The Great Quantum Transition: Unfolding

What is happening these days in the “atmosphere”, or rather, on the Subtle Plane, are just the least demonstrates stalemate, and the Schumann Resonance eloquently proves it. That is why during the Solar Solstice, Co-Creators and their ground team conducted another important operation, related to the Earth’s Logos, planetary and Causal Matrices (see – DNI, New Matrix, Parts 1-11).

On June 21 at 14:57 UTC, Co-Creators on the Subtle Plane and Lightwarriors on the Earth’s surface by joint efforts activated the Earth’s new evolutionary code, and on June 24, as in previous days, continued its sync and fine-tuning. What is this parameter?

Earlier, Disclosure News already narrated it (see Part 5-2, June 2023). Recall. From the moment of its creation and until recently, the dimensionality of our reality (space-time continuum) was 3.14D. This is a well-known number “Pi”. It is not only a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter, but also the source code of the Earth’s three-dimensional Matrix, corresponding to its former bottom of dimensionality (3.14D), which was intentionally set by Darks. Co-Creators raised its level to 3.85D, and it became a new primary reference constant of our reality, the starting point of all properties, states and laws for the current time-space continuum.

Darks’ 3.14D Matrix shattering automatically entails correction of the laws of physics, constants of material reality, outlines of continents, positions in orbit, etc. Grandiose changes are already taking place in Nature, biological forms of life, first of all, in us. The activation of the evolutionary code on June 21 launched at full power the entire chain from the new planetary and Causal Matrices, Logos and Absoluterra in 13D Pleroma. Their more advanced Operating Systems, software and codes will speed-up the transforming of our DNA, molecules and atoms’ structure for enter 4D, 5D and higher.

How did this operation go? As in many previous ops, Lightwarriors served as live interfaces for Co-Creators who carried out the main work. The ground team helped them from the Power Place at Diamond Lotus Temple, which they built a few years ago on one of the sea cliffs in Southern Europe. It worked as an excellent channel to the Earth’s core and the Water elemetal’s energy.

At the peak of the Solstice, at 14:57 UTC, from Her abode in 5D, Gaia emitted a powerful activation pulse into the Absoluterra. The latter, in turn, through the new Earth’s Logos, redirected the impulse to the core of the Causal Matrix. This happened slowly, in small portions, so as not to knock down the focus of Absolutized Light, and to make it as easy as possible for the Logos and the Causal Matrix to gradually adapt and completely switch to the new evolutionary constant of the planet, which increased from 3.85D to 3.88D, closer to the 4th dimension.

A surge in the Schumann frequency to 190-200 Hz significantly helped the success of the operation (it usually stays at 20-30 Hz). Now, the Earth’s space is being filled with new fdf that have made visible patterns of the ethereal field invisible to the ordinary eye. Previously, it had the structure of hexagonal honeycombs. Now these honeycombs are being unwound in multidimensionality, filled with new quantum energies, transformed and working in a new mode.

Different layers affect different frequencies of consciousness and types of DNA; awaken different abilities and levels of perception. Each wave and line connects us to a multidimensional space and to each other. It impacts especially powerfully on Twin Souls and Ligtwarriors that have been working together these days.

Ordinary people also felt one another better, and experienced a burst of energy, inspiration and Love. Under the pressure of new codes, many old programs began to fail and shut down – hatred, aggression, resentment, jealousy, loneliness, distrust, loss of strength, laziness, oblivion – they all clearly manifested these days. Especially in those who have come to change and shed the old, 3D blinders, ideas and beliefs.

The waltz of spatial patterns also brought a booster dose of energy to our DNA. It comes to life and breathes new weaves, possibilities and abilities. In unfolding 4D/5D space, they all open with a vengeance, and even the most stubborn skeptics today shed their armor shell, feeling the changes inside and out.

Many perceive this process as death. But death is only a change of dimension, and we are living it alive right now. The death of our Ego and waiting, passive attitude is painful and filled with unbearable sore, tears, malaise and nervous breakdowns. This is how we experience the simultaneous birth and death of our consciousness and Soul, mutilated by Darks and their System.

Now, many of us seem to be in another world and do not know how and where to go next. Shake off fear and let the powerful streams of Light of the Cosmic Day wash away all the mental and emotional dirt, accumulated in us during the Cosmic Night that has gone forever, all that prevents us from evolving further. Resistance will only increase the pressure. The new vibrational codes of space and planet are loaded and activated. Allow them to activate in us as well.

Space is sentient. It observes and adapts to the radiation of each of us, with whom it is a single organism. The more we are aware of this, the better we can interact with the entire multidimensionality of space. Here and now we get the opportunity to feel it inside and release its impulses from selves outside. That’s how the global transformation of our consciousness, life and environment takes place. The ether that fills it reanimates our hearts, no matter who we consider ourselves to be and from whatever cosmic race we come.

When we look into the infinite cosmos, into its essence and the greatness of the versatility of aspects, it looks into us and through us, manifesting with its rays of attention our true power through the vibrational patterns of space. Be aware of this. The new evolutionary code implies unity and expansion. Look at the world from your space center; get rid of unbelief, senseless waiting, condemnation and division. The quantum transition, in which many have lost faith, has been going on for a long time and is accelerating even more right now.

**By Lev