gray hat himself still has significantly more power and wealth and information than the average person does. Trump and Putin are gray hats: for the most part their policies create a reasonably good quality of life for the people in their country, although they themselves would still have significantly more wealth and power and information than the average person, even after they retire from politics. If Trump and Putin were actual white hats, they’d donate most of their fortunes to charity and they would seek to release much more information to the public than they are currently doing. Gray hats in general see themselves as simply better than the average person and thus more deserving of wealth and information and power than the average person, and this is a position we disagree with.

We’re not a fan of Trump promoting the covid shot, but this wasn’t Trump trying to intentionally depopulate Earth. Trump simply got fooled into supporting the covid shot and was then too prideful and stubborn and too afraid of a backlash to publicly apologize and make a statement against the covid shot. It is a psychologically heavy burden to accept that you got tricked into supporting a depopulation shot, and harder still to publicly announce that. Still, it’s not great, hence us calling Trump a gray hat. On the other hand, he’s certainly better than the people who are actively trying to kill most of humanity, which includes most other presidents and political candidates. If Trump had never entered politics, it’s quite probable that Hillary would have become president in 2016 and a hot WW3 between Russia and the US would have started somewhere between 2016 and 2020.

So, where are all the Earth human white hats? They don’t exist as an organized group. There’s only a few isolated white hats. Yes, there is an organized group of people who work against the dark controllers in an effective and coordinated way, but those are the gray hats.

Then where are all the actually good people? Usually they don’t seek out power: why would a morally good person seek to get more power than this fellow man and woman? Usually white hats don’t engage in the kind of actions that lead to someone becoming powerful and in fact usually they’re actively kept out of positions of power. If good people do get into positions of power, they’re usually assassinated or blackmailed or told “become a puppet of us black hats or we’ll destroy your career.” Or at least they get character-assassinated by the media. Sometimes people start out as white hats and genuinely try to get into power to do good things, but then either they refuse to play power games and they don’t get anywhere, or they do play power games and they make a million little moral concessions and by the time they’re powerful they’re just another corrupt politician.

As a result, good people usually have little to no power. Most people in positions of power are gray hats or black hats.

If you are wondering why your liberation is taking so long, well, this is part of it.

Now, many people understand that the Western mainstream media lies about a lot of topics, but somehow they blindly believe that western media is correct on one or two topics. As a rule of thumb, if you ever find yourself agreeing with mainstream media, you should seriously reconsider your position. Sure, in a few minor cases the mainstream media is actually correct, but it’s a good rule of thumb to assume that everything the mainstream media says is an inversion of the truth, and hence to seriously reconsider your opinion if your opinion is the same as what the mainstream media is saying. This is doubly so if the story is given central importance by the media. The media might be correct about a minor story, but if a certain topic is given central importance for months at a point, it’s a near-certainty that the media is lying at least in part about it.


The current hot topic of discussion is that Putin is a mindless evil brute. Well, first of all, Putin certainly isn’t mindless: he has a Ph.D. in economics. How many western leaders have something like a Ph.D. in economics? Most Western leaders are less educated and less intelligent than Putin is. Putin has actually been very effective at strengthening Russia and at raising the living standards of the average Russian. That is a large part of why Putin genuinely has high approval ratings in Russia.

As for Putin being a brute: he has made fewer people disappear than for example the Clintons have, but admittedly this still isn’t great. Unfortunately, if you don’t engage in sometimes brutal power games, you don’t become president of Russia.

As for Putin being evil: well, almost every world leader is either a dark controller or a gray hat, and Putin is a gray hat. Are there things that Putin is doing that we wouldn’t do? Yes. But he really isn’t this unique monster that the Western mainstream media is making him out to be. It’s more accurate to think of him as simply a nationalist.

If you think nationalism is bad, well the vast majority of leaders are either nationalists, or dark controllers who seek to depopulate Earth and enslave the remainder of humanity. We think the nationalists are the lesser evil here. Plus the black hats also aren’t leaving other countries alone: currently the United States is illegally occupying Syrian oil fields and illegally looting Syrian oil. It’s strange to us that people are spending so much time and energy condemning Russia while not saying a word about America’s occupation of Syrian oil fields.

If you want to make the argument that war is never justified, well, the US was developing bioweapons in laboratories in Ukraine. The United States also aided the 2014 coup that ousted a democratically elected pro-Russian leader of Ukraine. The new Ukranian government then banned the use of the Russian language. When the people in Eastern Ukraine insisted on speaking Russian, Kiev started waging war against its own people of the Donbass.

If war is never justified, why wasn’t anyone protesting against Kiev as it was waging war against its own Russian-speaking citizens?

Kiev was using artillery to attack civilian targets. Kiev was and is allowing neo-nazis to openly serve in the army while wearing neo-nazi symbols, such as Ukranian soldiers with straight-up swastikas here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21FWQlBqQF8&t=910s . Ukraine is even allowing neo-nazis to wield neo-nazi banners during official state parades, such as the yellow banner in the top photo of https://geohistory.today/azov-movement-ukraine/ . You can see that wolfsangel symbol more clearly here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwue0RpMaPE . Meanwhile the Western media is covering this up, as you can read in https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/journalists-are-asking-ukrainian-soldiers-hide-their-nazi-patches-nyt-admits .

Kiev has also made the birthday of a nazi collaborator a national holiday, see https://www.newsweek.com/ukraine-nazi-collaborator-birthday-holiday-anti-semitic-1272911 . Kiev was training child soldiers to kill Russians even before the Russian invasion, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpV16BQfbrQ . Recall that the Nazis also mobilized the youth. Normal governments don’t do these things. Hence the Ukranian government is not a benign government in whose country unfortunately a few neo-nazis live. Instead, the current Ukranian government pursues quasi-nazi-policies on a national level.

If this sounds unbelievable, go back to the previous links. What kind of a government openly shows neo-nazi symbols during official parades, or makes the birthday of a nazi collaborator a national holiday, or trains child soldiers to kill people of a certain ethnicity? A quasi-nazi government, that’s who.

Recall that virulent anti-Russian sentiment has always been a part of nazi ideology.

Of course we’re not saying that every single Ukranian is a nazi. The vast majority of them are not. We are making a statement against the current Ukranian government, not against the Ukranian people.

Hence the current Russia – Ukraine conflict is more complicated than “Putin bad.”

Suppose that the US was placed in Russia’s position. Suppose that Texas previously seceded from the US. Then China aided a coup to oust the Texan pro-US government. This new Texan government banned the use of the English language, and then started using their military to kill anyone who insisted on speaking English, including using artillery on civilian targets. Suppose the US tried to make a deal to stop the violence, which Russia did during the Minsk accords, but the Texan government and China didn’t keep their end of the bargain and broke the agreements. And also, China actively sent weapons to this anti-US government in Texas. Don’t you think that sooner or later the US would invade Texas? Well, that’s more or less the equivalent of what Russia is doing.

If you don’t accept that comparison, then here’s a stripped-down comparison. Russian willingness to declare war so that their backyard doesn’t get militarized by a hostile power really isn’t different from American willingness to declare war so that their backyard doesn’t get militarized by a hostile power during the Cuban missile crisis.

If you want to say that war is always wrong, maybe, but all great powers on Earth enforce their interests, using violence if needed. Russia really isn’t worse than China, who conquered Tibet. Russia also isn’t worse than the US. The US killed at least half a million Iraqi children, for no valid reason whatsoever, and also the US tortured people in Abu Ghraib. The US invasion of Iraq was far less justified than Putin’s current invasion of Ukraine.

Why hasn’t Europe sanctioned the US over the Iraq invasion? Why haven’t American athletes been banned from competing in international competitions over the Iraq invasion, as Russian athletes have been?

Lots of people simply assume that the US is good and Russia is bad, and therefore the Iraq invasion was “unfortunate” while Russia’s invasion is iron-clad proof that Russia is evil. But if you don’t make that unfounded assumption, then America has done at least as much evil as Russia has. And that is also why most of the non-western world is siding with Russia and is trying to become members of BRICS.

We’re not saying that Putin or Russia are angels, but they’re not monsters either. They’re simply morally gray nationalists, and the US isn’t better — the US is led alternatively by gray hats or black hats. And also, if Putin or Trump had never come into power, there would probably be significantly more suffering in the world today, because Putin and Trump have been relatively effective at pushing back against the black hats.

If you live in the west, odds are that your current government would love to murder you and your family. They’re just being prevented from doing that by fear of the population rising up, not to mention those pesky nationalists in positions of relative power. Gray hat nationalists are globally winning the covert war against the dark controllers.

Why are people so divided politically? Well, humans are trained to think in terms of: one side is good and one side is evil. For example, this is the good-cop-bad-cop trick that the demons named “god” and “satan” were pulling off, as we discussed at the start of this message. Similarly, Americans either think that the political left is good and the right is evil, or vice versa, when in reality both American mainstream political parties are part of the dark controllers. Similarly, people try to put Putin and Trump in either the white or the black box. However clearly they’re not white because they’ve done some bad things, but clearly they’re not black because they ultimately want what’s best for their country and in practice they’re fighting against people who are far worse than they are. If you think that Putin and Trump can be characterised as plain good or plain bad, then talk to people who have the opposite perspective and they’ll probably be able to point out some things that you weren’t aware of.

It’s psychologically very comforting to divide the world in black and white, because then you can say: the problems are caused by those bad people over there, and the solution are these good guys over here, and we can solve all problems simply by fighting those bad guys and supporting these good guys. Moreover, if I support the good guys, then I’m a good guy too. This is a psychologically very pleasing and very comforting narrative. But the current reality on Earth isn’t one of black and white. The current reality is one of black and gray. Which is also why the situation on Earth is so difficult.

What’s the long-term solution? The long-term solution is to empower average men and women. This is why in previous messages we have called on the gray hats to share information and new technologies with the public with much more speed than is happening now.

At least, that’s my perspective. I love you unconditionally and endlessly, whether you agree or disagree with me.

Your star brother,

**Channel: A.S.

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17 Replies to “Hakann: Your Leaders Treat Citizens as Citizens Treat Animals”

  1. the dave

    We’re screwed. There doesnt seem to be a solution or end to our situation, at least not practically.

    All this intervention by so many races, yet we’re worse off today than ever and with no real expectation of things ever changing for the better.

    The Truth hurts. I blv Hakaan is telling the truth and it shows we’re screwed with little hope of change.

  2. Lexie

    I appreciate the raw perspective. I’ve already been aware of the true nature of the Russia/Ukraine situation so your information resonates. I also understand that Trump and Putin are not Saints but they are not evil/diabolical people such as those we’re learning about. Thank you for sharing Hakann. At the very least, this sparks some thought and perhaps civil conversation and we certainly need more of that here on Earth. Looking forward to more of your knowledge of Earth’s situation along with your perspective.

  3. Mike Ohira

    Thank you, Hakann for your brilliant analysis, everything you wrote is
    meaningful and it fits perfectly with my understanding of the topic . I hope more people read this post – bad leaders are selected because
    many of us are lost in the woods, not knowing what is right or wrong.

    The president of the New Republic USA will be neither a black hat nor a
    gray hat – with 100% certainty, it’ll be a white hat. And yes, the new
    president will be a woman.

    1. Paladin

      Speak for yourself pal, this American man is not supporting ANY woman to rule over anything. Giving them any participation in governance (suffrage) was a huge mistake. Do in Japan as you wish but don’t speak for Americans.

      1. Mike Ohira

        Nope, I’m not speaking for myself or for you Americans. I said
        “with 100% certainty” that means the souce of the information
        is impeccable.

        Paladin, you have a strong masculine energy – what you need
        now is more feminine energy.

  4. unionylibertad

    Thank you Hakann and welcome…The truth is the truth and it is always better being aware of it…I am not willing to follow these games the corrupt ones play, (they are a distraction away from my main goal) and I am not supporting anyone since I really do not have any idea of their true intentions…Trump seems to be the best choice at this moment…Biden should be impeached, the sooner the better, and the same goes for all the black hats in power…I hope all the grays push all the black ones out of positions of power…All I can do is be in Peace and Harmony and stay the course as much as I can,.,What could be more powerful than to achieve the changes I envision..by focusing my attention on them and not on what I do not want to create?…I like reading your messages, your views on how you see or perceive what we cannot fully grasp…I am grateful that you are bringing us the truth…Much Love to you and all of your crew….

  5. Lemurian brother

    The term god , source , the spirit that moves all things , I understand the ten comandments , and your understanding that THAT, god was neg , But the god that im one with and all the accended masters that is love is still the same name GOD ! Ive never prayed and meditated to anything less that the supreme creator its tough to think “god” as as neg , but they also say beware of false prophets , across the universe it comes down to either law of the one , ( were all connected )or service to self , also with no evidence hard to think biden dark hat verses trump very service to self , easy to say stuff but i want to see proof otherwise its just bullshit

  6. Lynn

    This is ludicrous–that God was uncreated and is a demon. I stopped reading after that. WTF!

    1. Henrik

      If you had read the whole thing, it’s about not confusing god with Source. Sophia Love has great info on this. The difference is more than semantic. God with capital G is not to be confused with god. There are a limitless number of gods out there, of which you are one, and quite a few of them have wreaked havoc here on earth while confusing mankind about the nature of things. Two of the more persistent ones have been taken back to the light.

  7. John

    Thank you for the outside scope, but it prompts me to respond in kind.

    It’s also a fact that lettuces are living beings and that we prefer to eat them fresh, alive. As do many animals, exception to those who eat yet other animals and kill them to feed their young. It never stopped us from being actually grateful to them and even adoring them as deities.

    The dysfunctional and perverse predator-prey relationship of dominance and superiority that has been associated with it is part of the reptilian cultural inheritance you mentioned, which has also dysfunctionally affected our approach to sex. No doubt there’s a connection between how the ecosystem manages to function and how we choose to behave in it, but your moralization of that was either childish or poorly presented.

    You keep addressing the practical and factual aspect of things as if they prove your points, and to some extent, they really do. But it seems you’re not balancing that with the corresponding wisdom of how things work and why, and hence you come off a bit as gray hats yourselves.

    You don’t really end moral suffering by uncreating satan or god, you end it by understanding why you’re experiencing it, individually, which always comes with a wave of gratitude. Don’t get me wrong, beloved aliens, it’s still all about empowering the average person – but you’re the ones calling these dumbasses ‘elite’.

  8. Geoff Turner

    I wonder a.s. just how exactly do you manage to channel so perfectly that you even get the full URL’s to webpages correct???

    1. Paladin

      ROFL, just like in one of AS’s other essays, Tunia said she’d love to read people’s responses in the comments 🤣

      Why does she need to use a psychic channel then? I’m sure Pleiadeans with their advanced tech could email KR their essays directly….I mean they’re reading the comments section.

      1. John

        I didn’t get it either but you’re surely helping me get there. Here’s your bouquet of roses. 🌹🌹🌹

  9. Michael

    I absolutely love these “private” messages because they make me aware of perspectives I hadn’t really considered/thought through yet! It’s like a missing puzzle piece that at first looks strange, but then makes sense.

  10. Raksha

    Very clear summary, thank you.

    I think I can get why the Gray hats are reticent to pull a decisive move. There is no saying how the snowball will roll, and if it won’t harm them in the end, since they also have their dark secrets.