Mother Mary: True to Earth

I am Mother Mary, and I am a feminine being, a feminine soul. I am very old and I have experienced many things.

The swinging of the pendulum is one of them!

We have been witnessing this pendling movement when it comes to many things, but now I will speak about the feminine and masculine energy.

For thousands of years the masculine energy has been to strong, and the feminine energy to weak. But what I seek is balance between these basic energies!

The result up to this day is: the masculine energy is still strong and is now realizing that it can not hold this demonstration anymore.

The sign that the masculine energy still rules is the terror that Mother Earth still has to go through.

All the measuring, all the borders, all the wars, all the conquering, all the competition, to be the best, the strongest, the tallest, the one that can endure everything and still stand.

No one on this planet can feel better than the actual planet can. I mean that what you sow you will reap.

Everything starts with Mother Earth. She is feminine. She is the ovaries of the universe!

Mother Earth is the grail of life!

People on Earth should start with her, and no one else!

People on Earth should love her first and then love themselves.

I know I might sound harsh when I speak these words, but I can not lie.

Down to basic? Are you up for that?

First of all I LOVE YOU!

Secondly please respect your planet, listen to her.

You live a life here on Earth and everything is borrowed, you can not take anything with you when you leave.

What you pass on is: your love! What you bring with you is: your love!

Love is all that matters! So go ahead now and be you, be the love being that you truly are!

And yes if something makes you really angry, use this energy to make things better! Talk about it! Don´t be silent!

Don´t be afraid of your feelings! If someone hurts Mother Earth and hurts children, animals, innocent people and beings, be angry!

Use your feelings to do good! Talk about it! Share with others! You can do something positive together! Create a thinktank of joy and harmony, and you will find good result and answers to what you need.

Start where you live! In your own community! Start where your soles of your feet meet the ground.

Just remember I LOVE YOU! And also remember, you are never alone, I am always by your side.

I know it is not easy to get aggrevatedby very negative souls, that thrive on taring down all that is good and positive. And they do it with a smile too.

I know! It is hard to deal with all the feelings, as the negative beings use nails and claws and aim at your heart always.

Be angry for they do attack, but use your anger, use the energy, to do good to break the bad spell the negative beings spread all around.

And I have a message to all those that use this blogs texts time after time, please give a free contribution to the writer to pay your respect for the hard job the writer do. Please use the yellow button up on the right “buy me a coffee”. I love you, thank you!

I am Mother Mary and I have lived many lives on Earth and many of these lives as very poor. This channel and writer needs a new pair of glasses, so please contribute if you like.

The holy law of giving and taking (receiving) is alfa and omega.

I love you and please talk to me whenever you like, I am an etherical feminine soul and I heal wounds with nectar, ambrosia.

But I have to be honest too, I just want you to love Mother Earth and understand that she provides for you, and you can give tribute back, it is the most natural thing of all, is it not?

I love you,

Mother Mary

**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson