What Energies Do You Carry Within?

What Energies do you carry within?

Many Blessings

We share Energy and hold Space for you.

Feel for Us,


What happens when you walk into a room full of people? Do many turn and look your way

What happens when you are public, Do you find many just starring at you?

What are the Energies you carry within?

Have you experienced just your presence affect someone?

A walking Grounding Rod perhaps?

Be Aware

OBSERVE and you will SEE.

We have active Mirrors walking the walk,  we are you.

We have been here, holding the line, the same as you.

We were asked to come, the same as you.

We are not the only expressions walking the walk, there are many. LEGION

Humanity has asked for different.

Humanity has asked for a Choice.

THE Collective Decided for change, so change is here.  We skipped right across the finish Line, Old Cycle ended.

Only the Work remains, the work on yourself back to your I AM

New Cycle New energies…..Alignments……GRID activations


Humanity asked the Universe to provide an example.

For this is a great Honor to be in such Service

Our expressions were in the same perceived puzzle as yourself.

Experienced many hardships, drove down every possible avenue of folly.

Collecting experiences all along the way to share the way out

Experience is the greatest teacher

We were guided via intuition to find ourselves back to I AM

The same process many may follow, ah the beauty.

As if we all planned this, hmmmm pondering…….

We share the experiences and information to empower yourself.

You do the Magnificence that is YOU.

We offer Guidance, not answers

Guidance empowers YOU to find your Own answers.

Know who you are

Droplets of the same Ocean

We are many, We are you.

What are you seeking?

We thank you for choosing different.


What if, the DNA seeded on the planet contained all the DNA of the UNIVERSE and all Life. 

What if, there was an opportunity presented to slip a mickey in?

What if, the clearing you are doing is the clearing for the entire UNIVERSE???


BOOYA!   🙂



BOOTS on the Ground

Does this not Feel like FUN?

Much Love,

It’s EZ


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