Put a Crack in the Stream

Thought Stream Tip

Blessings Dear Ones,

We share Energy and Hold space for You.

Feel for US, for we are You.


How many are needed? Just One

How many do we send? A LEGION




Thought streams seeming oppressive?

The stream just continues, thought to thought to thought.

Good thoughts, bad thoughts, spiritual thoughts, all thoughts, like a stirred up Hornets nest.

Just buzzing, distortion after distortion going out into the Field of Energy

Everything seems to be in Chaos, falling apart? Victimhood is in full effect.

There is a need for this information, what are you Seeking?

Breathe Breathe Breathe

You have a choice ya know, does not have to be.

Are you aware, you cannot active breathe and think at the same time?

How about whistling?

How about humming?

You do not know, what you do not know.

Allow us to elaborate from our Expression’s experience

Active breathing is the act of following your breath, you take your breathing off auto pilot.

You decide when to breathe in and for how long.

Feeling all your muscles expand, feel everything, hold at top and you slowly release the air from your lungs all the way to the bottom.  Feel everything.


Do this for a few cycles, did you notice how quiet it became?

How did it feel?

Did you feel the Space?

That Space is where you Truly are, ahhhhh.

Balance Space, Bliss Space or use your own personal favorite vernacular.

From the quiet space is where it all begins.

That is your Balance point or Space.

Give this a try as it worked for Us, and currently the go to tool for others.

Set your intention, say it out loud making it a VIBRATION.

“ I want to become aware when I am off in a thought stream”. 

NOW, wait and forget

You will be off on a thought stream, full focus and you will have a warning come in, THOUGHT STREAM or some other variation.  You then become aware you are observing your streams.

You just stepped your awareness backwards, you now realize you are not your thoughts.

If I am observing my thoughts, how can I be my thoughts????

Walk it back, your awareness becomes more Grander.

You are now aware and observing your thoughts, how to stop the unrelenting incoming thoughts.

SNORT, BLOW OUT and go into active breathing.  Create the crack, and focus on the SPACE… EXPAND IT.  Focus on your breathing, expand the space.

EXTEND the time in this SPACE.  The more you practice, the bigger the Space gets.  You are expanding the NOW in your Bliss Space.  Keep breathing, cycle cycle cycle expand the SPACE.

You will continuously be pulled from this Space, IT IS OK.  that is the practice.

Getting pulled into streams, coming back to balance when aware.

The time in space gets longer and the practice becomes easier.

Developing the tools and processes personal to you, for your Grand revealing.

This is one reason meditation works well to find your space.

You are now AWARE.

You can practice to the point, you are always in this Space all the time and CONNECTED,



From this space, you can Observe and be aware

From this Space you can reflect

From this Space, You can feel and hear the whisper

From this Space, which is your Natural state of being you can be a Mirror for Spirit

Do you SEE?

It begins as a whisper and becomes a ROAR, ONE UNIFIED VOICE.  You will have NO doubt.

Do the work

Set a reminder on your phone to go off at whatever interval you are guided to, 2 hours, 1 hour, 20 minutes.

When the reminder goes off, Active breathe for just 10 seconds to start, regardless of what your are doing.  As comfortable, expand the amount of cycles, focusing on the feeling of the Space.

Start simple, you will feel this space.

Extend the cycles of breathing, extend the space, extend the time in your Bliss State.

From your Balance point, you begin to create your experience.

From this Space, all of your Magic begins.

From this Space we can choose EGO or Spirit

The choice is always yours, there are keys here.

We Share in Love,

It’s EZ