The Arcturian Group: Higher Light Flooding Earth

Welcome, dear Readers.

Never doubt that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan, for earth is a living soul never meant to suffer the effects of separation consciousness permanently.

As high resonating energy continues to flood earth the spiritually awake as well as those who are not are feeling it and being affected physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Most of you are still in the process of clearing the low resonating energy that accumulated during hundreds of lifetimes lived in and from collective belief systems that were much denser and un-evolved than today’s. Until cleared, a person will carry the energy of intense experiences (good and bad) into every consecutive lifetime where they will continue to influence the person’s choices, likes, dislikes, fears, and desires for people, places, or things.

You have all had the experience of meeting someone and for no apparent reason instantly liking or disliking them. This is because a remnant of energy from some previous interaction with or knowledge about the person remains. These need not be cleared; it is major pockets of energy that effect one’s life that are clearing. Never forget that you are consciousness and not simply physical bodies of organs and functions. Death leaves behind the material concept of a person but as Divine Consciousness the actual person simply takes a different form.

Try not to rush or fix clearing experiences with three dimensional concerns and solutions. Old energy often flows through and is experienced at the body’s weakest spot–an old injury or ongoing health condition. Exhaustion as well as physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual aches and pains are common. Occasionally the actual experience that created the energy block will manifest in some similar three-dimensional version.

Some experience clearings as physical symptoms while others experience them emotionally and mentally depending upon the type of energy that is clearing. Rest more and trust the process to unfold as needed without comparison to others experiences. This does not mean ignoring or pretending what you are feeling doesn’t exist . Simple solutions for ease of discomfort are fine, but resorting to heavy narcotics and intense three-dimensional protocols for what you are experiencing will simply delay the process.

Some clearings take longer to complete because the clearing process must flow at a pace the body and mind are ready for which is determined by the Higher Self. Energy involving oaths, promises, vows etc. will often take longer and proceed gradually as a sequence of layers. This often happens when a person has added to and reinforced an energy. An example–taking the same vows and oaths in successive lifetimes because they were the same state of consciousness.

Trust that your Higher Self (that aspect of You that has never forgotten who it is) knows what you are prepared to handle and when. You have entered a time of dying to all that is old and finished in order for that which is higher and more real to replace it but it can feel like dying as you leave behind much of the familiar. The mind does not want to surrender what it is used to and will keep reminding you of the “good old days”.

Evolving to a state of consciousness able to discern the reality underlying appearances is a process that begins with intellectual knowledge then acceptance and practice. Many sincere newly awakened students of truth make the mistake of trying to live and experience the absolute simply because they have read a book about truth or have accepted that God is all.

Intellectual knowledge does not and can not manifest because it is consciousness, not mind that constitutes the substance of form and is the creative principle of all that is. A truth must become one’s state of consciousness before it can then express. You are not beginners; a great deal of truth has already become your state of consciousness and is manifesting but you don’t realize it. Compassion, honesty, patience, courage, love, etc. are all aspects of Divine Consciousness.

Think of consciousness as cupcake batter. Think of mind as the cupcake papers or the molds of a muffin tin. The cupcakes can be elaborately frosted and decorated but the taste and quality will always reflect the contents of the batter. Every person through free will is allowed to like, hate, blame others, or deny truth as long as they wish but it is the contents of every person’s consciousness that determines what expresses.

There is never blame for those choosing to live from a hypnotized state of consciousness. Evolution is a process that unfolds differently for every person because every person has had or needs to have different experiences. Some are just beginning their awakening journey. Every person will at some point awaken to their oneness with God and do it without the preaching and proselytizing of others because it is reality.

Bring your spiritual questions into meditation and ponder them from the premise that you are already ONE with the insights and answers that may quietly unfold as you do this. After pondering or contemplating some truth in contemplative meditation there comes a time of quiet and finish that allows you to simply rest in oneness. It may seem that even after years of meditating nothing ever happens but the intention to align with your real Divine Self is always heard because it is YOU that is doing the listening. Let go of all concepts about how meditation must look, feel, or experienced in order to be “real” meditation.

Mediation has been presented to the world as a means of getting which is based in the three-dimensional belief that you are separate from what you want or need and meditation will help you get it. This is the beginner approach to meditation, but one often necessary for those unacquainted with sitting silently with themselves. If continued this sort of mediation usually evolves into less seeking and more resting in and finally evolving to a deeper sense of what meditation is all about.

The energy of earth has become increasingly more refined which in turn is causing density to surface and be exposed for what it represents. Much is yet to surface that will shock many. Do not deny, resist, or argue with others about world appearances. Rather, as one who understands what is going on, simply be an observer always centered in the realization that earth is a spiritual universe peopled with sons and daughters of God.

Even those considered corrupt or “evil” are Divine Consciousness for there is no other life or substance they could be made from. Those living in density are totally unaware of who they really are and so have created lives in which they act from, seek, and experience all their pain and pleasures from ideas of separation and two powers. Your work is not to send them light in the belief that they have none, but to see and acknowledge their already present Light in spite of how deeply that Light may be buried in density.

Some of you are on earth to be active in earth’s ascension process while some of you came simply to hold the Light. Allow your intuition to guide you as to which resonates and know that the two often overlap and neither is more spiritual than the other. Every ordinary action between people, animals, and nature is Light Work when it flows from a consciousness of oneness.

Many are choosing to leave at this time so do not be shocked if this happens with someone close to you. It is a difficult time for some and many are choosing on a deeper level to leave in order to go home, rest, heal, and then come back well prepared for a higher resonating planet.

Every twist and turn of the human journey is simply about awakening to the fact that

God is

We are the Arcturian Group

**Channel: Marilynn Raffaele


2 Replies to “The Arcturian Group: Higher Light Flooding Earth”

  1. David Gates

    I once took a job in a different city without meeting the guy I would be working under. I met with the owners and they hired me.
    First day on the job, I met my new “boss” and was IMMEDIATELY ON GUARD as my hair on the back of my neck stood UP when he was 10 feet away.. His ENERGY felt AWFUL and I had never felt something THAT strong before. Instant dislike!
    I went into FIGHT mode and activated my Chi, ready to defend myself from that darkness. AS a big athletic jock, his small size didnt concern me one bit physically, but I was immediately ON GUARD for an attack.
    He only took a day but he showed how he manipulated people

    He committed suicide in 1996, when a lot of the reptilians returned to the LIGHT. As an Old Soul, I felt his darkness immediately.
    Wow………he was something very dark and no one liked him.